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Ambient Control Space is proposed in ambient networks project to support dynamic, distributed, self-managed and self-maintained management for heterogeneous networks. Through Multi Radio Access architecture, sufficient use of the advantages in multi-access co-existence can provide all users with the best Internet connection services.

Ambient Networks提出了Ambient控制平面来支持动态的、分布式的、自管理和自维护的异构网络管理;通过多无线接入结构充分利用多种接入技术并存带来的优势,为用户提供总是处于最佳连接的服务。

Formalization verification of service composition based on Process Algebra and Discrete Time Ambient-Calculus, as well as combinatorial optimization and the partition method based on QoS mathematic model are deeply studied. The service composition architecture supporting formalization verification and QoS-aware composition has been also implemented. Furthermore, the architecture is applied to digital cartoon cooperation manufacturing in the Internet.


Though most all early electronica was danceable, by the beginning of the '90s, producers were also making music for the headphones and chill-out areas as well, resulting in dozens of stylistic fusions like ambient-house, experimental techno, tech-house, electro-techno, etc.

虽然多数早期的电子乐可用来跳舞,但是到了1990年代初,制作人也制作用来专门欣赏和在"放松区"(编者注:chill-out表面含义是放松,在这里指的是在俱乐部中设置的专门让舞者或者不爱跳舞的人休息聊天的专用区)中播放的音乐,其结果是产生了成打的融合音乐风格,如ambient-house(编者著:Brian Eno是ambient的鼻祖,这种音乐的特征是注重音乐与背景声场的匹配),试验techno,tech-house,electro-techno等等。

These descriptions are brief, but based on them it is indeterminable and has disadvantage in system design and direct implementation. On the other hand, these works mostly focus on describing variants behaviors of Ambient calculus in one level, which makes it complicated to understand clearly how these variants behaviors work and how they work together. As a result, based on the unit ambient of Ambient calculus, a three-level semantics description framework is given for Ambient calculus.


In this case it is necessary to use Ambient/Occlusion to avoid this problem.

此时你需要使用Ambient/Occlusion 来解决这个问题。

To telling something about us we have to mention, that our label was founded under the name War Office Propaganda in 2003 and within last 5 years, with numerous of critically acclaimed releases has become one of the most dynamically operating labels of dark ambient / industrial / experimental music.

要回答这个问题的话,我们不得不先提及我们厂牌的历史。最初我们的厂牌名叫 War Office Propaganda ,建立于2003年,目前已经成立5年,因为有大量受好评的作品发行,现在已经成为世界上最活跃的dark ambient / industrial / experimental music厂牌之一。

The total volatile basic nitrogen and free fatty acids of razor clam increased with the rise of temperature during storage at ambient temperature,+5#, and -18#, with the slowest speed at -18#, the fastest at ambient temperature The extractable protein nitrogen change was opposite to the change of TVB-N and FFA, the EPN of razor clam decreased with the rise of temperature during storage at ambient temperature,+5癈, and -18#, with the slowest speed at -18#, the fastest at ambient temperature.


The basic light setup consists of a main spot light (better if it's not much coloured) and a back omni light. Place a few omni lights for the glowing parts here and there. I didn't involve any global illumination, just a plain scanline render because another pass of ambient occlusion will be involved later.

基本的灯光设置包括一个主聚光灯(如果它不包含那么丰富的色彩,那就更好)和一盏背光灯,对于有光晕的地方放置一些omni,我没有加入全局照明,只是一个简单的扫描线渲染,因为另外的ambient occlusion渲染层会在晚些时候被包括进来。

He shows how you can build shaders to represent the Ambient, Diffuse and Specular components of surface shading. How to enhance your Ambient shading by using a combination of convolved HDRI environment maps and baked Ambient Occlusion.

他展示给大家创建一个环境光,漫反射,镜面效果的材质,并给大家讲解了联合使用HDRI环境贴图与baked Ambient Occlusion来加强环境贴图效果。

Exotic and atmospheric, it will appeal to core world music listeners as well as aficionados of early and classical and ambient/new age/goth sensibilities.

它能吸引许多纯世界音乐的听众以及喜爱早期和古典的ambient/new age/goth音乐的乐迷们。

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Sawain Ambient Acapella

The sand near Grey Reef was black and grainy and gritty.


A total of 605 disabled people participated in this study.


When real rates fall, he points out, commodity producers have more incentive to keep their asset—whether crude oil, gold or grain—in the ground or in a silo, than to sell today.