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Ultimas Palabras

Ultimas Palabras


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A new American revolution has begun, 新美国革命已经开始,

Not against the forces of a colonial kingdom 不反对殖民王国的力量

But a rebellion against an oppressor that has risen among us, 但对已经涨到我们中间一个压迫者的叛乱,

It is not a foreign invasion we have to fear, 它不是外敌入侵,我们要恐惧,

Rather the threat of a force within our nation 相反的力量我们民族内部的威胁

That has usurped what was once a dream of having the greatest democracy ever known to man, 已经篡夺了什么具有最大的民主国家有史以来人类已知的曾经梦想,

We now live in a world where the population has grown exponentially, 我们现在生活在那里的人口成倍增长的世界里,

And the planet is running out of resources to sustain us all, 和地球所剩无几的资源来维持我们大家,

We in the inner-city and those struggling in the suburban ghettos may not realize it yet, 我们的内城和那些挣扎在城郊贫民区可能没有意识到的是,

But make no mistake, 但毫无疑问,

The people who control the technology and run every enterprise that makes up our world, 谁控制了技术和运行每一个企业,构成了我们这个世界的人,

Have seen this coming for a long time, 看到了这个未来的很长一段时间,

The ideas of renewable energy, 可再生能源的想法,

Global warming, 全球暖化,

The idea of collectively working, 集体工作的想法,

Were purposefully bought out, derailed, demonized, or corrupted, 被有意买断,出轨,妖魔化,或已损坏,

In favor of an economic structure designed by a monetary caste system, 有利于通过货币种姓制度设计的经济结构,

In a desperate attempt to convince us that we need to maintain that extravagant existence, 在绝望的企图让我们相信,我们需要保持这种奢侈的存在,

They've pretended we might share in their dream, 他们一直假装我们可以在自己的梦想分享,

That we can justify any inhumanity in its name, 我们可以在其名称中的任何理由不人道,

Out of this blind ignorance was born the curse of slavery, 出于这种盲目无知的诞生奴役的魔咒,

Many of the founders of this nation were themselves Masons, 许多这个国家的创始人都是自己泥瓦匠,

That is not a Left wing or Right wing conspiracy theory, 这不是一个左翼或右翼阴谋论,

It is a widely known and accepted fact, 这是一个众所周知的和公认的事实,

So then explain to me how a nation founded by men, 所以后来向我解释一个国家由男人如何创立的,

Who not only understood the long and complicated history of Europe, 谁不仅了解欧洲的漫长而复杂的历史,

But also that of Africa, 还以为非洲,

Could permeate such a lie in convincing the American public, 可以说服美国公众透过这样的谎言,

That one race of men was superior and one inferior, 男人,一个比赛是卓越的,一个自卑,

When in fact we know that all the early men, 而事实上,我们知道所有早期的男子,

The men who created civilization and every aspect of what we see today, 是谁创造的文明和我们今天所看到每一个环节的人,

The foundation of all human life, 所有人类生活的基础,

Were from Africa, 来自非洲的,

The greatest cowardice of course came not with slavery itself, 当然,最大的怯懦来,不是奴隶制本身,

Unfortunately, 不幸的是,

But with the excuses for slavery, 但与借口奴役,

For if America had been as brave as the Roman Empire and all other empires that have come after her, 因为如果美国一直勇敢的罗马帝国和那些来找她的其他所有帝国,

And claimed "No, we were just stronger and that's why we took you", 并声称“没有,我们只是更强大,这就是为什么我们花了你” ,

Then when slavery was over racism would've probably followed in suit, 然后,当奴隶制结束种族主义就可能已经跟随西装,

But instead it was the social lie, 而是它是社会的谎言,

The religious lie that was told, 宗教的谎言,被告知,

That stayed in the mind of people, 那留在人们的心中,

That seperated one human being from another, 那分开一个人被从另一个,

In order to distract us from the issues of class and freedom, 为了从阶级和自由的问题分散我们的注意力,

They created issues around religion and race to dominate the world for centuries to come, 他们创造了各地的宗教和种族问题,称霸世界数百年来,

Some claim that they respect that they respect the culture of life in this country, 有人声称,他们尊重,他们尊重生命的文化在这个国家,

They cry out for indignity of children that are slaughtered before they are born, 他们呼喊着孩子的侮辱被屠杀,他们在出生前,

But God has not penetrated their souls, 但上帝并没有深入他们的灵魂,

For they have no empathy, 对于他们没有同情,

Nothing in their cold hearts for the 100s of 1,000s of lives we have taken in our wars overseas, 在他们冰冷的心没有对1000个生命的100S我们采取我们的海外战争,

