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Streets Raised Me


歌词相关歌手:MOBB DEEP

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[Havoc] [大闹天宫]


Its kinda bugged how I go sometimes 它有点烦扰我怎么走,有时

Know they staring, Brain feels like a wheel lost with out the ball bearing 知道他们盯着,脑感觉就像一个车轮,出球轴承丢失

Stuck, Contemplating on who I can trust 卡住了,思忖谁,我可以信任

But like lleullo in a bill my feelings just get crushed 但是,像lleullo在法案我的感情一下就碎

But thats why I stick with my duns, like I stick with the guns 但是,这就是为什么我坚持我的DUNS ,像我坚持使用枪支

Don't get mad , Rip your hun, concentrate on my funds 不要生气,撕裂你的匈奴,专注于我的基金

Lift heavy gats concealed by my waist 提起我的腰隐蔽重服务贸易总协定

Never get patted down when I step in the place 永远不会拍下来当我踏上的地方

Jiggied up, smoke the pot, Confirm if it is real reefer or not Jiggied起来,抽烟锅,确认它是否是真实的冷藏或不

Rally up, after this get followed straight to the crib 团结起来,在这之后我们直接跟着婴儿床

Gem Star, double edge apply pressure 宝石星,双刃施加压力

Shave em down, Blow marks right through your mecca 剃须时间下来,权利,通过你的圣地吹痕

Wanna be a thug, now you got the thug look, 想成为一个暴徒,现在你得到了暴徒的样子,

Stick em up, leave medicaid, with the real to push 坚持举起手来,让医疗补助,与真正的推

God-Body, With a rubber grip black shotti 神身,附有橡胶把手黑色shotti

Pump one in his ass make that nigga switch hobbies 在他的屁股泵中的一个作出这样的黑鬼开关爱好

A dossage, hand delivered, without postage à dossage ,专人送递,邮寄无

Bring it to your door step quick on short notice 它带给你的门一步快速在短时间内

Niggas get sniped like, Klonker Brockite 黑鬼得到狙击一样, Klonker Brockite

Show em how to rock right, when bitches hold the mic, street life 显示EM如何以摇滚吧,当母狗持有麦克风,街道生活


[Hook] [钩]


[2x] Why you have to raise me this way, You showed me how to survive the [2倍]为什么你要养我这样,你教我如何生存

concrete, If I survive only time can say, You where a part of me.. 具体的,如果我只能活一次可以说,你在哪里我的一部分..

(Street Life) (街头生活)


[Big Noyd] [大Noyd ]


This is something you feel nigga, like the theme song from Hill Street Blues 这是你的感觉黑鬼,就像山街蓝调主题曲

This is real, this is ill street news 这是真实的,这是生病的街道新闻

How he gone, and left his moms mind struck 他怎么走了,离开了他的妈妈不介意打

Now his brother ain't giving a fuck 现在,他的弟弟是不是给一个他妈的

Little sister giving up the butt now, Dun don't wet that 妹妹现在放弃对接,敦不要弄湿了

I want you to rest black, cause you better belive Noyd gon handle that 我要你休息黑,因为你更相信的Noyd坤句柄

Cause when I get em, I'm gonna have em 因为当我得到他们,我会拥有EM

Pull out the sweeper, and spray it at them 拉出清扫车,并喷在他们

I ain't no killer, you know me 我不是杀手,你知道我

But I'll be damned if I don't lie for my co-d 不过,我会被定罪,如果我不说谎给我的同事-D

And then this Old G, scold me, and told me, coldly 然后这个老G,骂我,并告诉我,冷冷地

You keep it up and you will be dead like your homey 你坚持下去,你会死像你的家一样

But I gotta redeem, get this cream by any means 不过,我得救赎,以任何方式得到这个霜

I never been clean 我从来没有干净过

Nigga, my whole click got dirty 兄弟们,我的整个点击脏了

From the battles, to the trials and bloody up shirtsleeves 从战斗,在审判和血腥了衬衫

Nigga you heard me 兄弟你听我

Its Gangsta 其黑帮


[Hook 2x] [钩2倍]


[Prodigy] [奇才]


Vision the canvas I paint a picture 视觉画布我画的图片

Similar to Ernies Barnes nigga 类似Ernies巴恩斯黑鬼

But mines is more ghetto more guns 但矿山更贫民区更多的枪

More drugs, mostly thugs 多开药,多打手

All my duns, their baby moms daughter and sons 我所有的DUNS ,自己的宝贝女儿的妈妈和儿子

Dark blocks, with streets lamps shot the fuck out 黑块,与街道灯拍了他妈的

Park benches broke, a nigga stretched out 公园长椅打破,一个黑人伸出

Jumped off the roof to his death its real 跳下屋顶身亡其真正的

Hand Ball walls displayed with R-I-P murials 与R- I-P murials显示手球墙

Those who sling, play the shadows by the building 这些谁吊索,由建设中发挥了阴影

Devils spring, keep em going while the snows blowing 魔泉,保持EM去,而雪吹

Grams get dipped, 50's are moked, cookies are broke 克获得蘸, 50年代是moked ,饼干破产

And Spliced in large pieces for the fiends to smoke 和拼接大块的恶魔抽烟

The sun set looks beautiful over the projects 日落看上去很美超过项目

What a shame, its ain't the same where we stand at 太可惜了,它不是我们站在同一

If you look close you can see the bricks chipped off 如果你看近可以看到砖削掉

Sometimes niggas miss when they lick off don't get clipped off 有时黑鬼错过,当他们舔了没有得到剪去

Street life 街头生活


[Hook 2x] [钩2倍]

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