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generation function相关的网络例句

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与 generation function 相关的网络例句 [注:此内容来源于网络,仅供参考]

Fall suppose in Swerling Ⅱ target, derivation detect below environment of ADT of threshold value of the MGF of quadrature generation function that this algorithm issues in even setting, average judgment, much target the maths of aiguille of the false alarm in probability Pd and clutter brim environment is analytic expression.


Referring to HMIS public data coding criterion, parts coding management module was designed and established, and parts coding automatic generation function was realized. According to the data collection methods in the reliability theory, maintenance record collection principle was determined, and maintenance record management module was established. Then, by using reliability theory and mathematical statistics method, data statistic analysis and malfunction analysis modules were established, and components failure data statistics, choosing of life distribution law, and predicting of maintenance period were realized.


In this paper the method of combinational mathematics is used to deduce the probability generation function of the longest run in the Bernoulli trials,and get the probability generation function without using its probability function of kth order geometric distribution.


The one-way coupled map lattices and initial condition generation function based on iterative Logistic map are used to realized the data confusion and diffusion between plain-text and key information. And the cipher block chaining mode is used to generate the 128-bit Hash value for plaint-text with arbitrary length.


However, due to restriction on trading hours, the generation function of stock prices is discontinuous in time-axis.


In this paper, the theories of generation function and recursive relation in combinatorics is used to analyze the time complexity of some special recursive algorithm, with three conclusions reached simultaneously, which is of valuable reference to the analysis and research on algorithm.


The VSCF DFIG wind power generation is transient response proceeding, which is influenced by operation characteristics of generator before and after grid connected. A novel S-Function is adopted to describe the mathematic model of DFIG based on state equation. A complete simulation model of VSCF DFIG wind power generation system based on MATLAB/Simulink and SimPowerSystems is established, which can be used to not only simulate subsystems of no-load operation and generation operation, as well as can be used to but also accurate control parameters of DFIG in simulation. The simulation model have excellent transportability, and can be used DFIG of different power rated if only design relevant controller.


By using muti-variable mean generation f uncti on of the predictand and its predictor, the mean generation function is orthogon alized by means of the Gram-Schmidt s method.

用预报量与多变量预报因子的均值生成函数,通过 Gram- Schmidt正交化使均值生成函数彼此正交,同时利用双评分准则确定入选预报模型的均生函数个数,最后建立山西省季节降水的预报模型。

This is the reason behind the "unbundling" of the industry with mandated "open access" to the transmission system, a separated generation function from distribution, and a marginal cost merit-order dispatch system for electricity.


This is the reason behind the "unbundling" of the industry with mandated "open access" to the transmission system, a separated generation function from distribution, and a marginal cost merit-order dispatch system for electricity.


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