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The word "realism" in the West includes the foregoing two aspects of connotation, depending its specific meaning on the described content, whereas these two aspects are described as the "factualism" and "realism" respectively in Chinese of course, these two terms are related somehow, for the realistic art is embodied by the factualistic approach, whereas other arts in the form or with the language of symbolism, nonobjectivism or absurdism are often included into other isms although such arts demonstrate the realistic traits and essence.


The significance of such relevance lies in that the literature and art has gone through two stages of development, or two types. One type of art is influenced by both the classical realistic art of the Western Europe and the socialist realism of the former Soviet Union. Though the historical and realistic themes covered by such type of art are revolutionary and highly consistent with the ideology of the ruling Communist Party of China, the artistic language and style are stamped with the academism features, which was represented in the fine arts seventeen years before the Cultural Revolution.


In the realistic educational life, humanistic education should be concrete and graphic, especially it should be closely related with the realistic life of the educatees and the future social roles or professional roles.


Their reasons were that the life was realistic, we had to be faced with many realistic matters.


According to Professor Shi Changjie, the reason for production with both 2D and 3D software is to preserve the original illusory world of Jimmy and to create multiple yet realistic impressions of space."A Fish With a Smile " achieves this feat through production despite the incredibility of the outside world, and really constructed from the two-dimensional world as depicted on flat surface a three-dimensional world of strangeness and wonder. 3D director Duan Yilun has said that ordinarily, 3D hardware is used mainly to express special 3D spaces or different angles in film, but in accordance with the light colors of Jimmy's original works and in search of a realistic space that can arise from the pages of the story, the sculpting of the set, light direction and camerawork have all transformed into high difficulty, high skilled manipulations.


But it is observed from their artistic practice and some words that they all agree that the realistic art in the world will not and cannot come to a dead end, which have the mass audience of realistic art in China.


This article is closely focus on the development and inditement of the classical realistic oil painting in China, it expatiate the concept and category of the " classical realistic oil painting in China", and make a brief review of the spread and sprout of the earlier period European classical oil painting in China, it also analyze the status which realistic painting predominate the whole condition of painting for a long period, it had an impact on the inditement of classic realistic oil painting in China over a long period of time.


Never undermine the physical body to change; never fuzzy structure to penetrate the structure; the disposal of construction, subordinate, supplementary to the dominant, the impact of cross-architecture; on the expression of emotion, metaphor, symbol of the spirit and substance of the fragments, integration and dislocation from the use of these color changes in the law to find the contemporary art environment in the use of color and form of expression results: break the construction solid-state image, fuzzy indoor and outdoor space environment; for static and dynamic space of deconstruction, reorganization, penetration and extend the ; mix, overlay the traditional color and new color, color external color and heart; the use of the aesthetic characteristics of the new color to create realistic, non-realistic, ultra-realistic environment.


The RFPA (realistic failure process analysis) software is used to analyze the deformation/failure of a tunnel passing through the rock mass with incompetent laminar structural planes at different obliquities and the displacement of the key points around the tunnel, with microdimensional elements introduced in combination with the elementary constitution model based on damage mechanics and statistics.

通过引入细观层次的微元体,采用损伤力学和统计理论的单元本构模型,利用岩石破裂过程分析软件RFPA(realistic failure process analysis),对具有不同倾角层状软弱结构面岩体中隧道的变形破坏特征、隧道周边关键部位的位移进行了分析。

The characteristic was obviously different from the precising characteristic of the realistic literary criticism discourse, the fringe criticism's location far from the political center and the fringe criticism's neglect of the conversation toward the realistic literary criticism made the essential conditions for the fringe criticism escaping from the realistic literary criticism.


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Don't Buy The Realistic

The sand near Grey Reef was black and grainy and gritty.


A total of 605 disabled people participated in this study.


When real rates fall, he points out, commodity producers have more incentive to keep their asset—whether crude oil, gold or grain—in the ground or in a silo, than to sell today.