歌词 "The Decline" 的中英对照歌词与中文翻译

The Decline



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

Where are all the stupid people from? 是从哪里来的所有愚蠢的人?

And how'd they get to be so dumb? 和他们怎么拿到如此愚蠢?

Bred on purple mountain range 育成紫色山脉

Feed amber waves of grains 谷物饲料琥珀波

To lesser human beings, zero feelings 较轻的人,感情归零


Blame it on 责怪

Human nature, mans destiny (mans destiny) 人的本性,男人的命运(男人的命运)

Blame it on the greediocracy (greediocracy) 它归咎于greediocracy ( greediocracy )

Fear of God 上帝的恐惧

The fear of change 变化的恐惧

The fear of truth 真理的恐惧


Add the Bill of Rights, subtract the wrongs 添加人权法案,减去过失

There's no answers 有没有答案

Memorize and sing star spangled songs 记住,唱国歌的歌曲

When the questions 当问题

Aren't ever asked 没有问过

Is anybody learning from the past? 是否有人学习从过去的?

We're living in united stagnation 我们生活在美国停滞


Father what have I done? 爸爸我做了什么?

I took that .22 我把那0.22

A gift to me from you 从你的礼物给我

To bed with me each night 睡觉我每天晚上

Kept it clean 保持干净

Polished it well 打磨得很好

Cherished every cartridge, every shell 珍惜每一个墨盒,每个shell


Down, by the creek, under brush, under dirt 下来,由小溪,在刷下的污垢

There's a carcass of my second kill 这里是我的第二个杀胴体

Down, by the park, under stone, under pine 下来,在公园,在石,在松

There's a carcass of my brother William 这里是我的兄弟威廉胴体

Brother where, have you gone to? 哥哥在哪里,你去了?

I swear, I never thought I could 我发誓,我从来没有想过我能

I see so many times 我看到了这么多次

They told me to shoot straight 他们告诉我,齐刷刷

Don't pull the trigger, squeeze 不扣动扳机,挤

That will insure a kill 这将确保一杀

A kill is what you want 一个终止是你想要的

A kill is why we breed à杀就是为什么我们滋生


The Christians love their guns 基督徒爱他们的枪

The church and NRA 教会和NRA

Pray for their salvations 祈求他们的救恩

Prey on the lower faiths 捕食下的信仰


The story book's been read 本故事书的读

And every line believed 每行认为

Curriculum's been set 课程的设置

Logic is a threat 逻辑是一种威胁

Reason searched and seized 理由搜查和检


Jerry spent some time in Michigan 杰里花了一些时间在密歇根州

A twenty year vacation, after all he had a dime 二十年的假期,毕竟他有一毛钱

A dime is worth a lot more in Detroit 一毛钱是值得很多更在底特律

A dime in California, a twenty dollar fine 在加州一毛钱,一个二十美元的罚款


Jerry only stayed a couple months 杰里只呆了几个月

It's hard to enjoy yourself while bleeding out the ass 很难让自己快乐,而渗出的屁股

Asphyxiation is simple and fast 窒息是简单和快速

It beats seventeen fun years of being someone's bitch 这可难倒了17多年的乐趣被别人的婊子


Don't think (Stay) 不要以为(留)

Drink your wine (Home) 喝你的酒(首页)

Watch the fire burn (Be) 看火烧伤( BE)

His problems not mine (Safe) 他的问题不是我的(安全)

Just be that model citizen 仅仅是因为模范公民


I wish I had a schilling 我希望我有一个先令

(For each senseless killing) (对于每一个滥杀)

For every senseless killing 对于每一个滥杀

I'd buy a government 我会买一个政府

America's for sale 美国发售

And you can get a good deal on it 你可以得到它一个很好的协议

(A good deal on it) (一个很好的协议就可以了)

