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Walk Like A Warrior


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[Hook] [钩]

Walk Like a Warrior 步行象一个战士

Walk Like a Warrior 步行象一个战士

Walk Like a Warrior 步行象一个战士

Walk Like a Warrior 步行象一个战士


[M1] [ M1 ]

I was trained to defend myself for my brain and my mental health 我被训练为自己辩护了我的大脑,我的心理健康

The white man got the wealth he held back 白色的人得到了,他忍住了财富

We're living in hell black and niggaz can sell crack 我们生活在地狱黑兄弟们可以卖破解

But that ain't gonna change this thang 但是,这并不能改变这一胜

If you gonna bang, then bang for change, don't bang for crazy thangs 如果你要去的一声,然后砰的变化,不要一鼓作气的疯狂thangs

If not don't bang 如果不是不一鼓作气

If ya gonna ball play the game how it should be played 如果亚球会玩游戏应该如何发挥

Can you dribble a grenade? 你可以运球手榴弹?

To save your life you payed the price, mama raised you right 救你的命,你所许的价格,妈妈养你的权利

Now how you aint gonna fight? 现在怎么样你是不是要去打架?

For the white man's laws hell naw 对于白人的法律地狱瑙

For the cause, because we got to get what's ours 对于原因,因为我们得把什么是我们的

Gotta struggle for the motherfucking power 对于他妈的权力斗争得

Cuz we're livin in the last few hours 的Cuz我们生存的最后几小时

It's 11:59, I think it's bout time 它的11:59 ,我认为这是一次回合

We get on the grind, and get out the carbine 我们上磨,并获得了卡宾枪

With freedom of mind we can see what we can find 随着心灵的自由,我们可以看到我们可以发现

If you can spot 'em, pop pop pop the po-9 如果你能发现他们, POP POP流行的PO - 9

This is only a rhyme so now don't get scared 这仅仅是一个韵所以现在不要害怕

Listen to the message in the word 听这个词的消息

Don't let your sight get blurred, you heard this righteous words 不要让你的视线会模糊,你听说过这个义字

You might prefer it from a car mic 你可能会从汽车MIC喜欢你

Timeout, I didn't say bug out, ball out, bling out 超时,我没有说出来的bug ,皮球开出,出金光闪闪

All ya'll sell-outs get the hell out 你们大家都卖奏滚开

This year it's RBG so bang on out 今年是RBG这样喋喋不休了

Uh, we people army nigga bang on out 呃,我们人民军的兄弟们一声就出


[Hook] [钩]


[Stic] [ STIC ]

Yo, Yo, what you know bout heart? 哟,哟,你知道是什么布特心脏?

Can't be the weak link in the squad 不能在球队的薄弱环节

Gotta look way deep in your heart 总得来看这样深你的心脏

Anything in the way gotta go straight through 凡是在得路直行通过

Take charge 负责

Can't hide from your flaws when you ride for the cause 无法从你的缺点隐藏,当你骑的原因

Cuz a nigga will pull your card 的Cuz黑鬼会拉你的卡

Keep your guard up 24/7 on the street like you're doin hard time on the yard 时刻保持警惕全天候在街上像你干什么很难在院子里

What you know about heart? 你知道心脏是什么?

Can you assemble your heat in the dark 你可以组装的热量在黑暗中

Take it apart, and clean all the parts? 把它拆开,并清理所有的零件?

Life is a journey, a course, like learning a martial art 人生是一个旅程,一个疗程,就像学习一门武术

You can't have partial heart 你不能有局部心脏

Gotta get your own, if you drop the bone, dog, we all fall 得让你自己,如果你放弃了骨,狗,大家都落

It ain't over til the problem solved 这还没有结束直到问题解决

Get your back up off the wall 让您备份过墙


My niggaz is riders, we fighters, we tight as a fist 我的兄弟们是车手,我们的战士,我们紧拳头

RBG's up in this bitch, so bang on out RBG的在这个婊子,所以一鼓作气就出来

If your khakis is saggin, you reppin your rag and you holdin the magnum 如果你的卡其裤是saggin ,你reppin你的抹布和你牵着的马格南

Use it for freedom nigga, bang on out 使用它的自由的黑人,一鼓作气就出来

All my dirtiest dirtys, revolutionaries and visionaries 我所有的脏dirtys ,革命者和梦想家

Don't be no scaredy nigga, bang on out 不要没有scaredy黑人,砰的出

It's a war goin on in the streets, we hollerin fuck the police 这是一场战争,在街上布莱恩,我们纷纷抱他妈的警察

Ain't bout no peace, nigga, bang on out 是不是布特没有和平,兄弟们,一鼓作气就出来


[Krayzie Bone] [ Krayzie骨]

Me so you see fifty niggaz in all black fatigues 我让你看50的兄弟们在全黑迷彩

My regime runnin down your street 我的政权飞奔下来的街道

At the end of the block, we got the god damn cops 在程序段结束时,我们得到了该死的警察

And they hope we sink, tell me what you see 他们希望我们下沉,告诉我你看到什么

I see (bang) buildings burning, motherfuckers trippin for a goddman purpose 我看到的(爆炸)建筑物燃烧,怎么就践踏了goddman目的

The police is nervous, cuz we done observed 'em 警方正在紧张辩论,因为我们做了观察时间

Now niggaz is thinking about murder 现在,兄弟们是想着杀人

We ain't talking, no more, and we ain't squashin shit with po-po 我们是不是说,没有了,我们是不是squashin狗屎与PO -PO

And we ain't marchin in the middle of the goddamn road 我们是不是marchin在该死的路中间

Cuz Martin got smoked 马丁的Cuz得到熏

Niggaz ready for war, so get the fuck up, we fixin to set the city to fire 兄弟们准备好战争,所以得到他妈的起来,我们fixin设置城市火灾

This time when we ride we burnin it down, turn this shit 'round 这一次,当我们乘坐我们燃尽了下去,把这个狗屎轮

Keep your justice, your peace 保持你的正义,你的平安

And keep blessin the heat, and that there crooked officer 并保持blessin的热量,并有歪官

We won't stop blazin til they coughin up blood 直到他们coughin补气血,我们不会停止BLAZIN

Wanna slang my baseball cap to the back and get busy, nigga 想俚语我的棒球帽,以背部和忙碌起来,兄弟们

You say you a soldier, well get over here nigga we under attack 你说你是军人,也让在这里的兄弟们,我们受到攻击

As soon as they done, they get gone 当他们做了,他们消失在我眼前

Muder mo come, come, they done, me red rum, me red rum, they done Muder月来,来,他们做的,我冲朗姆酒,我冲朗姆酒,他们做

And when we put 'em in they grave 而当我们把时间在他们的坟墓

We toss in a donut, and tell 'em we don't surrender, surrender, naw 我们折腾了一个甜甜圈,并告诉他们我们不投降,投降,瑙


[Hook] [钩]


I ain't talkin bout no hustla 我是不是说话回合没有hustla

I ain't talkin bout no gangsta 我是不是说话回合没有匪帮

I'm hollerin at them soldiers 我纷纷抱在他们的士兵

Revolutionary culture 革命文化

Bang on out 的一声就出来

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