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[Intro:] [简介: ]

Ye-uh Yeah 叶恩是的

Slum Shit 贫民窟妈

Yeah 是啊


[Verse 1:] [诗歌1 : ]

What you mean you don't like my shit? 你的意思,你不喜欢我的屎?

Well, it's obvious that you don't have no taste and your opinions suck 那么,很明显,你没有任何的味道和你的意见,吸

And I don't expect to be everybody cup of tea 我不期望得到大家杯茶

But don't act like I ain't killing everything I touch 但是,不要像我是不是杀一切,我碰

I crush every record I'm on 我暗恋的每个记录我在

So holla if you wanna get a feature while the price is right 所以,如果你想获得一个功能,而价格是正确的霍拉

See I try to be friendly, the MC's offend me 见我尽量友好,在MC的惹我生气

And now it's time for yall to kiss the nice guy good bye 现在是时候让亚勒吻好人再见了

Besides, everyone hanging around me is a big shot 此外,每个人都挂在我身边是个大人物

Well is it appropriate for me to act like one? 以及是否适合我像吗?

I try to be humble among you mother fuckas 我尽量在你们的母亲fuckas谦虚

But some of you frontin' really act [?] 但有些人龙廷真的采取行动[?]

And done what I done already its barely begun 并做了我已经做了刚刚开始

They say when I come wearing my hair like it's hilarious tell me what's funny 他们说我来的时候穿我的头发,喜欢它的热闹告诉我什么好笑

They running when they see me juggle my gun 它们运行时,他们看到我玩弄我的枪

Don't that they know they're gonna die? 不,他们知道他们会死吗?


[Hook:] [钩: ]

Die 模具

Haters step beside, they wanna fuck with me 仇敌步骤旁,他们想他妈的跟我

I swear to God, I’ll kill em till they show respect, or not 我向上帝发誓,我会杀了EM ,直到他们表示尊重,否则不

And everybody’s gonna 而且每个人的会

Die 模具

Dead, shedding blood 死,流血

I got the grave digger diggin ya plot 我得到了掘墓人陷雅积

I got ya body rottin deep in the ground 我得到了雅的身体在地上rottin深

Cause everybody gonna 引起大家会

Die 模具


[Verse 2:] [诗2: ]

I'm not used to this music shit 我不习惯这样的音乐狗屎

I guess that I'm cut from a different cloth 我想,我是从一个不同的布剪

Photographers, Bloggers, Producer pricks 摄影师,博客,监制刺

And Musicians as a whole are starting to piss me off 和音乐家作为一个整体也开始让我反感

Not all, just some of them rub me wrong 不是全部,只是其中的一部分擦我错了

Is it possible that everyone's an entrepreneur? 难道大家的企业家?

Talking to you like they a Hollywood star 跟你说话,他们喜欢好莱坞明星

And you should be lucky that they even let you get your foot in the door 你应该是幸运的,他们甚至可以让你得到你的脚在门

All I hear a ear full of manure 我所听到的全肥耳

I don't know them much more 我不知道他们多

I can't ignore it, they just trying to hard 我不能忽视它,他们只是想努力

To be cool, to cut heads and wiggle they fucking dreads 要冷静,要切头和摆动他们他妈的畏惧

I feel like I'm surrounded by dorks and corn balls galore 我觉得我被dorks和玉米球嘉豪包围

Does anybody know I'm going up? I'm torn 是否有人知道我要去了?我蹂躏

I'm going off on 'em and I'm continuing the manure 我对时间都会响起,我继续粪便

Maybe I should have my boys tie 'em up with the phone cord 也许我应该有我的孩子们将他们打进了电话线

The gun point tell them get the fuck 该炮点告诉他们得到了他妈的

Cause everybody gone die 原因大家都走了死


[Hook:] [钩: ]


[Verse 3:] [诗歌3 : ]

Johnny Valian, the head turner 约翰尼Valian ,头车工

A 10 to 1 head hunter 10至1头猎人

I bet if I met one of your girls I got head from 我敢打赌,如果我遇到了你的女孩我得到了磁头从一

And I came on the bed comforter, she didn't swallow it 我来到床边安慰,她没有吞下

Zip up my denims and then I gave her a fake number 拉上我的牛仔布,然后我给了她一个假号码

And told her to "Hit me up, it's totally cool ho" 并告诉她“打我,这是完全爽豪”

My homie Groes saw me sent to kill in the booth though 我亲密Groes看见我发的展台杀,虽然

I wait in the industry, any rapper up in it wanna test me 我等在同行业中,任何饶舌歌手在它想考验我

let me know I'll get to cover your tombstone 让我知道我会支付你的墓碑

I cock away all the way pull my weapon and draw í公鸡走一路拉我的武器和借鉴

Homie by the way, I don't play, disrespect me I brawl 亲密的方式,我不玩了,不尊重我,我斗殴

Take your life away by the way I'm as deadly as Saw 把你的人生走的路,我是致命的锯

I'll prolly be a killer till I'm George Jefferson bald 我会prolly是一个杀手,直到我乔治·杰斐逊秃头

Look at 'em all running for cover, they panicking 看看他们所有四处躲避,他们恐慌

Frantically, they don't even stand a chance with me 疯狂,他们甚至不站在一个机会与我

My plans to be famous and get a bad bitch 我的计划是有名的,并得到一个坏婊子

Maybe Casey Anthony'll marry me 也许凯西Anthonyll嫁给我

Then everybody gone die 然后,每个人都走了死

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