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He remains his uncategorizable self and even the ragtaggle Postal Museum show and catalogue fail in coherence except for a stunning l:10 scale model of the palace that looks about the size of a badminton court.


If you fail a required course, you can not get the diploma.


Some people look upon marriage as a short cut that way, but it has been known to fail.


Many new business owners fail to develop a strong strategic plan or to set realistic business goals.


Ordinary questions of discipline are in the ordinary course settled in councils, often held with the assent of the kings, but on great occasions -- at the Councils of Epaone (517), of Vaison (529), of Valence (529), of Orléans (538), of Tours (567)-- the bishops do not fail to declare that they are acting under the impulse of the Holy See, or defer to its admonitions; they take pride in the approbation of the pope; they cause his name to be read aloud in the churches, just as is done in Italy and in Africa they cite his decretals as a source of ecclesiastical law; they show indignation at the mere idea that anyone should fail in consideration for them.

普通的纪律问题是正常经营过程中解决的理事会,往往与同意的国王,但在伟大的场合-在议会E paone( 5 17),对V aison( 5 29),价( 5 29),中奥尔良( 538人),图尔( 567 )-主教不失败宣布,他们正在采取行动的冲动下的罗马教廷,或推迟到告诫他们感到自豪的认可,教皇;它们所造成的名称朗读的教堂,就像是在意大利和非洲,他们列举了decretals作为一个来源的教会法;它们显示愤慨,仅仅是想法,任何人不应该考虑他们。

Debaters who fail to seek opportunities to offer POIs or who fail to take POIs during their speech may be penalized by the adjudication panel.

辩手若没有抓住机会提 POI 或者在发言中没有接受 POI ,评委可酌情扣分。

Rule of Repair:When you must fail, fail nosily and as soon as possible.


You should ask the franchisor if the percentage of franchising arrangements that fail, and the reason why they fail.


Most startups that fail do it because they fail at one of these.


Cara Dillon 《BONNY BONNY》 Bonny, bonny was my seat in the red rosy yard And bonny was my ship in the town of Ballynagard Shade and shelter was for me till I began to fail You all may guess now my distress lies near the Nightingale Grief and woe that I must go to fight for England's King I neither know his friend or foe, and war's a cruel thing The nightingale is near at hand, my time at home is brief And Carey's steams and mountain land I part with bitter grief No more I'll walk the golden hills with Nancy by my side Or dream along the sun bright rills, or view my land with pride We sail away at dawn of day, the sails are ready set When old Benmore I see no more, I'll sigh with deep regret Now all must change and I must range across the ocean wide Our ship she may in Biscay's Bay lie low beneath the tide If I should fall by cannon ball, or sink beneath the sea Good people all, a tear let fall and mourn for mine and me If God should spare me my greying hair and bring me back again I'd love far more my Antrim shore, its dark blue hills and rain Around the fires, my heart's desires, heaven grant till life shall fail And keep me far from the cruel war and from the Nightingale bonny, bonny

是我玫瑰园的长椅 bonny, bonny,是为我遮风挡雨的小舟一叶只到有一天,我慢慢的倒下夜莺初啼,你会知道我我的烦恼为了国王我将踏上征程,悲伤懊恼填满我心我不知道谁是朋友谁是敌人,我只知道战争多么残酷夜莺初啼,我知道在家时日无多作别家乡的山水和故土,我悲伤满怀再不能和心上人,去到那夕阳下的青山再不能在梦里的山梁上,遥望家乡的土地我们在黎明即将上路,远航的风帆已经拉满当家乡渐行渐远,唯有叹息遗恨交织我心面目全非的我,要穿越那遥远的海峡我们的战船会停靠在比斯开湾,落潮的地方如果我倒在炮火中,或是长眠于深海善良的人们啊,请流下你一滴眼泪,为我和我的一切过往如果上苍染黑我花白的发丝,让我回到家乡我会更加热爱那金色海滩,蓝色的山梁和黑色的雨滴炉火边,让我的愿望在天堂里实现,只到我倒下的那一刻让我远离那残酷的战火,远离那夜莺的啼哭

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Results showed that 0.01g/mL extract of Oxalis corniculata L. had obvious antimicrobial effect on S. aureus, but all extract of Oxalis corniculata L has not any antimicrobial effect on E.


This will be totally different from Zaro's texture mod, it will be desaturated, dirty etc.


This will be a major step forward for our country's aerospace technology.