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WTF Collective 3



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

Yo... 哟...

MC confusing... MC混乱...

WTF 3 mother fuckers. 跆拳道3不要脸。

Got more hamstrings than a pile of wings 有比一堆翅膀更腿筋

2012 - Bringing west wing DVDs to a blind date 2012 - 将西厢房的DVD去相亲

First on deck every day normal guy 首先在甲板上,每天正常的家伙

[everyday normal guy [日常正常的家伙

Everyday normal guy 每天正常的家伙

here to get the track started 这里得到的轨道开始

My average lyrics are between 我的平均歌词之间

genius and retarded 天才和弱智

I drink tap water 我喝自来水

and watch all the CSIs 看着所有的CSI成员

I put my 30 dollar pants on 我把我的30元裤子

on leg at a time 腿部同时

Sleep 8 hours a night 睡8个小时夜

eat 3 meals a day 每天吃3餐

I'm motherfucking content 我他妈的内容

I got no reason to complain 我没有理由抱怨

I have a roof over my head 我有一个屋顶在我头上

and I got clothes on my back 和我的衣服在我的背上

My verse is done it wasn't great 我的诗做是不是很大

but hey it wasn't that bad 但嘿它不是那么糟糕


[MC uses time machines irresponsibly] [MC使用时间机器不负责任]

Yo I'm MC uses time machines irresponsibly 呦,我的MC使用时间机器不负责任

Went back and found Jusad Iscariot in 33 AD 回去后发现Jusad犹大在公元33年

Gave him 31 pieces of silver to rat out the wrong guy 给了他31块钱,对大鼠进行了错误的家伙

Then I planted monsanto seeds in dinosaur times 然后,我在恐龙时代种植孟山都的种子

Gave Bill Gates my iPhone in 1973 给了比尔·盖茨我的iPhone在1973年

Then I travelled in time to the night that I was concieved 然后,我的时间走遍了晚上,我是concieved

Then I met up with my parents and we hung out all night 然后,我遇到了我的父母,我们挂出了一整夜

Come to think of it they didn't have any alone time (NO) 试想想,它自己没有任何独处的时间(否)


[MC nausious] [MC nausious ]

MC Nausious up in this mother fucker MC Nausious在这个母亲笨蛋

I don't feel so hot shit 我不觉得那么热狗屎

I think that I am gonna [bluurg] 我想,我要去[ bluurg ]

Why'm I so sick, what I eat Whym本人谨此生病了,我吃什么

Cat food will make expired yogurt taste less like cheese (oh right) 猫的食物会使过期的酸奶味道不像奶酪(哦,对了)


[MC cock blocks himself] [MC公鸡块自己]

MC cock blocks himself, hey girl what's up MC公鸡块自己,黑涩会美眉是怎么回事

You so sexy we should probably hook up 你这么性感,我们也许应该挂钩

Crawl in a hot tub with a bottle of champagne 爬在热水浴缸一瓶香槟

By the way I have a girlfriend and I think I might have AIDS 顺便说我有女朋友,我想我可能有艾滋病


[MC necrophiliac] [MC necrophiliac ]

MC necrophiliac, where are my dead bodies at MC necrophiliac ,这里是我的尸体在

Crashing funerals just so that I can get a whiff of that 轰然葬礼只是这样我可以得到一个味儿

Decomposing bodies are (they're[?]) my favourite aphrodesiac 腐烂的尸体是(他们是[?] )我最喜爱的激发性欲

Flatlining gives me a pavlovian erection in my pants Flatlining让我在我的裤子巴甫洛夫勃起

Turn-offs include breathing pulses and signs of life 转动的平衡,包括呼吸脉冲和生命迹象

My turn ons are rigor mortis cold flesh and suicide 我喜欢的事物是尸僵冷肉和自杀

If you're not stiff as a board I won't be stiff and I'll be bored 如果你不是僵硬的板我不会僵硬,我会觉得无聊

Wait what do we have here? Looks like I'm about to score 等到我们有什么吗?看来我要进球


[Talking, Zombie chorus guy] [谈,僵尸合唱的家伙]

Wait a minute... no! no!!! NO!!! 等一下......不!没有! NO !

[singing] [唱]

-You have to be kidding me - 您在开玩笑吧

What the fuck is going on 什么他妈的是怎么回事

-This cannot be happening - 这不可能发生

I don't wanna do this any more 我不想做这方面的更多

-This must be a bad dream - 这必须是一场噩梦

Leave me alone 请别打扰我

-Why am I still singing? - 为什么现在我还是唱歌?

I mother fucking killed myself í母亲他妈的杀了我自己


[MC gets sidetracked easily] [MC被撇在一边轻松地]

Yo! 呦!

MC gets sidetracked easily back in the heezy MC被撇在一边轻松地回到了heezy

By heezy I mean house but not the show I think it's cheezy 通过heezy我的意思是房子,但不是表演,我认为这是cheezy

My favourite show is Dexter that guy is also in 6 feet- 我最喜欢的节目是德克斯特那家伙也是6 feet-

under my first experience with death I was just 16 在我与死神第一次经历我只是16

My dog got run over by a truck and its head exploded 我的狗得到了被卡车辗过其头部爆炸

Like Robert Patrick in Terminator 2 when he's frozen 像罗伯特·帕特里克在终结者2时,他的冻结

Its freezing in Iceland I was just there on holiday 其在冰岛冻结我就在那里度假

Hold on I think I got lost again what was I trying to say? 等一下我想我又不见了那我想说什么?


