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For the express inside abbacy, abbreviation is in charge of fast or general is fast, jockey in the urban station of above of a wide place in the road.


It is an abbreviation of the other.


Oh, that is the abbreviation for the People's Insurance Company of China .


Now more and more people like to use such abbreviation s.


The Beijing that makes unfair competition changes division oilstone to turn IT limited company (abbreviation turns family oily company), in Beijing can annulus inferior petrifaction IT limited company (in abbreviation can information company), recoup pecuniary loss respectively 150 thousand yuan mix 100 thousand yuan.


The construction of numeral abbreviation can be roughly grouped into four types: subordination, coordination, subject+predicate and verb+object. Among them, subordination occupies the main part. Numeral abbreviation can be derived from either extracting the first, the middle or the last morpheme from its original words or generalizing them. Numeral abbreviation consists of four classes: word, phrase, sentence and text in terms of its original words. Most numeral abbreviations are disyllabic and quadrisyllable, and only a small number of them are trisyllabic and polysyllabic.


We use the ripely relational database to describe the relationship bet ween the abbreviation of new words in modern Chinese and its relavant features. We establish the information database of abbreviation of new words, on the base of which we count and study all aspects of abbreviation of new words.


On Selecting and Analyzing Units of Abbreviation Forms;2. Succinctness and orderliness in abbreviation of numerals lead to a tendency of class formation of components in the structure.


Based on the above, the author built the vehicle virtual prototyping simulating model including the front and rear suspensions, the powertrain, the steering system, the front and rear tires, wrote the driver control files(abbreviation. dcf) and driver control data files(abbreviation. dcd) for vehicle handling stability simulation analyzing according to the requirements of the current standards GB/T6323.1-94-GB/T6323.6-94 of our nation"s for vehicle controllability and stability test, carried out simulation and analyses for vehicle handling stability such as steering wheel angle step input test, returnability test, steady static circular test, pylon course slalom test and steering efforts test, and evaluated the car"s handling stability performance by scoring according to GB/T 13047-91 ?Criterion thresholds and evaluation of controllability and stability for automobiles?.

在上述基础上建立了包括前后悬架、发动机、转向系、前后轮胎等在内的整车虚拟样机仿真模型,并根据我国现行整车操纵稳定性试验标准GB/T6323.1-94~GB/T6323.6-94的要求,编写了用于整车操纵稳定性仿真分析的驱动控制文件(Driver Control Files,缩写为DCF)和驱动控制数据文件(Driver Control Data Files,缩写为DCD),进行了转向盘转角阶跃输入试验、转向回正试验、稳态回转试验、蛇行试验和转向轻便性试验等整车操纵稳定性试验仿真分析,并参照GB/T13047-91《汽车操纵稳定性指标限值与评价方法》对该轿车的操纵稳定性进行了评价计分。

This product's rear elevation and the front view are all the same, therefore abbreviation rear elevation; The right elevation and the left view are the same, therefore abbreviation right elevation; Looks up at the chart and the vertical view is the same, therefore abbreviates looks up at the chart.


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It could surely be chivvied into producing its thoughts sooner. The scandal has led to broader talk of constitutional reform—a good idea in itself but an election fought around hastily cooked-up ideas in the current climate could be disastrous.


Under the agreement, the revenue authorized by the Getty and photographers share, Yahoo would not get any benefits.


Methods30 healthy students of Shanghai university of TCM accepted two operations of vibration massage apparatus-non-vibration and vibration . The temperature diversity was obseved at different time : before operation , after 3min operation, after evaluating apparatus 1, 2, 3,4,5 min by infrared thermal imaging system .The image was dealt with analysis system and data was statistically anlyzed.

方法上海中医药大学的30名健康大学生先后接受机械振动按摩器的空置和振动两种操作,用红外热像仪分别于操作前0 s、操作3 min后即刻、撤离仪器后1 ,2,3,4 min和5 min观察受试者以心俞为中心的手掌大小区域的温度的动态变化,并用分析软件处理相关温度数值,将结果进行统计学分析。