歌词 "Snappin' & Trappin'" 的中英对照歌词与中文翻译

Snappin' & Trappin'



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Killer Mike] [杀手麦克]

Our shit don't mix like llao and lukewarm water 我们的狗屎不混合象llao和温水

Better make it hotter splash ice and watch it rock up 好让它更热泼冰水,看着它动摇了

I oughta duct tape your infant daughter ì现在应该胶带的女婴

Show y'all soldier ass niggaz 你们都展现军人屁股的兄弟们

I'm murder city's Sargeant Slaughter 我杀人全市萨金特屠宰

Guaranteed to get more cut than a barber 保证让更多的切比理发

I betcha I'll drill your heifer like Black & Decker í betcha当我钻你的母牛犊一样Black&Decker的

This pussy wrecker and white water couldn't get it wetter 这猫清障车和白色的水不能让它湿润

I'm guaranteed to leave her swiss cheese for more cheddar 我保证离开她的瑞士奶酪更多的切达

I give a fuck, suede bucks and Coogi sweaters 我给一个他妈的,麂皮块钱, Coogi点击毛衣

What's up? Whatever sable fur to lamb leather 这是怎么回事?无论紫貂皮草羊皮

I've seen it all in the trap with fitted caps for cold weather 我有装帽寒冷的天气看到了这一切的陷阱

And creased denim threats delivered when I send 'em 和褶皱牛仔威胁时,我送时间交付

Nigga know I, FedEx my shit, overnight express my shit 兄弟们知道我,联邦快递我的屎,一夜之间表达我的屎

Deliver my hits quick, who next on my shit list 救我的点击率快,谁后上我的屎名单

Banana niggaz need to split 香蕉的兄弟们需要拆分

Quit fucking with this thorough Atlanta click 退出他妈的这个彻底的亚特兰大点击

This here is Slum Lordz we make your terrific shit tragic 这在这里是贫民窟Lordz我们让你了不起狗屎悲惨

My pen and pixel make violence more graphic 我的笔和像素化妆的暴力更多的图形

I take raw coke, cook it crack, saran wrap it 我把原焦,煮开裂,保鲜膜就

One muthafuckin' verse and it's already a classic(x2) 其中的muthafuckin 的诗句,这已经是一个经典( X2 )

Killer Mike nigga! 杀手麦克的兄弟们!


[Hook x2] [钩X2 ]

Don't you be looking at me crazy like ya want to 你可别看着我疯了像你想

The game is over k.b. baby won't you 游戏结束了K.B.宝贝,你

Just quit the contemplating cause 刚刚结束的考虑原因

I'll box you in your muthafuckin mouth 我会在你的muthafuckin口框你


[Big Boi] [大博伊]

My Cadillac got that boom, boom in it, listen to it drop 我的凯迪拉克获得的繁荣,繁荣它,听它降

Like cereal in your breakfast bowl just jumpin' off the top 像麦片早餐一碗刚冒险假顶

A nigga don't stop for squares or octagons prepare 那个黑鬼不停止的正方形或八边形做准备

I'm not the one you scared, the Piccolo Pimp done set up shop 我不是你吓得之一,短笛做皮条客店成立

Nigga you pop lock, for pop rocks, but I'm only poppin tweeters 黑鬼你弹出的锁,对于流行的岩石,但我只是屁股高音

And woofers and pussies be blowing purple wit' my feet up 而低音单元和的pussies吹紫智慧我的脚

I'mma eat up anybody who tests this, I'm blessed wit' 我就要吃掉谁不这样做测试这一点,我很幸运的智慧

Super human powers, poke your chest in, the next of kin 超人类力量,戳你的胸部,近亲

Gone be the first one like some Mexicans to buck 飘是第一个像一些墨西哥人降压

Nigga you stuck like a truck in red dirt, you's in church 兄弟你喜欢停留在红色泥土的卡车,你是在教堂

And I'm the deacon speakin' while ya tweakin' 而我的执事speakin ,而雅tweakin “

The preacher preachin', reachin', teachin', speakin', being, breathin' 牧师preachin “ ,要触摸 , teachin , speakin ,嘘寒问暖,呼吸了

You're not, your clock stop, and now you're laying in a pretty box 你不是,你的时钟停止了,现在你躺在一个漂亮的盒子

