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Abandon All Hope



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Aesop Rock (Aesop Rock)... [x16] 伊索岩(伊索岩) ... [ X16 ]

Is a love such as that which I exhibit for my practice 是爱如我表现出对我的做法

The factor which then amalgamates debates with 然后amalgamates辩论的因素

straight-jackets and robes, 直夹克和长袍,

Huddled in brackets that blacken the average globel 蜷缩在那发黑的平均globel支架

Xenophobe, loathe to modify the fly?, feel this... 排外,憎修改飞?,感觉这...

I carve a notch in my wall for every stall í刻有一个缺口,我的墙上,每摊位

every fifth mark slants diagonal to symbolize your downfall! 五分之一的马克偏对角线,象征着你的垮台!

Drunky peasants, honor the shifty Megatron presents Drunky农民,兑现了缩骨威震礼物

Slug a bolt one ceremonies of merit turned blood sport (Uh) 弹头螺栓优点之一仪式变成血液运动(嗯)

Voted hella high seas, I freeze your mega dumb company 投票数:海拉公海,我冻结你的巨型哑公司

Pumpin' out wise beads like, fly sneak-attacks on dry leaves 干叶给水站“出明智的珠状,飞偷袭,攻击


Crooked rumors turn zoomers when rookies talkin' 歪传言变成求变新秀的时候说'

Bad seeds blossom the wookie walk, hawkin' 坏的种子开花的wookie走, hawkin “

Let a sucker drift, I lift up every stone prone to find 让吸盘漂移,我抬起每一块石头容易找到

the point at which repellent signals ultimately bind 在此驱蚊信号最终结合点

When a pack of style mimics, see my brains target the cluster 当风格模仿的包,看到我的大脑针对集群

I advance clutchin' the mic like, bully to knuckle duster í提前clutchin '麦克风一样,欺负屈服于除尘器

And a scent, your riddles yield a little plastic blend 和香味,你的谜语产生一点点的塑料共混物

Fuck a badge, light a bonfire, dance a jig around a pig 他妈的徽章,点燃篝火,跳舞围绕猪的夹具

Figurin' yea, I'll lend a plan on leaked fame trackers Figurin “是啊,我借给一个计划上泄露的名气跟踪器

Using only the finest in post-modern terrain mappers 只用最好的后现代地形映射器

Once my brethren disperse... 有一次,我的弟兄们散去......

My God, you'd think the heaven's touched the earth then 我的上帝,你会觉得天上的接触到地面,然后

Thirstin' a perch on a bursted curse 在突发诅咒Thirstin “鲈鱼

But I don't, confide why to choose me. 但我不这样做,倾诉为什么要选择我。

Bored, lasso down Polaris, let the glow amuse me 百无聊赖,套索下来北极星,让光芒逗我

OK I lay me down to sleep, creepin' a slumber under red skies, 确定我躺下睡觉,情不自禁地爱上沉睡在红色的天空,

Heads splittin', straight sippin' a drip of dead vibes... 头splittin “ ,直啜饮着'死共鸣的点滴......

It's red tides from here, stop and smell analog hell, 这是赤潮从这里,停下来闻闻模拟地狱,

Clenchin' a stench of burnin' logics and a child with yearning optics... Clenchin逻辑“燃尽的腥臭味'和一个孩子向往的光学...

Now someone's approached the roach, shaking like snow-globes 现在的人走近蟑螂,摇得像雪金球奖

Other sort safety in numbers, other's flows got towed under (yeah) 在数量上其他种类的安全,其他的流量下得了拖走(耶)

Still another took a turn and crashed and burned while others flee 还有一个转了个弯,坠落并烧毁,而其他人逃离

But there will never be another starvin' marvel like me 但绝不会有另一个starvin “奇迹像我这样的

See, there's a time when... rhyme and... 你看,有一个时候......韵......

