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Where Do We Go Now



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[Hook:] [钩: ]

Where do we go now [x4] 在哪里,我们现在就去[ X4 ]

When we can't go home now 当我们不能回家了

Probably get thrown out 可能被赶出

Where do we go now 我们从哪里走了

Where do we go now, oh 在哪里做,我们现在去,呵呵


[Verse 1:] [诗歌1 : ]

And I'm a product of my environment 我为我的环境的产物

That's why these people buy my music when I'm supplying it 这就是为什么这些人买的时候,我就提供我的音乐

They tell me life is always sunny not ultra-violet 他们告诉我,生活总是阳光灿烂的不是紫外线

I feel like Bradley Cooper trying find me a silver lining 我觉得像布莱德利·库珀试图找到我一线希望

And I don't need a, suit or tie to keep me alive 而我不需要,西装或领带让我活着

I just need a good ass crew and a long ass drive, word 我只是需要一个良好的屁股船员和长期的屁股的车程,字

Keep it moving and keep improving at the same time 保持它的移动,并保持在相同的时间来提高

People love me but hate me on the same rhyme 人们喜欢我,但我讨厌在同一韵

Damn, that's just how I feel man 妈的,这只是我的感觉男人

I ain't one of those rappers who got a deal man 我是不是那些说唱歌手是谁得到了很多人的一

Quit asking, every milestone you try to conquer 退出要求,每一个转折点,你试图去征服

I passed it, every album we drop some classic 我通过它,每一张专辑我们放弃一些经典

That's the way we love to congregate the masses 这就是我们爱聚集群众的方式

Your momma gotta fatty, it's kinda hard to look past it 你妈妈得的脂肪酸,它还挺很难看过去吧

And I'm a educated bastard 而我是一个受过教育的混蛋

Rapping is how I'm a get my masters 说唱是我是一个让我的主人


[Hook] [钩]


[Verse 2:] [诗2: ]

And I never think I'd be a hero 我从来没有想到我会成为英雄

Growing up with my dad and learning from Al Pacino 长大了我爸和阿尔·帕西诺学习

Jets fool, middle finger to all you Dan Morinos 喷气机傻瓜,中指你丹Morinos

I'm living in a move and feeling life Tarantino 我住在一动,感觉生活塔伦蒂诺

Corleone, I'm trying to get my De Niro 柯里昂,我试图让我的德尼罗

Works some long nights and I don't need a cappuccino 一些工作漫长的夜晚,我并不需要一个卡布奇诺

All falls down when you live in the casino 所有倒下的时候你住在赌场

Uh, and I'm just trying to add some mutha fucking zeros 呃,我只是想补充一些穆萨他妈的零

So point at Pelegrino, shouts to Instabeano 所以点Pelegrino ,喊来Instabeano

Shouts to Britain Rules, I didn't know where we would be yo 呼喊英国规则,我不知道我们会哟

Back then, getting dinner in Connecticut 当时,越来越晚餐在康涅狄格州

Talking 'bout all these rappers we hated 谈论着这些说唱歌手,我们恨

Then getting mad as shit, haha 然后惹毛了的,妈的,哈哈

Like those were those the days 就像那些人那些日子

We were living off the feeling 我们住了的感觉

It was going our way 这是将我们的方式

Uh, I know that life changes fast 嗯,我知道,生活变化快

But I would rather freeze the moment 但我宁愿冻结的瞬间

Than go back and live the past 比回去住过去


[Hook] [钩]


[Verse 3:] [诗歌3 : ]

I ain't trying to front, and tell you it's all confidence 我是不是想面前,并告诉你这一切的信心

I'm just trying to catch up to other rappers like condiments 我只是想赶上其他说唱歌手如调味品

Cause I remember when we got no compliments 因为我记得当我们没有得到任何的赞美

Opening up for Sean was like my biggest accomplishment 开辟了肖恩就像我最大的成就

I have my friends going nuts in the front 我有我的朋友去的坚果在前面

Acting like I'm hot as shit until Pusha demolished it 演戏就像我热得狗屎,直到普沙拆除它

One by one we created a following 一个接一个,我们创建了一个如下

I learned a lot in class but hated being a college kid 我学到了很多在课堂上,但不喜欢被一所大学的孩子

And when I graduated labels started hollering 当我毕业的标签开始喊叫

Work through so much dough, I needed a scholarship 经历了这么多面的工作,我需要奖学金

Went to the bank, emptied what I deposited 去银行,掏空了我沉积

Then put it into one mixtape, I'm so positive 然后把它在一个混音带,我很积极

I'll never make one mistake, I'm so confident 我永远不会犯一个错误,我非常有信心

There ya go again, rapping is all opposites 有雅又来了,说唱都是对立

I don't even care if I make it to the top of shit 我什至不介意我把它屎顶

Cause I'm a keep on ripping and shouts to Jesse Katsopolis 因为我是个不断抓取和呼喊杰西Katsopolis

Woo! 呜!


[Bridge:] [桥: ]

I said I'm a keep on ripping and shouts to Jesse Katsopolis 我说我是一个不断抓取和呼喊杰西Katsopolis

A Full House in it 一个完整的家在这

Full House in it, yeah 满屋的它,是啊

Jared's on the beat Jared的在街上巡逻

And thank you Fresh 谢谢你新鲜

Let's go 我们走吧

Crew Cuts 船员发型


[Hook] [钩]

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