And now pastor is only talking 'bout the pretty parts of your life 现在牧师只说把你的生活相当部分

Your brother fuckin' your damn wife 你的兄弟他妈的你那该死的老婆

You look for the pearly white gates, but you realize your fate 你看的珍珠白门,但你知道你的命运

It's too late, 'cause you hate, you hate 这是为时已晚,因为你恨,你恨

It's too late, 'cause you hate 这是为时已晚,因为你讨厌

Punk pussy ass bitch, game over, who want some?! (Hook) 朋克猫屁股婊子,比赛结束了,谁不想有? (钩)


[Killer Mike] [杀手麦克]

Roll my blunts thick, like I like my bitch 摇我成风厚,就像我喜欢我的母狗

Lick my blunts and spit, like she do my dick 舔我的减弱和吐,就像她做我的鸡巴

Attempted murder dick, for ways I choke chicks 企图谋杀家伙,想方设法呛小鸡

Spit it in her eye make it hard to focus 吐在她的眼睛让人很难集中精力


[Big Boi] [大博伊]

Killer Mike gonna calm down, things gonna get a little crazy 杀手麦克会冷静下来,事情会变得有点疯狂

Ol' girl might yell rape G, you might as well give her a throat baby OL “的女孩可能会大喊强奸G,你还不如给她的婴儿的喉咙

Goop goobler, goop gravy, no dicking her down to the ground GOOP goobler ,粘性物质从中肉汁,没有dicking她打倒在地

Now you doing the Dirty South, know what I'm talkin' about 现在你在做肮脏的南,​​知道我说的对


[Killer Mike] [杀手麦克]

Big Boi, my mentor, hear what you hollering about 大博伊,我的导师,听到你喊叫什么

But fuck that, I'm looking for love all in her mouth 但是,他妈的,我正在寻找所有的爱在她的嘴

Need her to gobble up jism, like school lunches 需要她吞噬jism ,像学校午餐

Need her to take cat beatings and throw punches 需要她采取的猫殴打和投掷拳


[Big Boi] [大博伊]

Like a swarm of locusts, no hocus-pocus 像一群蝗虫,没有戏法

You wanna approach us, buzzards and vultures 你想接近我们,秃鹰和秃鹰

We two of the dopest mic controllers 我们两个dopest麦克风控制器

Stack big bank, honey folders 堆栈大银行,蜂蜜文件夹

Even wit' rollers, I'm trying to told ya 即使才智辊,我试图告诉过你

Even loving, lavish, ladies, leaving, landmarks 即使是爱,豪华,女士们,离开的时候,地标

Of Lemon-lime, lip gloss on your lavender lapels 柠檬,酸橙,唇彩上的薰衣草翻领

Leaping lizards, keep me slizzard, my mind's expanding 跳跃的蜥蜴,让我slizzard ,我的脑海里不断扩大

Readily rappin' and snappin', snappin' and trappin' 易说唱“和拍打” ,拍打“和倒卖毒品

That's just what's happening [Hook] 这只是发生了什么[钩]


[J-Sweet] [D -甜]

A whey you want come dis 乳清你想进来DIS

When you know you nuh fit 当你知道你适合努赫

You better move you bombo 你最好打动你邦博

Before me start trip 在我的旅行开始

Nuff a them a talk OutKast 这份厚礼à他们谈话流浪者合唱团

Nuff a them a trip 这份厚礼à他们旅行

Nuff a them come in like a bitch 这份厚礼à他们进来,就像一个婊子

Whey wear slip 乳清耐磨防滑

A J-Sweet me name an' me already Chris 一个J甜蜜的我的名字“我已经克里斯

A OutKast me spar wid à流浪者合唱团我晶石妇女参与发展

So boy nuh try dis 所以男孩努赫尝试DIS

If you dis boy shot knaw go miss 如果您DIS男孩枪杀KNAW去怀念

Gun shot a go teck you just like fits 枪声一去德,你只是想配合

Boy hear me song an' thought a remix 男孩听到我的歌“想了混音

Brand new tune platinum hits 全新调铂命中

We nah gon' run and switch like no bitch 我们全息坤运行和切换没有像母狗

OutKast, J-Sweet, Killer Mike 流浪者合唱团,歼甜,杀手麦克

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