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Black Cloud


歌词相关歌手:BUDDEN, JOE

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Nothing stays the same forever.....not even me 没有什么能一成不变永远.....即使是我也不


Check this...check it 勾选此...检查


[Joe Budden - Verse 1] [乔巴登 - 诗歌1]

Something must’ve changed me, niggas might defame me 一些意有所指改变了我,黑鬼可能诋毁我

But things that used to taint me, no longer seem to restrain me 但事情来玷污我,似乎不再限制我

Strangely I’m no longer sad, mad or angry 奇怪的是我不再伤心,生气或愤怒

Shame-ably it pains me, feeling like this just ain’t me 耻辱,干练它的痛苦,我喜欢这种感觉只是不是我

Mainly what do I tell all the people that thanked me 主要是什么,我告诉所有的感谢我的人

Mainly those who ordain me, aside from can you blame me 主要是那些谁阿拉维我,除了你能怪我

Motivation again was supplying me is no longer providing me 动机又是供我不再为我提供

Jason Williams something killed whatever was driving me 贾森 - 威廉姆斯的东西杀死了什么是驾驶我

Worrying less about the past more about the now 担心少谈过去更多的现在

Less about what I’m going through more about the how 少谈我经历更多有关怎么样

It’s for certain it’s been 30 years being fit for hurting 这是肯定的它已有30年是适合用于伤害

Now I’m a different person with nothing to overcome in the mist of burdens 现在我是一个不同的人有没有什么负担的雾克服

For certain, got 6 figures in my sock drawer 对于某些,拿到6位数在我抽屉里的袜子

And honestly this year I expect to make a lot more 而且说实话,今年我希望能做出更多

It’s hard to live without a budget when life is corrupted 很难没有预算的生活时,生活已损坏

In a house thats so peaceful that I’m trying to disrupt it 在一所房子这就是很平静,我正在试图破坏它

Scream fuck it not because I have to but because I love it 尖叫他妈的这不是因为我有,而是因为我喜欢它

Which makes me as fake as the puppets that I speak of disgusted 这使我的假的,我讲的反感木偶

Without a paddle up shit’s creek 无桨了狗屎的小河

Dig deep and see it ain’t life it’s just me 深挖,看看它是不是生活这只是我

So be warned as I’m putting on like I’m deformed 因此被警告因为我穿着像我变形

Only so y’all can accept it as being my norm 只有这样,你们都可以接受它作为是我的常态

Maybe I quit working on me, maybe I given up 也许我辞掉工作的我,也许我放弃了

Maybe I been lying to myself maybe I give a fuck. 也许我一直在骗自己,也许我给他妈的。


[Chorus] [合唱]

It’s enough to make you black out, pull a mac out 这足以让你黑掉,拉出来的MAC

Aim it at the sky while I’m running from a black cloud 目的是在天空中,而我从一个黑色的云中运行

Every day we playin cat and mouse as I watch it hoverin over my glass house 我们每天都在玩猫捉老鼠的,因为我看它hoverin在我的玻璃屋

It’s enough to make you spazz out, pull a mac out 这足以让你spazz出来,拉出来的MAC

Aim it at the sky while I’m running from a black cloud 目的是在天空中,而我从一个黑色的云中运行

Tired enough for me to pass out, tired of running from the black cloud. 累够我传了出去,累了的黑色云中运行的。


[Joe Budden - Verse 2] [乔巴登 - 诗歌2]

I say it loud hoping someone can hear me clearly 我说一声,希望有人能听到我清楚

Trying to make my girl get it she don’t know that it’s very scary 试图让我的女孩得到它,她不知道,这是非常可怕的

But she’s a nympho she can come barely near me 但她是个花癫者,她可以来勉强靠近我

She still want the God in her, think she’s mary mary 她仍然希望上帝在她的,觉得她是玛丽

The prettiest bitches just want to service me 最漂亮的母狗只希望我的服务

While niggas prettiest bitches wouldn’t get a word from me 虽然黑鬼最漂亮的母狗不会得到一个字从我

Some of you haven’t heard from me, some of you wouldn’t mind murking me 你们中有些人还没有听说过我,有些人不会介意murking我

Found that news funny likes its straight from Ron Burgundy 发现新闻搞笑喜欢罗恩勃艮第的直

These niggas ain’t never seen dough 这些黑鬼是不是从来没有见过面

They can’t dream though I bump into ‘em in between shows 他们可以没有梦想,虽然我碰到时间显示之间

People say I’m emo, what that really mean though? 人们说我是情绪,是什么真正的意思,但?

