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We're All Asian



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Oh, herro 哦,赫罗

My name is DJ Not Nice 我的名字是DJ不是很好

I'm here to end the hate, 我在这里结束了恨,

and bring peace between all the Asian race 并把所有的亚洲比赛和平

I mean Korean and Chinese? 我的意思是韩国和中国?

We're all really the same. 我们都真的一样。

I mean, we look the same right? 我的意思是,我们看起来是一样的吧?

We eat with chopstick? 我们吃的筷子?


My eyes look like, 我的眼睛看起来像,

I'm mad 'cause someone stole my eggroll 我疯了因为有人偷了我的eggroll

I'm sad, 'cause my dad, 我很伤心,因为我的爸爸,

died fighting for his country's butthole 战死为他的国家的屁眼

He told me, 他告诉我,

"Son, who cares what color is your skin? We're all Asian. “儿子,谁在乎什么颜色是你的皮肤?我们都是亚洲人。

Some guyslook like Asians, but they're just Mexicans" 有些guyslook像亚洲人,但他们只是墨西哥人“

Oh, okay! 哦,好吧!


I pray that one day, 我祈祷,有一天,

the whole world will be oriental 整个世界将是东方

I play video games, 我玩视频游戏,

I finally beat the second level 我终于战胜了第二级

Stand in the center, 站在中心,

and jump on the bosses head, 并跳上老板头上,

and now he's dead 现在他死了

Oh very good, let's play again! 哦,很不错,让我们再次发挥!


The Filipino race, 菲律宾的比赛,

and the Chinese can all be friends 和中国都可以成为朋友

'Cause we're all Asian 因为我们都是亚洲人

Fuck whoever's not 谁他妈的不


When China gets the bomb, 当中国获得了炸弹,

the whole world's eyes will be slanted like ours 全世界的目光都将倾斜的像我们这样的

'Cause if you're not Asian, 因为如果你不是亚洲人,

suck my yellow cock 吸我的黄公鸡


Oh, let's watch some BBC news 哦,让我们看一些英国广播公司新闻

Oh, they're talkin' about me! 哦,他们说我!

Cool! 酷!


The kids, 孩子们,

in Bournemouth 在伯恩茅斯

made fun of someone 'cause he's Asian 有人取笑,因为他是亚裔

The principal said, 该负责人表示,

"DJ Not Nice is probably racist" “DJ不是很好可能是种族主义者”

Oh thanks, 哦,谢谢,

you're probably gay with AIDS 你可能同性恋与艾滋病


You know Confucius say, 你知道孔子说的,

If the shoe fits, 如果是真的,

steal it from Payless and give it to your kids, 从帕尔斯窃取它,并给它你的孩子,

for Christmas 圣诞


Herro, herro 赫罗,赫罗

Come in my store 请进我的商店

Thank you come again 谢谢你再来

I would like white and black people, 我想白,黑的人,

if they were Asian 如果他们是亚洲人

So when your teacher shows, 所以,当你的老师说明,

my videos to your special ed class, 我的视频到你的特殊编班,

please no one laugh 请没人笑


The Fillipino race (The Fillipine is a place) 该Fillipino比赛(该Fillipine是一个地方)

knows much more things, 知道更多的东西,

than the Jews and gays 比犹太人和同性恋者

So if you go on vacation, 所以,如果你去度假,

don't go near China 不要去靠近中国

You must stand outside city wall 你必须站在外面的城墙


The Japanese are fine, 日本人都很好,

and Taiwanese tastes nice 和台湾的味道不错

But Hawaiians are crossing the line 但夏威夷是越过门线

'Cause if they're not Asian, 因为如果他们不是亚洲人,

they can, 他们可以,

suck my little cock 吮吸我的小公鸡

I will ninja kick you in the nut 我会忍者踢你的坚果


White people suck, 白色让人闹心,

and Jews eat Chinese food too much 和犹太人吃中国菜太多了

Black people steal your stuff 黑衣人偷你的东西

We will kill everyone but us 我们会杀了所有人,但我们

'Cause if you're not Asian, 因为如果你不是亚洲人,

then you're, 那么你,

probably white or black, 可能是白色或黑色,

or Puerto Rican, or Iraqi 或波多黎各,或伊拉克


So you see my friends, 所以你看我的朋友们,

I hope you learned something today 我希望你今天学到的东西

From the song that I sing, and my clear message (Nuclear, hehe) 从我唱这首歌,我清晰的信息(核,嘿嘿)

That if you're not Asian (From Beijing) 也就是说,如果你不是亚洲(发自北京)

Won't be long 'til you're gone 不会很长,直到你离去

So you can suck on my ding dong 所以,你可以在我的叮当吸


'Cause China's building a bomb “导致中国的建筑炸弹

With a little help from Kim Jung 从金正一点帮助

With the money we made from the song, 有了这笔钱,我们从歌曲制作,

Ching Chang Chong 庆昌冲

I suggest you get facelift, 我建议你​​改款,

and take some Kung Fu fight lessons 并采取了一些功夫的战斗经验

So we might think you're Viet Cong 因此,我们可能会认为你是越共


Yeah 是啊

Ninja 忍者

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