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Block Of Rock (For Years)



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[INTRO] [简介]

[SPM] [ SPM ]

Yo, yo, I wanna welcome, welcome everyone to Hustletown 哟,哟,我要欢迎,欢迎大家Hustletown

Are we recording? 我们要记录?

Alright let's do this fellas. 好吧,让我们做这个家伙。


[CHORUS: Dope House Artists] [合唱:涂料众议院艺术家]


For years I've been working on the block of rock, 多年来,我一直在岩石块上,

For years I've been keeping nina glock on cock. [4X] 多年来,我一直保留着妮娜格洛克公鸡。 [ 4X ]


For years homeboy, for years.... 多年来巨蟹座,多年来....


[Baby Beesh] 【宝贝Beesh ]

Now if you wanna battle me then it's on, 现在,如果你想我战斗那么它的上,

I'm blowed while I'm creeping up whip out my Tek so now you gone. 而我爬起来马上拿出我的泰克所以现在你走了,我炸飞。

You shouldn't have tried that set up now you ass is getting wet up, 你不应该尝试,成立了现在你的屁股被弄湿了,

Cuz real G's from the SouthEast will leave you haters trying to get up 真正的Cuz G公司从东南会让你的仇敌试图爬起来

You'll definitely get dealt with if your bitch ass has a death wish, 你一定会得到处理,如果你的母狗屁股有一个死亡之愿,

And on your grave I tag 和你的坟墓í标签

it's the motherfucking Rick that you don't mess with 这是他妈的里克,你不要乱用

So let me keep stressing that lesson 因此,让我不断强调的教训

to all y'all players and y'all haters 所有你们的球员和你们的仇敌

Haters keep watching y'all back 仇敌继续关注你们都回来

and y'all players keep creeping and stacking that paper 和你们的球员保持匍匐和堆叠的纸


[Baby Bash] [婴儿巴什]

(Now) Now why do these haters wanna plex (现在)现在为什么做这些仇敌想复杂

Why do they wanna be starting mess 为什么他们不想被乱七八糟的开始

Get the fuck out my face is what I suggest 得到了他妈的我的脸是我的建议

Cause I really don't think that you wanna test this Mex 因为我真的不认为你想测试这个墨西哥

Coming straight out the South East side of that Tex, 来直出那句话的东南端,

So if there's something you gotta get off your chest, 所以,如果有什么东西你得下车,你的胸部,

It's best that you don't express it. 这是最好的,你不表达出来。

It's hard enough for a Messican, 这是够硬的Messican ,

So I really don't need all that plexing, 所以,我真的不需要所有的路技术,

There's all kinds of player haters out there 有各类玩家的仇敌在那里

so please wait let me tell you about those. 因此,请稍等,让我告诉你这些。

First you got them fraud ass hoes, 首先,你得到了他们诈骗的屁股锄头,

Then you got them fraud popo's, 然后,你得到了他们的诈骗POPO的,

Then you got them fraud ass niggas in the street 然后你在街上得到了他们的欺诈屁股黑鬼

who just wanna plex and take yours 谁只是想复杂,采取你


[CHORUS 4X] [合唱4倍]


[LOW-G] [低g ]

Guess who's back from the pen, 猜猜谁回来了,从笔,

Out to win, Sipping Gin with my kin folk, 全力打好,喝着杜松子酒与我的亲人民俗,

Gots the grin on my face when I come through GOTS的笑容在我脸上的时候我来过

If you ain't down with these G's motherfuck you 如果你不来与这些G的motherfuck你

Cause there's a straight up struggle in my barrio, 因为有我在巴里奥直线上升的斗争,

Second Ward getting high on the patio, 二病区越来越高的露台上,

And when I'm wet I'm a threat to a rival set, 当我湿我一组对手的威胁,

I get respect when I step with my new Tek, 我得到的尊重,当我踏上我的新泰克,

Don't sweat I check hoes daily, 不出汗我每天都检查锄头,

On the regular talking to your lady, 在常规说你的夫人,

On the cellular creeping on the Lowride, 在上Lowride细胞爬行,

In the middle of the night with no lights, 在夜晚没有灯光的中间,

In the four-five, chilling at the Dope House 在四十五,冷的涂料府

Low-G is something you don't know about 小G是一些你不知道的

Little tricks on my dick twenty-four seven, 小动作在我的鸡巴24 7 ,

Treat them like a bitch, and still got them hoes begging. 对待他们就像一个婊子,仍然得到了他们的锄头乞讨。

Keep it real for my people, I fear no evil 保持真正为我的人民,我不怕遭害

Staying high till I die flying like a eagle 高企,直到我死飞象雄鹰


[CHORUS X4] [合唱X4 ]


[SPM] [ SPM ]

You're superficial talking about life with a pistol 你是肤浅的谈人生用手枪

But youse a hoe living life clean as a whistle 但有色锄头生活的生活干净的哨子

My missles, oh they do leave body dimples, 我的飞弹,哦,他们离开身体的酒窝,

Attack your whole staff like a pack full of pitbulls. 攻击你的全体员工就像一个完整的斗犬的包。

You simple, I'm complex, 你简单,我是复杂的,

And coming on next, Oh take a wild guess, 旁边来了,呵呵采取胡乱猜测,

The South Park Mex, 南方公园墨西哥,

Spark sess blow smoke in the darkness, 星火SESS吹烟在黑暗中,

You don't wanna start mess with the heartless, 你不想与无情开始混乱,

I be the smartest, hottest, artist. 我算是最聪明的,最热门的,艺术家。

My GM shine brighter than the golden arches, 我的通用比闪耀金色拱门亮,

Shooting star yes, Ol trick no blow indo 流星是的,OL绝招没有印度的打击

Before they kick door, Then flip coke, 之前,他们踢开门,然后翻转焦炭,

Tip-toe to the top, 脚尖顶端,

Tellin thug tales of wicked love spells, 邪恶的爱情咒语泰兰暴徒的故事,

Hoes and drug sales, Some fell, 锄头和药品销售,有的下跌,

In fact it's most, 事实上,它是最多的,

So a toast to my niggas who died in the smoke. 所以敬酒到我的黑鬼谁在烟雾死亡。


[CHORUS 8X] [合唱8X ]



[SPM] [ SPM ]

H-Town, Hustletown, Did this for y'all, My boy Low-G. H镇, Hustletown ,这么做是为了你们,我的孩子低g 。

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