歌词 "The Influence" 的中英对照歌词与中文翻译

The Influence


歌词相关歌手:JURASSIC 5

English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Zaakir] [ Zaakir ]

Yo, I create off drum drops and ate away blacktops 哟,我创建了鼓滴,吃走blacktops

Grab the mic so you don't react 抢麦克风,这样你就没有反应过来

The double X Polo shirt with the hat to match 在Double X的Polo衫与帽子搭配

In fact, we verbally vibrate your track 事实上,我们口头上的振动轨迹


[Marc 7even] [马克7even ]

Then crush your confidence like plastic condiments 然后粉碎你的信心,像塑料调味品

Build you up to break you down like forgotten monuments 建立你打破你失望就像被遗忘的古迹

The question is this: will they return with the hot shit? 现在的问题是这样的:将它们与热狗屎回来吗?

Or keep it on the low flow 或保持在低流量


[Charli 2na] [ CHARLI 2NA ]

Yo, and for you confused bastards, Tuna the blues master 呦,并为你感到困惑的混蛋,金枪鱼蓝调大师

Quick to grib the mic, crews fast and soundclashing 快速GRIB麦克风,工作人员快速soundclashing

Critical mass, pinnacle blast have been deflected 临界质量,石峰爆炸已偏转

Hypodermic vocals I flash get you infected 皮下注射的唱功我闪让你感染


[Akil] [阿基勒阿基]

I don't sip on brew, so this Bud's for you 我不呷冲泡,所以这老兄的你

Speak when spoken to whenever you come through 说话的时候,只要你来,通过说话

My vibes fill you, Internal Revenue 我的共鸣填写你,国税局

You rhyme prostitute for little or no loot 您韵妓女很少或没有战利品


[Jurassic 5] [侏罗纪5 ]

Cause a lotta these kids think that commercial 造成洛塔这些孩子认为商业

Is rocking fly suits and jewelry 被摇飞服和珠宝

But we can rock shows with no rehearsal 但是,我们可以摇滚演出,没有彩排

With the Rebels of Rhythm and Unity 节奏和统一叛军


[Zaakir] [ Zaakir ]

Yeah, cause I'm nice, smooth, hard as a bone 是啊,因为我漂亮,光滑,坚硬如骨

Since I pick up the microphone I'm hotter than brimstone 自从我拿起话筒,我比硫磺热

The razor sharp crossbow accurate 锋利的弩准确

We drop the multiverbal miligram suppliment 我们放下multiverbal miligram suppliment


[Akil] [阿基勒阿基]

Plus in bed, theological word advance 另外在床上,神学提前字

Been Too Legit To Quit before the Hammer pants 前锤裤子太正统剧戒烟

The parent to the pen converts words to song 父笔转换词的歌

Stay blacker than the New Year Harlem Renaissance 留黑比过年哈莱姆文艺复兴


[Charli 2na] [ CHARLI 2NA ]

No comp, we paint a darker picture, in your sector 没有补偿,我们画一个黑暗的画面,在你的部门

Perfect verbal architecture, sparking lectures 完美的建筑语言,激起讲座

Lyrics infectious, fuck your Lexus 歌词感染,你他妈的雷克萨斯

If you ain't giving God your praise then it's useless 如果你不给你的神赞美话也没用

Like when MC's try to make hits and them shits flop 就像当MC的尝试,使安打,其中妈翻牌

Running races like they was Penelope Pitstop 赛跑一样,他们是佩内洛普进站

Develop these hits rock bottem, the disk jock got 'em 开发这些岩石击中bottem ,磁盘股癣有时间

Souped up, but his rhyme is beating his loops up 改装成了,但他的韵律跳动了起来循环


[Jurassic 5] [侏罗纪5 ]

Like dah dah (dah dah) 像DAH DAH ( DAH DAH )

Bah dee dee dee dah dah (Dah dee dee dee dah dah) 呸嘀嘀嘀嘀DAH DAH (大新嘀嘀嘀嘀大新大新)

Bah dah dah dah dee dee dee dee dah dah 呸大新大新大新嘀嘀嘀嘀大新大新


[Marc 7even] [马克7even ]

