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[LL Cool J: sample repeated] "Battle anybody, I don't care.." [ LL Cool J与:样品重复]“战任何人,我不在乎。”


[Erick Sermon] [埃里克讲道]

Yo, aiyyo it's crunchtime, time for action, time in 哟, aiyyo它的crunchtime ,行动的时候了,时间

I explain time after time, time and time again 之后我的时间,一次解释一次又一次

Time's up, Def Squad called time out 时间到了,防守队叫超时

Can't hold back the shit, so I flip myself aside out 也挡不住的,妈的,让我自己翻出来放在一边

Dramatics, they act in classes, act what 戏剧,他们在课堂上采取行动,什么行动

Actin like suckers raw, act enough to get they ass whipped 肌动蛋白就像吸盘原料,行为足以让他们的屁股鞭打

Ask for the acts and ask for the axe 询问的行为,并要求斧头

they get as actors, Beams, Navs, and Ac's 他们得到作为演员,梁, Navs的,和AC的

Still navigatin rap cats, attack on tracks 尽管如此navigatin说唱猫,在轨道上的攻击

to flow til I fall off the atlas map 流动直到我掉下来的地图图册

(And stomp a cat) til they frame mats to mat (和踩猫),直到他们架垫来垫

Not my bloodtype, DNA mismatch 不是我的血型, DNA错配

(Aiy-yo) Where there's a will there's a way ( AIY岁)凡有遗嘱有办法

(Tell 'em Green) But you will get wheeled away (告诉他们绿色),但你会得到轮式走

All is said and done, you're dumb, just dumb 一切都说过和做过,你是哑巴,只是哑

Bust dum-dums at kingdom, take they free-dom 胸围达姆 - dums在英国,他们需要自由DOM

He's done, E done did it 他做了,大功告成做到了

Easy go, easy come when E come widdit 去也匆匆,来得快当E来widdit

Come witness, dis +Strictly+ 来见证, DIS +严格+

+Unfinished+ +As Usual+ +Never Personal+ +Business+ +未完成+ +照常+ +永不个人+ +商务+


[Chorus] [合唱]

Y'all don't really wanna fuck with that (Hell no!) 你们都没有真正想他妈的与(该死! )

It's not where your head is at (Hell no!) 这不是在那里你的头是(该死! )

Y'all don't really wanna fuck with that (Hell no!) 你们都没有真正想他妈的与(该死! )

It's not where your head is at (Hell no!) 这不是在那里你的头是(该死! )

I will.. "Battle anybody, I don't care.." 我会的。“战任何人,我不在乎。”

E will.. "Battle anybody, I don't care.." E的。“战任何人,我不在乎。”

Sy will.. "Battle anybody, I don't care.." 施会。“战任何人,我不在乎。”

We will.. "Battle anybody, I don't care.." 我们将......“战任何人,我不在乎。”


[Sy Scott] [SY斯科特]

Yo, yo, yo 哟,哟,哟

Yo sticks and stones break bones but glocks'll kill you 哟棍棒和石头打破的骨头,但glocksll杀了你

Revolvers could pop you but automatics'll drill you 左轮手枪可以弹出你,但automaticsll你钻

I spit lyrics up til they spill through with blue mold and mildew 我吐了歌词直到他们洒通过与蓝霉菌和霉变

Enough to clean these preachers to the fifth pew 足够的清洁这些传教士第五皮尤

The shit stink like pee-yew, G2-D2 狗屎臭想尿尿,红豆杉, G2 -D2

versus R2-D2, please move peaceful 与R2-D2 ,请移至和平

Bulbasar smash the Pokemon powers of Pikachu Bulbasar粉碎皮卡丘的神奇宝贝权力

Faced against Yui Oshamitsu 面对反对唯Oshamitsu

I speak in two's like I had two faces 我讲两个的像我有两副面孔

Get deeper than Tomb Raiders, open and shut case 得到比盗墓者,打开和关闭的情况下更深

like suitcases, Dark Forces couldn't take it 像旅行箱,黑暗力量受不了

if you had NATO backed by Duke Nukem with two lasers 如果你有北约支持通过毁灭公爵两个激光器

My true nature bite you and your face out 我的真性情咬你和你的脸了

Leave you on the ground pointin finks out 让你在地上pointin芬克斯出来

Scatterin towards your safehouse, the illest nigga that's out 散射问题对你的安全屋中, illest黑鬼这出

I brainstorm til the whole rap game get rained out í集思广益直到整个说唱游戏中获得下雨了

Don't make me get a hat and start pullin names out 不要让我得到一顶帽子,并开始普林名字了

Change the outfit, get the thang out 换装,拿到胜了

Make you wish you never came out, get laid out, without an 8-count 让你希望你永远走了出来,得到摆出来,没有8支

Get up, get out, and stop tryin to play house 站起来,走出去,并停止试着过家家


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Erick Sermon] [埃里克讲道]

Yo, don't exchange with E in exhibition, I'm a expert 哟,不要为E展会交流,我是专家

Feelin the overexhausted from the leg work 感觉从腿部工作overexhausted

Write hate mail through e-mail 通过电子邮件写恐吓信

Talk on my cell, my cell charged like D-cells 谈我的手机,我的手机充电如D -细胞

I hate the flows MC's they use these days 我最讨厌的流动三菱商事的,他们使用这些日子

It's overused, used too much these days 它的过度使用,使用过多的这些日子

E explain, X mark the spot, I rock the spot ê解释, X标记的地方,我摇滚现场

E-Dub the name, and that's Sy Scott 电子配音的名字,那就是施伟


[Sy Scott] [SY斯科特]

Who wanna battle? The beat beat badly in battle 谁想要战斗?节拍在战斗中击败不好

In battle I paddle like world-class battlers 在战斗中我划船般的世界级battlers

In the heat of battle, true MC not abbreviation 在激烈的战斗中,真正的MC不是缩写

Bout to bring cold war to radio stations 布特把冷战广播电台

I'm Master Tsin, the excellent Master Chen 我师父真,出色的陈师傅

Spit like I got two mouths connected to an extra chin 吐像我有两张嘴连接到一个额外的下巴

My foreign is forum 我是国外论坛

Embryo MC get brain aborted before they born and made organs MC胚胎大脑得到中止他们出生并取得器官前


[Chorus] [合唱]

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James Todd Smith, Rick Rubin


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