歌词 "Two Scoops of Raisins" 的中英对照歌词与中文翻译

Two Scoops of Raisins



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Immens] Yo man.. I'm hungry man [ Immens ]哟男人..我饿了的人

[Common] Ay whatchu want man? You want some breakfast or somethin? [通用]唉whatchu想要的人吗?你想吃点早餐还是别的什么?

[Immens] I want a lil lil somethin.. yeah yea milk and cereal or somethin [ Immens ]我想要一个可爱的小律事端..是啊是啊,牛奶和谷类食品或事端

Somethin man! Just a little breakfast food, y'know? 事端的人!只要一点点的早餐食物,知道吗?

[Common] Mmm I don't know man (ay) let's see what I got in my cabinet [通用]嗯,我不知道男人( AY ),让我们看看我在内阁获得

[Immens] Hold on, let me see what I got in my cabinet [ Immens ]等一下,让我看看我在内阁获得

Somebody hit me with a little, baseline or groove, knahmsayin? 有人打了我一点点,基准或凹槽, knahmsayin ?

Yeah, breakfast food, UHH! 是啊,早餐食品,汉堡!


[C] When you wish [C]当你想

[I] When you wish [一]当你想

[C] Upon a star [C]当明星

[I] Upon a star [I]当明星

[C] To follow what? [C]要遵循什么样的?

[I] To follow what? [i]要遵循什么样的?

[C] And where you are! [C]和你在哪里!

[I] And where you are! [i]和你在哪里!

[C] Party over here, party over there [C]党在这里,党的那边

[I] Where? [i]在哪里?


[Common] [通用]

Look! I made ya look, ya dirty crook 看!我做了一下雅,雅肮脏的骗子

Then picked your pocket, watch me book.. 然后拿起你的口袋,看我书..

.. like Guiness I'm a Menace, so call me hip-hop's Dennis ..像吉尼斯我是一个威胁,所以叫我的hip-hop的丹尼斯

So open wide, and say (AHHHHH) 因此敞开,并说( AHHHHH )

And I'ma slide my yolk, in your throat, and watch ya choke 而我是滑我的蛋黄,在你的喉咙,看雅呛

on the Uh the Ah the Uh the Daddy Long-Stroke 就呃了啊呃的爸爸长冲程


[Immenslope] [ Immenslope ]

Stroke Long Daddy Money, if my name was Sunny 行程龙爸爸钱,如果我的名字是艳阳天

I'd share a scoop, Runnin shit like Rebels 我想分享一个瓢,飞奔狗屎一样叛军

You can call me Barney, cause I took your Fruity - Pebbles 你可以叫我巴尼,因为我拿了你的水果 - 鹅卵石

Dibble like an office on Top Cat, top that, I'm fat troop 穴播像顶猫一间办公室,上面说,我胖部队

Drop the loop, then a scooper hoop ya like a hula 下降的循环,那么的压箍亚像呼啦

To school a fool I present, a church to repent 学校是傻瓜我介绍,教堂忏悔

I get you Guess'n like jeans, you're just a hill of beans 我得到你Guessn喜欢的牛仔裤,你豆只是一座小山

I'm all that jazz, and I kick, kick, kick, kick.. 我所有的爵士乐,我踢,踢,踢,踢..


[Common] [通用]

The razzamatazz oh please oh please just give me just one more blast 该razzamatazz拜托哦,请大家给我一次机会爆炸

I +Gett Off+ like Prince, but I don't have to show my ass I + GETT关+像王子,但我没有表现出我的屁股

Pass the rest, like a test, if you slip then you'll get ripped 经过休息,就像一个测试,如果你滑倒,那么你会得到撕开

with your handicapped pass route, and Tales From the Crypt 您的残疾人传球路线,而故事从地穴

I whip on that ass like base ba-bay í鞭屁股像基地BA湾

The Sense is good-GOOBELY-goo, ask Gravy 意识是好的, GOOBELY ,咕,问肉汁


[Immenslope] [ Immenslope ]

Or LaMont, or Rollo, down at the, Apollo 或拉蒙特,或罗洛,倒在阿波罗

Come follow me now (BO! Where's Sue?) I don't know 快来跟我现在(BO !哪里是苏? )我不知道

Even En Vogue, be tellin me ya don't go 即使En时髦,可在告诉我雅不走

When it's time for show (yea) everyone says 当它的时间显示(是啊)大家说

ho (ho) ho (ho) couldn't be a slider HO( HO) HO( HO)不可能是一个滑块

cause I never slip, kick it like a Damme Van flip 因为我从来不打滑,踢它像一个Damme的范翻转

So don't come with your judo, cause you're just a Menudo 所以,不要拿出你的柔道,因为你只是一个Menudo

emcee gettin chewed like vegetables 主持人开始报咀嚼喜欢的蔬菜


[Common] [通用]

