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[looped sample] [环样品]

It's like antisocial 这就像反社会

hazardous portion organically nourished couraged to flourish and muses often 危险的部分有机地滋养couraged的蓬勃发展和缪斯经常

Lunged nicotine dream missing languorous 迎面扑来的尼古丁梦想失踪没精打采

Caution we proclaim until brain's off like Sagittarius 注意,我们宣告,直到大脑的关象射手座

Shield. Yield to the eye mescaline killer veals 盾。屈服于眼睛仙人球毒碱杀手veals

Stonegates marching moodily until plural styles immaculated beautifully. Stonegates悻悻地进发,直到复数形式immaculated漂亮。

Rudely awoke. 毫不客气地醒了过来。

Sing rumble blue conglomerates sucking up lung while brushing parasitic critics to my left side. 唱隆隆蓝色财团吸干肺,而刷牙寄生批评我的左侧。

I test glide kamikaze crashed to thoughtless on my preface. 我测试的滑翔神风应声轻率我作序。

The therapeutic unit recommended. 的治疗单位推荐。

Now slow-mo Quasimotos teeter on ringleader status while I spit satellite photos while teetering on the stratus. 现在可以慢谟Quasimotos跷跷板上的魁首地位,而我吐的卫星照片,而摇摇欲坠的层云。

Sleepwalking the atlas after none. Trudge and nudge my ninety-nine octane brain to one-oh-one. 梦游无后地图集。长途跋涉,并轻推我的99辛烷值的大脑一OH- 1 。

Run to organize my mood like quarterize my wound and climb up. 运行组织我的心情就像quarterize我的伤口,爬起来。

Lovely samaritans line up like bar codes for a fraction of my factions. 可爱的撒玛利亚人排队像条形码为我派系的一小部分。

The hollow of his hand beholds contraptions via 他手上的中空通过必见的玩意儿

Amplified files collapsed in cacophonic conquest. My specs up. 放大文件瘫倒在cacophonic征服。我的规格了。

More postille and docile insubordinance your phylum. 更多postille温顺insubordinance您的语系。

Chordata asylum swarmed your coordinates. Rush. 脊索动物庇护涌上你的坐标。拉什。

Must not sleep, must warn others. 不能睡觉,要警告其他人。

I'll tourniquet your turbulence then trample on your stutters. 我将你的止血带,然后震荡践踏你的口吃。

If I could displace every vagrant in America with traces of my character the Earth would be a more pitiful habitat. 如果我能取代美国的每一个流浪者与我的性格的痕迹,地球将是一个更可怜的栖息地。

With infinite acres of auto-cry eight can aid ya. Swung open the nomenclature to obscure wool-lock trickery. Pure 随着无限万亩自动哭8可以帮助你。随即打开命名为模糊的羊毛锁挂羊头卖狗肉。纯

Has not got tossed back by liquors supporting patience, working knuckles for audio duplication. 还没有得到扔回来酒类配套耐心,工作指关节音频重复。

That's like fiending for a purpose. 这就像fiending是有目的的。

[looped sample] [环样品]

Aesop Rock, prototype Robocop 伊索摇滚,原型机器战警

Jabberwocky rocking on the highest hilltop. Jabberwocky摇椅上最高的山顶上。

I possess two siamese styles that's like connected at the mic hollering monstrous. 我拥有2连体样式,就像连接在麦克风喊叫滔天。

Poly-tech impeded indidgy progress, deaf, 保利高新技术阻碍indidgy进步,聋,

Swept off your meridian. It's operation Start With a Slummy Raped Your Milk and Honey. 风靡了你的经络。它的操作开始一个贫民区强奸你的牛奶和蜂蜜。

Can I like, conjure up like all potent components of like, 我想,想起了喜欢像所有的强效成分,

Middle siblings scribbling on his lonesome like, 中东兄弟姐妹涂鸦在他的寂寞像,

Hit him with my ninety-nine metal plated mics upon the wall, take them down, pass them round, rock them all. Bust it. 打他挂在了墙上我的99金属镀麦克风,取下来,把它们轮,摇动它们。胸围吧。

I'm forever building my City of Lost Children ripping rungs off your ladder at a 我永远在建设我城翻录梯级失去孩子的关闭阶梯

Sardonic smirk. Ebonics lurking where the crop circles got stamped out from the rain dance. 讽刺的假笑。埃伯尼语潜伏在那里的麦田怪圈接到了雨舞绝迹。

Tsunami rain blast tipped off like origami frames and sloppy braincasted class-a-piece mastered to capture your flag then flutter. 海啸雨爆炸通风报信像折纸框架和马虎braincasted A级片掌握捕捉到你的标志,然后扑。

While slaves defy water, start roofing paper bags. 虽然奴隶反抗清水,启动屋顶纸袋。

The magic-maker dragging devils to add triple sixes melted triple glitches on your console. 魔壶拖着鬼子来加入溶化的三重故障控制台三重乱七八糟。

I calibrate my mics prior to claim and shit is rockable. í校准我的话筒前要求和狗屎是摇动。

Unlock and pull a backdoor for the bounce. 解锁和拉后门的反弹。

While cannily panicking was the average. I broadcast modern boredom mesozoic poetry pupils. 而精明地恐慌是平均水平。 í播出现代无聊中生代诗歌的学生。

Caught up in scruples from the inimical nature of my program. 从我的程序的敌意性质顾忌追了上来。

Elegant, the overcast password cursed on a tactless bastard, catatonic until personal practice mastered. 优雅,阴密码大骂上不得体的混蛋,紧张,直到亲身实践掌握。

[looped sample] [环样品]

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