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So in this paper based on the characteristics and the optimum state theory of the vehicle, some kinds of control schemes are compared and discussed, and the fuzzy PID control scheme is adopted at last. The relation between air-cushion pressure and fan rotational speed on the optimum driving state is studied. The cushion pressure is used as controlled variable and the fan revolution is used as regulated variable. And transducer and fan motor are actuators.Based on the structure and operating properties of half-tracked air-cushion vehicle, the control system scheme and structure are presented. A control scheme using the self-tuning PID fuzzy logical controller is adopted. Fuzzy rules are set up and some researches have been done for fuzzy tuning method. At the same time the real-time measurement scheme by computer control is proposed, and electric circuits are designed. In the control system of half-tracked air-cushion vehicle cushion pressure P〓 is used as controlled variable and the fan speed n〓 as regulated variable.


A cushion is a kind of object to sit on, or to put behind one's back when sitting on a chair. It is filled with feathers or other soft materials.

Cushion 定义为一种内含羽毛或其它柔软东西的物体,用来坐靠,所以含义应该是"坐垫"。

Based on Three Gorges Project, the following aspects about the three typical embedding manners are studied:(1) The border condition of cyclic symmetry is applied to the finite element models with contact among cushion layer, penstock and concrete. The effects of elastic modulus, thickness and placement extent of cushion layer on the stress of its around concrete are analyzed. It is suggested that the ratio of thickness to elastic modulus can be used as an important parameter in the design of cushion layer.


Under determining cushion thickness more than failure face depth, determining cushion thickness less than failure face depth and the space between pile is small etc, the calculation equation of proper determining cushion is got.


Common-and air-cushion type comparison: when it comes to air cushion layer, air cushion layer is in a State of managers'change granula, it is made of synthetic elastomer and is indicated by a particle, microparticulate, interlamination of air compression layer by air cushion rubber compounds bubble and decided that blanket surface treatment is divided into three, the first coated paper: use sulfuration to form the process of polishing.


The research results of the above have preferably solved the hot point problems discussed and studied in the process of the calculation of water diversion system unsteady flow of air cushion surge chamber, offer theoretical basis to accuracy calculation and reasonable design of air cushion surge chamber, and are helpful to make air cushion surge chamber more popularized in our country.


Air cushion surge chamber can also be named pneumatic surge chamber. The first air cushion surge chamber in the world was built in Driva water power plant in Norway in 1973. In our country, the proper application and research on the subject of air cushion surge chamber started at the end of last century or the beginning of this country.


Scope of business; Carpet, tapestry, car cushion, sofa cushion and woolens cushion.


In order to understand the formational mechanisms of water cushion flow fields of water cushion belt conveyor,the numerical simulations on water cushion flow fields were carried out.


On the basis of destroying mechanism of good cushion, a new kind of high-speed pneumatic cylinder with self-adjusting cushion for supply pressure fluctuation is designed, which use relief cushion valve and feed supply pressure back cushion valve.


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