Ahhhhh cabbage is a cabbage, a lettuce is a lettuce AHHHHH白菜是白菜,生菜是生菜

I'ma tear this whole joint into scraps 我是毁灭这个关节全废成

I bust raps, perhaps caps, and trap the wack tracks 我胸围斥责,也许帽子和陷阱的怪人轨道

Givin the max, for the minimum, not the minimum for the max 安宁的最大值,最小值,而不是最小的最大

Get more sex than Wilt the Stilt so you can call me the Stiltest 获取更多的性生活比张伯伦的高跷,所以你可以叫我的Stiltest

You're takin shorts like Arnold, so what chu talkin bout, Willis? 你羚牛短裤像阿诺德,还等什么柱说话回合,威利斯?


[I] Bout Willis? [i]布特威利斯?

[C] Yeah Willis [C ]是啊威利斯

[I] Willis ain't talkin about nuthin! [I]威利斯是不是在说有关废柴!

[C] It's Different Strokes [C ]这是不同的笔画

[I] Let's get back to umm, breakfast foods [一]让我们回到嗯,早餐食品

[I] because it's, early in the mornin.. [一] ,因为它是在清晨初..


[Common] Well you can have your Wheaties [通用]好吧,你可以有你的麦片

[Immens] You can have your Flakes [ Immens ]你可以有你的片

[Common] You can have your Kix [通用]你可以有你的933,490

[Immens] And you can have your Trix [ Immens ]你可以有你的Trix

[Common] You can have your POUNDcakes [通用]你可以有你的POUNDcakes

[Immens] You can have your Loops [ Immens ]你可以有你的循环

[both] But you still gotta get your Two Scoops! [全部]但你还是得给你两勺!


[Immenslope] [ Immenslope ]

To keep the hot raw, I'm rollin, rollin 为了保持热原,我罗林,罗林

Bowlin - spare me! Fuss ya hushed mouth mush 鲍林 - 饶了我吧!大惊小怪雅安静的嘴玉米粥

Lush alcohol's excessive like a Jefferson 郁郁葱葱的酒精的过量像杰弗森

Movin on up -- progressive 居无定所了 - 渐进

One time for your brain, cell 一时间,你的大脑细胞

And when I get through, you say -- aww hell man! 当我打通了,你说 - AWW地狱的人!

Styles that I free won't, stop til the end 我自由的风格将不会停止直到结束

Paper I go on and go on with the pen 本文我去,继续用钢笔

Get a max of funk, attack or sunk *huff, huff* 获取最大的恐怖攻击或击沉*一怒之下,拂袖而去*

One blow, and emcees are gone with the wind 一个打击,司仪都随风而逝

Kickin the dumber rhyme, I'm not a print 唱歌的笨韵,我不是一个打印

but I'm fresh, heatin up like the summertime, summer rhyme 但我新鲜,加热系统像夏天,夏天韵

I'm a dime a dozen, but I keep you buzzin 我是一毛钱一打,但我让你buzzin

like a bee, a dozen attempts is in the toilet 像蜜蜂一样,一打就是企图在厕所

Cause I flush the dime and I'm not a Leader 因为我刷新毛钱,我不是一个领导者

cause I Busta Rhyme, a rhyme 导致I布斯塔韵,一韵

If I kick with Rakim, you +Run For Cover+ brother 如果我踢了Rakim的,你+运行的封面+兄弟

But I kick it with Petey cause I'm just another mother (sucker) 不过,我踢它与皮蒂因为我只是一个母亲(吸盘)

Blo Pop time (it's Blo Pop time) Blo保险丝流行的时间(这是Blo保险丝流行时间)

It's Blo Pop time (it's Blo Pop time) 这是Blo保险丝流行的时间(这是Blo保险丝流行时间)