And make a healthy profit 并作出健康的盈利

Or maybe, tear it apart 或许,把它拆开

Start with assumption 首先假设

That a million people are smart 一个万人智能

Smarter than one 聪明的不止一个


Serotonin's gone 五羟色胺的走了

She gave up, drifted away 她放弃了,渐行渐远

Sara fled, thought process gone 萨拉逃离,思想历程

She left her answering machine on 她离开了她的电话答录机上

The greeting left spoken sincere 问候左真诚的发言

Messages no one will ever hear 消息没有人会听


Ten thousand messages a day 每天一万的消息

A million more transmissions lay 一百万以上的传输奠定

Victims of the laissez faire 的放任受害者

Ten thousand voices, a hundred guns 一万的声音,百炮

A hundred decibels turns to one 一百分贝变成一个

One bullet, one empty head 一颗子弹,有一个空的头

Now with Serotonin gone 现在用了血清素


The man who used to speak 谁用说话的人

Performs a cute routine 执行例行可爱

Feel a little patronized 觉得有点光顾

Don't feel bad 不心疼

They found a way inside your head 他们发现了一种在你的头

And you feel a bit misled 你觉得有点误导

It's not that they don't care, yeah 这并不是说他们不关心,是


The television's put a thought inside your head 电视机的把一个想法在你的头

Like a Barry Manilow, jingle 像巴里马尼洛,顺口溜

I'd like, to teach the world to sing 我想,教世界唱歌

In perfect harmony 在完美和谐

A symphonic blank stare, yeah 交响两眼发直,耶

It doesn't make you care (make you care) 它不会让你在乎(让你在乎)

Not designed to make you care (make you care) 不是为了让你在乎(让你在乎)

They're betting you won't care (you won't...) 他们打赌,你不会在乎(你不会...)


Place a wager on your greed 押注在你的贪婪

A wager on your pride 你的骄傲投注

Why try to beat them when, a million others tried? 为什么要尝试击败他们的时候,一百万其他人试过吗?


We are the whore 我们是妓女

Intellectually spayed 智力绝育

We are the queer 我们是同性恋

Dysfunctionally raised 提高功能紊乱性


One more pill to kill the pain 还有一丸痛杀

One more pill to kill the pain 还有一丸痛杀

One more pill to kill the pain 还有一丸痛杀

Living through conformity 经历整合


One more prayer to keep me safe 还有一个礼拜让我安全

One more prayer to keep us warm 还有一个礼拜让我们温暖

One more prayer to keep us safe 一个多礼拜来保证我们的安全

There's gonna be a better place 这里会是一个更好的地方


Lost the battle, lost the war 败了,输了战争

Lost the things worth living for 失去了值得一住的事

Lost the will to win the fight 失去了取胜的战斗意志

One more pill to kill the pain 还有一丸痛杀


Na na na na na NA NA NA NA NA

La na na na na 香格里拉NA NA NA NA

Na na na na na NA NA NA NA NA

Na na na na na NA NA NA NA NA


The going get tough, the tough get debt 企业持续强硬,坚韧的GET债务

Don't pay attention, pay the rent 不注意,付房租

Next of kins pay for your sins 接下来的金穗支付你的罪

A little faith should keep us safe 一点点的信心应该保证我们的安全


Save us 救我们

The human, existence 人类,存在

Is failing, resistance 失败,耐

Essential, the future 至关重要的,未来

Written off, the odds are 核销,胜算

Astronomically against us 天文学对我们

Only moron and genius 只有白痴和天才

Would fight a losing battle 会打一场败仗

Against the super ego 对超自我

When giving in is so damn comforting 当给出的是如此该死的安慰


And so we go, on with our lives 因此,我们走了,与我们的生活

We know the truth, but prefer lies 我们知道真相,但更喜欢谎言

Lies are simple, simple is bliss 谎言很简单,简单就是幸福

Why go against tradition when we can 为什么要反传统的时候,我们可以

Admit defeat, live in decline 不服输,住在下降

Be the victim of our own design 是我们自己设计的受害者

The status quo, built on suspect 的现状,建立在犯罪嫌疑人

Why would anyone stick out their neck? 为什么会有人伸出自己的脖子上?


Fellow members of 院士委员

Club "We've Got Ours" 俱乐部“我们已经得到了我们的”

I'd like to introduce you to our host 我想向您介绍我们的主机

He's got his, and I've got mine 他有他的,我有我

Meet the decline 符合跌幅


We are the queer 我们是同性恋

We are the whore 我们是妓女

Ammunition 弹药

In the class war 在阶级斗争

We are worker 我们是工人

We love our queen 我们爱我们的女王

We sacrifice 我们牺牲

We're soilent green 我们soilent绿色


We are the queer 我们是同性恋

We are the whore 我们是妓女

Ammunition 弹药

In the class war 在阶级斗争

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