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Be A Man



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Verse 1:] [诗歌1 : ]

"Herbert Anthony you need to get you life together" “赫伯特·安东尼,你需要让你的生活在一起”

That's my momma bothered by how I live life like whatever 这就是我的妈妈困扰我怎么活得像什么

They say I'm pressed for time, but I don't press the issue 他们说我时间紧迫,但我不按问题

I just stay on my grind, chain smoking marijuan help me free my mind 我只是留在我的研磨,链吸烟marijuan帮助我释放我的心

What a coincidence, like feeling guilt trickin by your innocence 真是太巧了,感觉像内疚trickin了你的清白

In a sense I'm livin in my second childhood 从某种意义上说,我活着在我的第二个童年

Don't pay a lick of rent, rhyme, eat, sleep, and shit 不交租金一舔,韵达,吃饭,睡觉,和狗屎

And when you twenty-two that don't sound good 而当22没有你的声音好

Maybe if I went to school it'll be cool 也许,如果我去学校这将是很酷

I've have something to fall back on if this rap don't crack 我已经有一些依傍如果说唱不开裂

Perhaps I'd have a better story had I sold crack 也许,我有一个更好的故事了,我卖掉裂缝

Let's go back, to Carson high fluctuating my goals 让我们回去,卡森高波动我的目标

Writing rhymes through the lecture knew I should've took notes 通过讲座写押韵知道我应该已经做了笔记

Sometimes I think I'm running in place, chasing hopes 有时候,我觉得我在原地踏步,希望追

Rejoice my name as Ab-Soul or is it average joe 飘柔我的名字是AB-魂还是普通人

[Hook: x2] [钩: X2 ]

All this commotion goes in one ear, out the other 这一切骚动去的一只耳朵,从另一

I'm still gone make it, one way or the other 我还是去做到最好的,单向或其他

(Quit acting like a kid herb, gone be a man (退出演艺圈像一个孩子草药,走了一个人

It's a man's world, how you suppose to feed your fam 这是一个男人的世界,你怎么想养活你的票价调整机制

You need to act more like an adult, pull up your pants 您需要更像一个成年人,拉起你的裤子

I know you do music but what's your plan B man) 我知道你做的音乐,但什么是你的B计划的人)

[Verse 2:] [诗2: ]

If I knew when I was younger would I grew to know 如果我知道我年轻的时候会我从小就知道

I coulda tackle things more different, coulda been more defensive 我本可以处理更多的事情不同,本应该较为抗跌

Coulda been more responsible, coulda been more persistent 本应该更负责任,本应该更执着

But I didn't and I ain't repenting 但我没有,我不后悔

My parents wake up in the morning to a cup of coffee 我的父母在早晨醒来的时候,一杯咖啡

Then go off to work it kills'em when I'm still in bed snoring 然后熄灭,当我还在床上打呼噜去解决它kills'em

Only if they knew, their young boy was in the stu 只有他们知道,他们的小男孩在STU

'Til like 5 AM cookin up classics to make them '直到像上午05点乱打了经典,使他们

Proud it's house niggas that could stay in 它引以为傲的房子黑鬼,可以留在

That was rather rash, but you can replace this scraps with straight cash 这是相当莽撞,但你可以替换这个下脚料直现金

I told jay I'm a buy you a house one day 我跟周杰伦我是给你买的房子1天

I probably send Katie & [?] to college too 我大概给凯蒂&[ ? ]上大学太

But right now I'm broke as a joke, I should do comedy 但现在我身无分文作为一个笑话,我应该怎么做喜剧

Dude, I need a job, somebody hire me fast 老兄,我需要一份工作,有人雇我快

So I could win my girl over, she probably cheatin on my ass 所以,我可以赢得我的女孩过来,她很可能不忠在我的屁股

You motherfuckers better try and snatch her while she up for grabs 你怎么就最好尝试,并抢夺她的,而她的争夺

[Hook] [钩]

[Verse 3: Ab-Soul talking] [第3节: AB-灵魂说话]

It's like real difficult to articulate it 这就像现实很难表达清楚它

It's like you got your goals, you got your aspirations 这就像你有你的目标,你有你的愿望

Your dreams, and you chasing that, you pursuing that 你的梦想,你追,你追求的

But in-turn it cost for you to sacrifice alot of your availability to go out their and get this paper, nah mean? 但,把它的成本为你牺牲你的可用性,走出了很多自己并获得本文罗是什么意思?

It's hard to say you a man still and livin at your momma house 这很难说,你一个人还活着,并在你妈妈的房子

Yo, I had a conversation with my step-pops 哟,我和我一步持久性有机污染物的对话

Basically inquiring the time frame when I'm a pop 基本上,查询的时间框架时,我是一个流行

I told'em I ain't know but I'm determined to blow í told'em我是不是知道,但我下定决心要打击

Not like a fluffer, more like plaques that's platinum and gold 不喜欢疏松,更像斑块这是铂金

That's on my great-grandmother 这就是我的曾祖母

He shook his head and said: 他摇摇头,说:

"I don't know much about the music industry but what's been said “我不知道很多关于音乐行业但有人说的

The people ain't making no bread, let's be more realistic 人是不是在没有面包,让我们更真实

How you gone take care of a wife? how you gone feed your children 你怎么去娶一个妻子照顾?怎么你走了喂你的孩子

I'm on my knees everyday tryna provide for ya'll 我对我的膝盖每天tryna为你们大家

I bought that car that you dippin, but you don't chip in 我买了这辆车,你迪平,但你不知道芯片

You shouldve went to UCLA, like your cousin Jay 您shouldve去加州大学洛杉矶分校,喜欢你表哥周杰伦

He got a big signing bonus, every year like 80k" 他有一个大的签约奖金,每年都像80K “

I looked him in the face and said "it ain't about the money 我看着他的脸,说:“这不是钱的问题

And honestly buying an education sounds funny 诚实地购买教育听起来很可笑

But have a little faith in your son, I'll come through for ya" 但有一点信心,你的儿子,我就来过雅“

He said be a man Herb, that's all I really want from ya 他说,是个男人药草,这就是我真正从亚希望

[Hook] [钩]

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