In the mix, the dimension, J.B., and Chico 在混合,尺寸,J.B和奇科

It's seven, not six, my shirt extra-large 这是7 ,不是6 ,我的衬衫超大

but I wear, I wear I wear it well like DeBarge 但我穿,我穿我穿它也像DeBarge

to the finish, makin ya eye pop, like you ain't spinach 到终点,马金雅眼球弹出,就像你说是不是菠菜

Then it's, time to let you know 那么它的时间让你知道

We count it up, one two three and fo' 我们数了起来,一二三和FO “


[I] UHH! Count it up [i]汉堡!数起来

[C] Nah we gon' count it down [C]罗我们会去下来算什么

[I] Nah man, we're gonna count it up [i]罗的人,我们要去指望它了

[C] Mmmm, let's get back to that umm, food tip though, the breakfast tip [C]嗯,让我们回到那个呃,食品尖不过,早餐尖

[I] Food tip? Well you just check [i]食品尖?那么你只需要检查

[C] Cause you know what we need [C]因为你知道我们需要什么

[I] What can I have? [i]我可以有吗?


[Common] You can have your Life [通用]你可以有你的生活

[Immens] You can have your Bran [ Immens ]你可以有你的麸皮

[Common] You can have your Puffs [通用]你可以有你的泡芙

[Immens] You can have your Pebbles [ Immens ]你可以有你的鹅卵石

[Common] You can have your Krunch [通用]你可以有你的Krunch

[Immens] And you can have your Loops [ Immens ]你可以有你的循环

[both] But you still gotta get your Two Scoops! [全部]但你还是得给你两勺!


[Common] [通用]

Around and round and upside down and upside down we go 各地和圆倒过来,倒过来,我们去

WHOAHHHHH! I'ma sneak in the front row WHOAHHHHH !我是偷偷在前排

Not Jethro, I'm not a Jethro, on skid row 不忒,我不是一个叶忒罗,在贫民窟

I don't wear Monie's hat, but I was a Monkey +in the Middle+ 我不穿莫尼的帽子,但我是在中东+ A +猴

Hey diddle diddle, you can Kibble a Bit 嘿骗取骗取,可以粗磨位

I take a squat, and booty MC's be sayin OOOOHHH SHIT! 我拿一蹲,和战利品三菱商事将在说OOOOHHH狗屎!

Yo, I turn Bucktown into Fucktown 哟,我把巴克镇成Fucktown

You're just a field goal kid, and I'm a touchdown 你只是一个射门得分的孩子,我就是一个达阵

With the next point to the next joint, so tell Spike about it 随着下一个点到下一个关节,所以告诉狼牙吧

I'm all that, that your bitch be writin home about it 我所有的,那你的母狗要以创作家吧

Shout it out, praise the Lord, hallelujah! 喊出来,赞美主,哈利路亚!

This could be love, but umm, don't let em fool ya 这可能是爱,但嗯,不要让EM傻瓜雅

Cause when I do ya, come down come down after me come 因为当我做你,下来下来我进来后,

Yeah sorry Sugar Plums but umm, I gotta run 是啊对不起糖梅子,但嗯,我得跑

Run Jesse Run, keep hope alive 运行杰西运行,保持希望活着

I'm down with the b-boys, FUCK the Jackson 5 我下来用B -BOYS ,他妈的杰克逊5

You jive-ass turkey, a-pit-apitta-a-aperk be 你摇摆屁股的火鸡,坑, apitta -A- aperk是

You can get ill, but don't, HURT ME, HURT ME 你可以生病,但不这样做,伤害了我,伤害了我

Or urk me, cause see I'll outsmart you like the Urkel 或乌尔克我,因为看我会智取你喜欢Urkel

B-boys at the school of hard knocks, in a circle B-男孩在艰苦的磨练,学校,转了一圈

Pass the sess blunt, yeah stud, you ain't know? 通过SESS生硬,是螺柱,你是不是知道吗?

I wanna go bang, I said, bang-o, bang-oh bang-oh 我想去的一声,我说,砰邻,砰 - 砰哦,哦

or bojangle jingle jangle on the jaw 上颌骨或bojangle顺口溜争吵

Hip-hip, hooray, oh now you wanna be all lovable? 髋关节髋关节,万岁,哦,现在你想成为所有可爱?

Don't push or pull, or you'll see, I'ma wreck it out 不要推或拉,或你会看到,我是破坏出来

MC's be checkin in but they don't be checkin out 三菱商事将在签,但他们没有被签出

I leave em out on the canvas 我离开时间了画布上

So click your heels twice and take your ass back to KANSAS.. 所以按你的脚后跟两次,把你的屁股回到堪萨斯..

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