I can see clearly now, top of the pile with my style 我可以清楚地看到,现在,在桩顶与我的风格

Check the profile, it shifts like sundial 检查配置文件,它的变化就像日晷

Crisp like young smiles, we rip and run wild 清脆的喜欢年轻的笑容中,我们撷取和撒野

Intent to rock crowds, some bite like rottwilds 意图摇滚人群,有的咬一样rottwilds


[Akil] [阿基勒阿基]

Your game is disconnected, misdirected 你的游戏断开,误导

Disrespected, when we come in, expect some next shit 不尊重,当我们进来了,希望接下来的一些狗屎

The J-U-R-A, classical forte 歼-U -R -A ,经典的拿手好戏

Get low down & dirty like the eel moray 获取低下来和肮脏的像鳗鱼海鳗


[Zaakir] [ Zaakir ]

My heart pump the rhythm of the militant street life 我的心脏泵好战的街道生活的节奏

Soldier of composure up under the street light 沉着起来的路灯下士兵

The coat style, prototype, professional 这件外套的风格,原型,专业

Media light shine bright, now kill all the 媒体光芒闪耀明亮,现在杀死所有的

Bullshit, cheap talk and lip service 废话,便宜谈话和口头承诺

Jealousy and envy and undertone cursed in your verses 嫉妒,嫉妒和底色诅咒你的诗句

Serve the purpose of a nigga living nervous 服务于一个黑人生活紧张的目的

Unsure and uncertain but about to short circuit 不能确定的和不确定的,但要短路


[Jurassic 5] [侏罗纪5 ]

Like dah dah (dah dah) 像DAH DAH ( DAH DAH )

Bah dee dee dee dah dah (Bah dee dee dee dah dah) 呸嘀嘀嘀嘀DAH DAH (BAH嘀嘀嘀嘀大新大新)

Bah dah dah dah dee dee dee dee dah dah [Repeat 2x] 呸大新大新大新嘀嘀嘀嘀大新大新[重复2倍]


[Marc 7even] [马克7even ]

Ayo my gift of gab should be sold in bags AYO我能说会道应在袋出售

Boost up the price tag, make a wack rapper mad 提高了价码,做一个怪人说唱歌手狂

Rely on my right side, securing our tape tight 靠我的右手边,确保我们带紧

Tasty tangibles to your mandible and clavicle 美味的有形资产以您的下颌骨和锁骨


[Charli 2na] [ CHARLI 2NA ]

Yo, easily 2na be, cleverly swelling my treasury 哟,很容易2NA是,巧妙地肿胀我国库

Vocal pedigree for you critics who try to measure me 声乐家系你批评谁试图来衡量我

But easily I'm about to run you down my resume 但容易我即将撞到你了我的简历

Had a bundle of struggle from birth to my present day 有斗争从出生束以我现在的日子


[Akil] [阿基勒阿基]

Yo, your love don't compute, perhaps you need a boost 哟,你的爱不计算,也许你需要一个升压

A magical flute, some nose candy to toot 一个神奇的笛子,有的鼻子糖果嘟嘟

Before you get loose, express and tear the roof 在你得到松解,表达和撕裂屋顶

You claim you got the juice, but you lame and out the loop 你声称你有果汁,但你瘸腿的,圈外


[Zaakir] [ Zaakir ]

So I associated myself with fossilized figures 因此,我与化石有关的数字,我自己

Crack the summer sizzler, hit the real live niggas 破解夏天炙热,打活生生的黑鬼

My influence is gunshots and trauma units 我的影响力是枪声和外伤单位

Street trends, with material word friends 街的发展趋势,随着物质字的朋友


[Jurassic 5] [侏罗纪5 ]

Like dah dah (dah dah) 像DAH DAH ( DAH DAH )

Bah dee dee dee dah dah (Bah dee dee dee dah dah) 呸嘀嘀嘀嘀DAH DAH (BAH嘀嘀嘀嘀大新大新)

Bah dah dah dah dee dee dee dee dah dah [Repeat 2x] 呸大新大新大新嘀嘀嘀嘀大新大新[重复2倍]

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