For that which they call "collateral damage", 对于他们称之为“附带损害” ,

Which the are the burnt and damaged children of the world, 其中有世界上焦和受伤害的孩子,

They have no prayers for them, 他们没有祈祷,对他们来说,

Only snide commentary on the internet and laughter in their hearts, 只有在他们心中的互联网和笑声在讥讽的评论,

And yet you claim to be one with God, 然而,你自称是一个与神,

Huh, 呵呵,

We talk about immigration in this country, 我们谈论移民在这个国家,

Might doesn't make right ladies and gentleman, 可能不会做出正确的女士和先生们,

It just makes right now, 它只是使现在,

What we are saying to the rest of the world, 我们说的到世界各地,

Is one day when America grows weak, 就是有一天,当美国增长疲弱,

One day when her legions falter, 有一天,当她的军团动摇,

On the day when her economy crumbles, 事发当天,当她的经济崩溃,

China, Russia, Europe, whatever power has arisen, 中国,俄罗斯,欧洲,已经出现的任何权力,

All you have to do is come here and conquer us in a few military excursions, 所有你需要做的就是来到这里,征服我们的一些军事游览,

And then you too can set up shop here, 然后你也可以在此设店,

And in 100 years you can tell every red-blooded American, 而在百年,你可以告诉每一个热血的美国,

"No, you are an illegal human being, “不,你是一个非法人,

I am the true citizen, 我是真正的公民,

I have all the rights, 我所有的权利,

You have no rights", 你没有权利“

Maybe you forgot how you got this country, 也许你忘了你是如何得到这个国家,

Maybe you take for granted the blood, the sweat, the tears, 也许你习以为常的鲜血,汗水,眼泪,

That the people who live in practical serfdom shed everyday, 那谁住在实际农奴制的人每天脱落,

For we may not run America, but we make America run, 因为我们可能无法运行美国,但我们让美国来说,

We talk about the Law, 我们讲的法,

Yet, 然而,

How many indignities have been legal in the past? 有多少屈辱,在过去是合法的?

How many treaties with Native Americans have we broken? 多少个条约与本土美国人,我们打破?

How many international laws have we violated? 有多少国际法律违反了?

And, 而且,

Speaking of laws, 说到法律,

How can a corporation be regulated by a government that is funded and controlled by corporations? 试问一个企业可以由被资助,由公司控制的政府监管?

How can there be accountability, 哪有问责制,

For people who see a profit margin above the lives of Americans? 谁的人看到了利润美国人的生活上面?

Above the lives of human beings in other countries? 上面的人在其他国家的人?

We have taken the soul out ourselves and placed them inside machines, 我们已经采取了灵魂出自己,把他们里面的机器,

My words of course, 我的话,当然,

Will be marginalized, demonized, 将被边缘化,妖魔化,

In typical fashion, 在典型的时尚,

Anytime you dare to question the power structure they say you hate America, 任何时候你敢质疑他们说你讨厌美国的权力结构,

No, I love this country, 不,我热爱这个国家,

I see its beauty everyday in its people, 我看到它的美丽每天在它的人民,

And I love it a lot more than those who have abandoned the American worker, 我喜欢它了很多比那些谁已经放弃了美国工人越多,

That have chose to exploit and try to take away benefit she has, 已选择利用,并尝试拿走好处她,

Those that attempt to make excuses for every atrocity committed, 那些试图给自己找借口,每犯下的暴行,

In the name of supposed freedom, 在假定自由的名义,

Those who demand accountability from everyone, 这些谁从每个人的需求问责制,

But offer none themselves, 但提供没有自己,

Who favor contracts over lives, 谁赞成合同上的生活,

Who favor invasion and control over organic democracy overseas, 谁赞成入侵和控制的有机海外的民主,

The greatest flaw that any intelligent person has is to think they're smarter than everyone else, 任何聪明的人具有最大的缺陷是认为他们比其他人更聪明,

And so the government has planted its spies amongst us, 这样一来,政府已经埋下了间谍在我们中间,

We have planted our spies among them, 我们已经种植了我们的间谍当中,

They have infiltrated every branch of the American government, 他们已经渗透到美国政府的各个分支,

They have retrieved names, data, hard numbers, 他们检索的名称,数据,硬数字,

The paper trail that will expose those that truly control this country, 本文线索,将揭露那些真正控制这个国家,

Those that control the political parties, 那些控制的政党,

Those that control the oil industry, 那些控制石油行业,

The energy, 能源,

Those that stand behind the companies faceless, 那些站在公司背后不露面,

Whose names have never been revealed, 他们的名字从来没有被发现,

Until tod.. [GUNSHOT] 直到TOD .. [枪击]

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