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Can't Tek No More



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"Can't tek no more of the ... We can't tek no more of the..." “不能德安没有更多的......我们不能德安没有更多的... ”


Kids on the road start young these days 马路上孩子们从小开始,这些天

Walk street with a knife ?? these days 步行街一把刀?这些日子

No fun these days, do dirt, end up on the run these days 没什么好玩的,这些天,做污垢,结束了在运行这些天

Whole lot of pain, suffering, and badness, whole lot of madness, too many grieving mothers and sadness 一大堆的疼痛,痛苦,不良,一大堆疯狂,太多的悲伤的母亲和悲伤

It ain't safe in the manor no more, take one fool step and you could get bored 它是不是安全的庄园不多,需要一个傻瓜的步骤,你可以感到厌倦

Kids caught up in the hype and the nonsense, do what they here in the songs and the TV, pickin up ??, 孩子们陷入了炒作和废话,做什么,他们在这里的歌曲和电视,捡了? ,

makin up fuss for the sake of money, coz it look so easy, but they don't understand, 马金达阵是为了钱,怎么把它看上去那么容易,但他们不明白,

they can't comprehend, coz they're too caught up trying to rep their ends, for the reputation, 他们无法理解,怎么把他们也陷入了试图代表他们的目的,为的声誉,

and pass it on to the next generation. 并把它传递给下一代。


"Can't tek no more of the ... We can't tek no more of the..." “不能德安没有更多的......我们不能德安没有更多的... ”


We're headin' in to a recession, no "BACS?", no ??, no mortgages, one step away from a depression, can't even work out the cause of it, but everybody gotta forfeit, wanna buy a house but they just can't afford it, and it's so unfortnate 我们航向在一个经济衰退,没有“跨行转帐? ” ,不? ,无抵押贷款,一步一步远离抑郁症,甚至不能计算出它的原因,但大家总得没收,想买房但他们只是买不起它,它是如此unfortnate

Money lenders are extortionate, so you gotta move in with your mates or mum, ain't gotta place of your own, now your glum, feeling dumb, it's a crowded house and you can't have fun coz when you have sex they can hear when you cum 放债人是敲诈,让你与你的队友或妈妈得的举动,是不是得地方你自己,现在你闷闷不乐,感觉愚蠢,这是一个拥挤的房子,你不能尽兴表兄弟姐妹,当你发生性关系,他们可以听到当你射精

Gotta pay council tax and it kills, not to mention the rent and bills, and you hate how it feels, until.. you go to the pub and you pop some pills. 必须付出议会税和它杀死,不要说租金和账单,你讨厌什么样的感觉,直到..你去酒吧,你弹出一些药片。


"Can't tek no more of the ... We can't tek no more of the..." “不能德安没有更多的......我们不能德安没有更多的... ”


Look around everywhere is a crisis, pure extortion at petrol prices, cost of living is already large and they hit you with a congestion charge, ?? burning, just to drive into town i'm hurting, hole in my pocket and my wallet is burning, but i fork out from the money i'm earning, stomach is turning, if i don't pay on the day, gotta pay В?60 another day, keeps goin up everytime i don't pay them government boi will tow it away, still can't take the bus or the train, it's a pain in the arse, and a strain on the brain, cost of a ticket is just insane, but sooner or later there's gotta be a change. 环顾四周,到处是危机,纯粹的敲诈勒索,在汽油价格上涨,生活成本已经很大,他们打你了拥堵费, ?烧,只是开车进城我伤害,洞在我的口袋里,我的钱包被烧毁,但我从钱我赚,胃转,如果我不支付的当天,必须付出掏钱В改天? 60 ,不断布莱恩每次我不支付他们的政府BOI将拖出去了,仍然不能乘坐公共汽车或火车上,这是一个痛苦的屁股,并且对大脑的应变,成本一张票仅仅是疯了,但迟早有一定有变化。


"Can't tek no more of the ... We can't tek no more of the..." “不能德安没有更多的......我们不能德安没有更多的... ”


So much war in the world today, too many women and kids get blown away, I say "what's the cause of it?", money as usual, poor and the innocent suffer as usual, none of it's useful, just brutal, can't understand why they can't be truthful, and the government make it necessary to ?? the countries obituary, coz war pays the bills, dosn't matter how many innocent people killed, just as long as pockets are properly filled, and a profit is made and they can chill, just keepin' it real, don't wanna blow it outta proportion but it looks like straight up extortion, so this is a caution, don't just stand there, do somin 'bout it, this is important, this is important, this is important, this is important, this is important, this is.... 在世界上那么多战争的今天,太多的妇女和儿童得到交口称赞,我说:“什么是它的原因是什么? ” ,钱像往常一样,可怜的无辜受苦像往常一样,没有它是有用的,只是残酷的,可以吨明白为什么他们不能真实,和政府作出有必要?国家讣告,怎么把战争支付账单,无论不到风度无辜的人有多少死亡,就像只要口袋正确填写和利润是由他们可以放松,只要坚持让这真实的,不想打击它失控的比例,但它看起来像直线上升敲诈,所以这是一个警告,不要只是站在那里,做索明回合吧,这是很重要的,这是很重要的,这是很重要的,这是很重要的,这是很重要的,这是....


"Can't tek no more of the ... We can't tek no more of the..." “不能德安没有更多的......我们不能德安没有更多的... ”

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