Is though the song can’t breathe I actually make it seem so 虽然是这首歌不能呼吸,我居然让它显得如此

I lost loved ones because they couldn’t deal with me í因为他们无法对付我失去了亲人

Cherish whoever still with me though the marriage be killed in me 珍惜谁还是跟我虽然结婚了我被杀害

Normally it’s just me and my lonely mind 通常,这只是我和我的寂寞心灵

Everyone storm is different so this forecast is only mine 每个人风波不同,所以这个预测是只属于我

Fans recognize my misery uplifted me 球迷认识我的痛苦我的抬升

Shifted me to my epitome, guess the curse is a gift to me 我转移到我的缩影,猜诅咒是一个礼物给我

Maybe it’s serendipity, maybe it’s weighing on me physically 也许是偶然,也许是对我身体重

Maybe I should man up and tell God not to solicit me 也许我应该男人,告诉上帝没有征求我

Been medicated, meditated 被药,沉思

Sedated, hated 镇静,恨

Character assassinated, all theses years I masqueraded 性格暗杀,所有议题里,我伪装

Hard headed, if it was on my mind I had to say it 就是了,如果是在我的脑海,我不得不说,这

Tongue on the devil’s pitchfork to see how disaster tasted 舌尖上的魔鬼叉,看灾后如何品尝

Rap is fabricated, rappers are so exaggerated RAP是捏造,说唱歌手都这么夸张

Wouldn’t be scared of the truth if they weren’t castrated 不会是害怕真相,如果他们不阉割

Grab a mag, spray it, surrounded by people to shoot it before me 抓住一个弹匣,喷一下,被人们包围了我之前拍吧

Better unconditionally love my beautiful ugly 更好地无条件地爱我美丽的丑

Now lemme speak to who I cater to 现在还是让我说话,我是谁迎合

Would you love me to sang before my weeks were not favorable 你会爱我唱我的前两周是不利于

Promised to maintain being unique but relatable 承诺将维持是独一无二的,但听上去很像

All while suffering from a disease that could do away with you 而所有的疾病,可以破除你的痛苦

Poetry on the beat, spoken-word for the masses 诗的节拍,讲词为群众

Therapy over pro-tools, every word is on acid 治疗过亲的工具,每一个字是酸

Consonants on Kush, every vowel is blunted 在兴都库什辅音,元音每次被减弱

Highly wanted this whole organization privately funded 非常希望这个私人资助的整个组织

This is bigger than the Eiffle, this is alert to public 这大于Eiffle ,这是警觉公共

Had a cop us by our tunnels and our bridges with the rifle 有一个警察我们,我们的隧道,我们用步枪桥梁

Sentences meant to stifle, this is a man aching 句子的意思扼杀,这是男人疼痛

This is the dam breaking, contraband in the making 这是溃坝,违禁品的制作

This is panic unveiling, got potential but I never met it 这是恐慌揭幕,有潜力,但我从来没有见过它

He be trying to come over, it seem like God won’t let it 他是想过来,它似乎就像上帝不会让它

Either he never got my invite or he jus dismissed it 无论是他从来没有得到我的邀请或他强行辞退这

But if all I’m hearing are the sounds of blackness, why am I pessimistic? 但是如果我听到的都是黑的声音,我为什么悲观?

You’ll never progress if you’ll never try 你永远不会进步,如果你不去尝试

All I ask, let every word I birth never die 我只要求,让每一个字,我的出生永远不死

My wings spread, but when I’m at the sky 我张开翅膀,但是当我在天上

Weather didn’t change like I thought and had me petrified. 天气并没有改变像我想了想,把我吓呆了。


[Chorus] [合唱]

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