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Take From Me



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You're going to be okay, kid. You're going to be okay 你会没事的,孩子。你会好起来的


[Hook: Claret Jai] [钩:枣红洁]

Is everything not enough? 一切都还不够吗?

What more can I give up? 还有什么我能放弃吗?

Is there anyone that I can trust? 是否有任何人认为我可以信任?

I give you my all and you still take from me 我给你我的全部,你还从我收回


[Verse 1: Royce da 5'9"] [诗歌1 :劳斯莱斯大59 “]


Always been the type of dude that'll feed my clique 一直是花花公子的会养活我的集团的类型

I know that without the fans, I ain't shit 我知道,如果没有球迷,我是不是拉屎

But y'all better read my lips; I don't spit raps this I'll 但你们都好读我的嘴唇;我不吐斥责这一点,我会

For you to just hack and steal and leak my shit, so peep my drift 因为你只是破解并窃取和泄露我的屎,所以偷看我的意思

I hope y'all don't think y'all helping me out with that shit 我希望你们不要以为你们都帮我出的那些事

That shit's stressin' me out 这狗屎的stressin 我出去

Nickel nine is blowin' up 镍9飘荡起来

Christmas time, you should hang my album on top of your fireplace 圣诞节的时候,你要挂我的专辑在你的壁炉上方

Cause around that time, my stocking is goin' up 原因在那个时候,我的袜子是布莱恩了

Feels like a victory, bittersweet 感觉就像是一场胜利,酸甜苦辣

Cause the bigger I get, the bigger the wedge 因为我得到了更大,更大的楔形

Between the relationship of me and my bigger bro 与我的关系,我的大兄弟

Hear what I said? 听到我说的吗?

Feels like the shit was wished on me 感觉就像狗屎是希望在我身上

Everything I do for the nigga, and the nigga know 我所做的一切为黑人,而黑人知道

I would do anything for him, 我愿意为他做任何事,

But the nigga refuse to quit just straight shittin' on me 但是,黑人拒绝了我刚戒烟直shittin “

Keepin' your distance? Probably best 坚持让你的距离是多少?可能是最好的

If you don't wanna fuck with me 如果你不他妈的跟我想

But you know me probably best, fuck pity 但你知道我可能是最好的,可惜他妈的

You want that? You know it's Laila Ali's chest: Tough titty! 你想要吗?你知道这是莱拉·阿里的胸前:艰难的奶!

The problems, you got a problem, you think that I'm already set 的问题,你有问题,你认为我已经设置

So I'm a look down on you? Just be proud of me, you already got my respect 所以,我是你看不起?只是为我感到骄傲,你已经得到了我的尊重

I ain't tryina say something I regret, so I'm a just stop, chasing the pain 我是不是tryina说一些我很遗憾,所以我是一个刚停下来,追痛

Let you deal with the fact we don't get along 让你处理,我们合不来的事实

Cause I got a big face in the game 因为我在比赛中有一个大脸

Sometimes I feel like "fuck my life, " I fuck with a few niggas 有时候我觉得自己像“他妈的我的生活, ”我他妈的几个黑鬼

That I know that If my chick was a shady ho, 我知道,如果我的小鸡是一个阴暗的议员,

Niggas wouldn't think twice 'fore they fuck my wife 黑鬼不会三思而后行“脱颖而出,他们他妈的我的妻子

Guess that's the difference in friends and associates, 猜猜这是在朋友和同事的差异,

I done been broke, I done been through the motions 我做了已经破产了,我做了走过场

I don't pay no attention to birds, 我不不注意鸟,

I use my scope and I tend to the vultures 我用我的范围,我倾向于秃鹰

No one ever blows up your phone just to talk, 没有人会吹你的手机只是说说,

I don't make money just to loan it to y'all 我不赚钱,只是把它借给你们都

Tell a nigga that the new album is like 告诉了一个黑人,新专辑就像是

Dialing and then talking to a hole in the wall 拨号,然后跟一个墙洞

Please look at these expenses, these niggas expensive 请看看这些费用,这些黑鬼昂贵

If I gotta lend you money every time I see you 如果我要我每次看到你借钱给你

Just to be your friend, bitch, I don't really need your friendship. 刚刚成为你的朋友,婊子,我并不真的需要你们的友谊。


[Hook] [钩]


[Bridge: Claret Jai] [桥:枣红洁]

I give, and I give 我给,我给

And you take, and you take 而你拿,你拿

And you just walk away without nothing to say, you just take from me 而你一走了之没有什么可说的,你只是从我收回

You just take from me 你只要从我收回


[Verse 2: Eminem] [诗2:阿姆]

I live in a bubble, I struggle with the fame 我住在一个泡沫,我的奋斗成名

Trouble as the pain grows double; give a fuck what you say 麻烦的痛苦成长一倍;给他妈的你说什么

When my music you take so subtle, just to give it away 当我的音乐,你拿这么含蓄,只是为了送人

To people who don't even appreciate flows, mothafucka, I'm livid today 人们谁也不喜欢流动, mothafucka ,今天我铁青

Cause I break my back to give you my art, you steal my thoughts 因为我打断我的背,给你我的艺术,你偷了我的想法

It's like driving a spike through my heart 这就像在我的心脏驾驶秒杀

You might not think it's that big of a deal to steal from me 你可能不认为这是什么大不了的事,从我偷

But music is all I got 但音乐是我的一切

Aside from my daughters, not to sound like a martyr 除了我的女儿,而不是听起来像一个烈士

But it's getting harder than I thought 但它是越来越难比我想象

To not just go crazy, trapped in this house, I'm about to just snap 不只是发疯,被困在这个房子里,我对刚才扣

Am I not deserving of what I got, did I not work for it? 难道我不值得我得到了什么,我却没有为它工作的?

Put it all in every record that I record 把它全部在每一个我录制唱片

Well then please tell me why on this Earth 那么请你告诉我,为什么在这个地球上

Lord does it keep happening, I keep rapping 主并保持它发生,我一直说唱

But I wonder sometimes is it worth all the bullshit 但我不知道,有时是值得所有的废话

Cause it feels like a down, there ain't no gettin up from 因为这感觉就像一个下来,没有从任何刚开起来

But I won't let it get me down, I won't succumb 但我不会让它我下来,我不会屈服于

I'm anything but glum, so fuck 'em! 我什么,但闷闷不乐的,所以他妈的他们!

They'll appreciate me when I'm gone; they'll say it was I'll, right? 他们会欣赏我,当我走了;他们会说,这是我会的吧?

The way I kill mics? But the way I feel right now 一路上我杀了话筒?但我的感觉,现在

It just feels like I'm so done with this shit I might as well wipe 我就觉得像我这样用这个狗屎做我还不如擦

I have nothing else to give you, nothing left to contribute 我没有别的给你,没有什么可以贡献

Farewell I bid you, but before I go, my last gift to you 永别了我叫你,但是我走之前,我上次给你的礼物

Ladies and gentlemen, Slaughterhouse I give you! 女士们,先生们,屠宰场,我给你!


[Hook] [钩]

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