[MC who couldn't speak in the present tense] [MC谁不能在目前的紧张说话]

I was MC who couldn't speak in the present tense 我是三菱商事谁也不能在目前的紧张说话

I'm gonna have a lot of money and my dick was immense 我要去有很多钱,我的鸡巴是巨大的

It would've been difficult, people assumed I was a retard 它会一直困难,人们认为我是一个滞后

I'll have a serious problem, communicating was hard 我有一个严重的问题,沟通很困难


[MC constipation] [MC便秘]

Yo I'm MC constipation 呦,我的MC便秘

It has been 3 days since 它已经3日以来

My last bowell movement 我最后bowell运动

I'm starting to get impatient 我开始变得不耐烦

Spend hours on the toilet 花几个小时上厕所

Yet nothing never comes out of it 然而,从来没有出来呢

Intestines like polititions 像polititions肠子

They're constantly full of shit 他们不断地充满了狗屎

I wish my bowell movements 我希望我的bowell走势

where a little more like my rhymes 这里有点像我的童谣

Always smooth and free-flowing 一帆风顺和自由流动

It would save me a lot of time 这将节省了我很多时间

Push for hours with no result 几个小时推没有结果

Not even a brown brussel sprout 甚至没有一个棕色的抱子甘蓝

My shit's like a gay republican 我的屎的像共和党同性恋

It's not planning on coming out 它不打算出来


[MC] [ MC]

Yo I'm MC invisible 呦,我的MC无形

You can't see me 你看不到我

The only rapper in this industry 在这个行业中唯一的说唱歌手

that can't be seen 不能看到

With the naked eye 用肉眼

I won't lie 我不会说谎

It's hard to get a fanbase 这是很难得到一个粉丝团

When image is everything 当形象就是一切

And I litterally don't have a face 我litterally没有脸


[MC on the phone with Ted Danson] [MC在手机上与特德丹森]

I'm MC on the phone with Ted Danson 我的MC与特德·丹森在手机上

Keep it down 小声点

Just skip to the next verse 刚跳到下一段

I'm on the phone with ted Danson 我和特德·丹森在手机上

Not now 现在不要

hold on ted 坚持特德

I don't wanna be in this song anymore 我不想在这首歌了

Leave me alone 请别打扰我

This is more important 这是更重要的

I'm on the phone with the guy who played Sam Malone 我和谁玩过萨姆马龙的家伙在手机上


[MC confusing] [MC混淆]

Yo MC confusing wrapping up the song 呦MC混乱缠绕起来的歌曲

Like a plasticine high fiving (high five and) a helicopter thong 就像一个橡皮泥高fiving (高五)直升机丁字裤

I got richochet highlitghts from the fleet fox's knife guy 我得到了richochet highlitghts从舰队狐狸刀的家伙

We out like a rice fightin' a vampire's wife's life 我们出像大米格斗吸血鬼的妻子的生活


[MC zombie chorus guy] [MC僵尸合唱的家伙]

-Maybe this isn't so bad - 也许这并不是那么糟糕

Better than my last job 比我的上一份工作好

-Taking it in the ass for cash -Taking它的屁股现金

20 bucks a pop 20块钱一个弹出

-Maybe things will turn around - 也许事情会转身

Being a zombie's pretty cool 作为一个僵尸的很酷

-Things couldn't get worse anyhow -Things不能变得更糟,无论如何

(get's tackled by MC necrophiliac) (得到的由管委会necrophiliac解决)

[Talking] [谈]

[MC necrophiliac:] Yeah that's right uuhh. [undoing fly/zipper] Oh you're gonna get it you little dead bitch. [MC necrophiliac :]是的,没错uuhh 。 [撤消飞/拉链]哦,你会得到它,你的小母狗死了。

[Chorus Guy:] No! No! Ahh! [getting raped] ow ow, I spoke to soon [合唱盖伊:]没有!不!啊! [越来越强奸]嗷嗷嗷嗷,我说话很快

[MC WCSITPT:] UUGH! That used to be so gross! [MC WCSITPT : ] UUGH !这曾经是那么毛!

[MC Nausious:] It's just a guy having sex with a dead body. There's nothing (BLURG) [MC Nausious : ]这只是具有与尸体做爱的家伙。没有什么( BLURG )

[MC invisible:] Dude! you just puked all over me! [MC无形: ]老兄!你刚才puked对我的一切!

[MC Nausious:] sorry [MC Nausious : ]对不起

[MC constipation:] That's a good idea, I should get an enema [MC便秘: ]这是一个好主意,我应该得到一个灌肠

[MC cock-blocks himself:] Enemas, puke, guys having sex with dead bodies... you ready to go back to my place ([girl:] uugh (walks off)) What am I doing wrong? [MC公鸡块自言自语: ]灌肠,呕吐,做爱尸体的家伙......你准备好回到我的地方( [女孩: ] uugh (走开) )我在做什么错了?

[MC fatigue: (wakes up)] Did I miss anything? [MC疲劳: (醒来)我错过了什么?

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