Pain combine can't even manage to tell what the swell is, like 结合疼痛甚至不能设法告诉一下胀大,像

Picture your imagery embellished with the hellish aspects of the swarm's forlorn facets 画面影像的点缀与群的凄凉方面的地狱般的方面

Soul crafted fat cats, burrowin', left perennial tenants discouraged in 魂制作肥猫, burrowin “ ,左气馁常年租户

Discussin' my four-season flourishing, Uh! Discussin '我的四季旺,嗯!

Surgeon purging poetic lead poison 医生清洗诗意的铅毒

Poised, in ploys to leak a little bit of moisture on your pride 蓄势,在伎俩泄漏的水分一点点对你的骄傲

I'm a, animated style machine in 我是,动画风格的机

a veening faulty production fueled by nicotine suction à veening故障生产燃料尼古丁吸

From ducks in my carnival to vipers in my garden 从鸭子在我的狂欢毒蛇在我的花园

You flash identify bottom genus species and class start to chuckle... 你闪确定底部种属和类开始窃喜......

Buckle the architecture til it fell through. 扣架构直到它告吹。

Kill the survivors, then raise the dead for shock value 杀幸存者,然后叫死人复活的冲击值

By the time the pending settlement's fully negotiated (yeah I'll...) 由当时的交收前的充分协商的(是的,我会...... )

I'll have put aside a few to get myself situated 我已经放下一些让自己设

So like sadly, my style spooks juveniles like "Boo" Radley 所以像可悲的是,我的风格像间谍“嘘”拉德利少年

Radically we consume the Colonel Kurtz in our platoon soon enough 根本上,我们消耗的库尔兹上校在我们的排很快就好了

That's one bluff call, toughens the searcher 这是1虚张声势电话,韧化搜索

Stuttering, emerging, gutter urchin, bursting 口吃,新兴,天沟顽童,爆破

I live for the moment of truth when Big Willy rapper 我住在真理的时刻,大威利说唱歌手

ackgnowledges failure and states 'Goddamn my shit is trash' ackgnowledges失败,并指出“该死我的屎是垃圾”

'It's time to let go', the tin man bangin' upon his chest to hear the echo: “现在是时候放手” ,铁皮人bangin '在他的胸口听回音:

'Heartless kid, hollow compartments' “无情的孩子,镂空隔间”

Be we the people of the united, starving artistic 是我们团结的人,饥饿的艺术

Militia keep movin' in order to form a more perfect union 民兵以形成一个更完美的联邦继续往前

I'm clueing into the poison panoramics brewed in panic situations 我clueing到酿造的恐慌情况下毒药panoramics

It fucks a little with my brittle gift 它乱搞一点点我的脆性礼物

I tell myself 'Stay' (Stay)... up high 我告诉自己, '留' (入住) ......高处

make a mockery of sun, and moon, and star 做一个嘲弄的太阳,月亮和星

'til they hand over the sky “直到他们交出的天空

My de luxe is, fluxes, pivots to where the crux is 我去豪华的,焊剂,支点在哪里的关键是

Invade the town while village elders holler 'Who the fuck's this?' 入侵城镇的同时,村里的老人发牢骚“谁他妈的的呢? ”

He hip a cats, agravated trudge through the muds 他臀部猫,通过泥浆agravated跋涉

Quickin' ones, plots thicken like, coagulated blood Quickin '的人,情节勾芡一样,凝固的血液

Rugged serpentines climb, pebble the rock 坚固蛇爬,卵石岩石

Let your pretty, pink cloud nine expectations please you not 让你美丽,粉红色的云9期望取悦你不

I'm, Ae-fuckin'-sop Rock, mic bizarro. 我, AE- fuckin'燮摇滚,话筒比扎罗。

Proper application of the soul by my standard. 按我的标准正确应用的灵魂。

Candid once position from which instigations spawn 偷拍一旦从哪个位置instigations产卵

And man, I plan to die with a mic in my hand, it's like... 而男人,我打算死了话筒在我手里,就好像...

Abandon all hope y'all, abandon all hope, it's like 放弃所有的希望你们,放弃了所有的希望,就好像

Abandon all hope y'all, abandon all hope... 放弃所有的希望你们,放弃了所有的希望......

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