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Skip Town



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On the train 在火车上

Watchin' the rainbows (thank you windows) 在看着彩虹(谢谢你的窗户)

I mean, it's all the same to some 我的意思是,这一切都同一些

But that cityscape makes me numb 但是,城市景观,使我麻木

Walkin' the wire between firewater and water - I'll take the tap 走着“火酒和水之间的导线 - 我会好好把握龙头

Still managed to end up thirsty the day the nursery collapsed 仍然设法结束了渴了一天幼儿园倒塌

In my hand I hold the plumage of a buzzard 在我的手,我抱着鹫的羽毛

Somethin' for circlin' nutrition (seems barbaric) 事端的circlin 营养(似乎野蛮)

I may have just saved your children 也许是我刚刚救了你的孩子

There's an inborn tendency tellin' me to grip that sickle 还有就是在告诉我握的镰刀天生倾向

The pirate tyrant breathes, feed on your precious little pixels 海盗暴君呼吸,送您宝贵的小像素

I interviewed the sun, he said the future's lookin' bright 我采访了太阳,他表示,未来的看着明亮的

I interviewed the rain, he claimed the sun's truly an asshole 我采访了雨,他自称太阳的真正的混蛋

I'was supposed to interview the snow today but of course he flaked Iwas应该今天去面试的雪,但他当然片状

So I let my frigid demeanor teeter and take his vacant place 所以我让我冰冷的神态步履蹒跚,并把他的空缺的地方

We three sprout from the same litter 我们3萌芽来自同一窝

Yet amazingly crafted by separate scissors 然而,由不同的剪刀惊人的制作

I stalk the morbid beaten past splashin' in the cretin blizzard [?] í秆的白痴暴雪病态打过去splashin [?]

Half my time is herded toward little lost causes 我一半的时间赶向有点失落的原因

Half my time is spent pluggin' these leaky faucets 我一半的时间都花在撑着这些漏水的水龙头

An' I'm here to pose inquiries 一个我在这里姿势查询

I'm here to draw a fork in the road and call it the diary of common sheep aspiring 我在这里画一个岔路口,并把它称为普通羊有抱负的日记

Little Billy star lit up the block got the right premise 小比利星照亮了块有正确的前提

But can't thread the needle without consultin' apprentice present. 但不能穿线不consultin 学徒存在。

I don't really know you (I don't) 我真的不知道你(我不知道)

And I don't really care (I don't) 我真的不关心(我不)

Can't judge a man's dignity by the wattage in his stare 不能在他凝视的瓦数来判断一个人的尊严

Maybe that deams me that vagabond you'd love to kill 也许那妇女警察我,流浪者,很想杀

But I really ain't got time for the motherfuckin' guilt. 但我真的是没时间了娘内疚。

[Chorus:] [合唱: ]

I'm gone, and I best believe I'm leavin' 我走了,我最相信“我要走了

Pack up my belongings then it's off into the evening 收拾我的东西,然后它关到晚上

Now I haven't exactly been embraced by the populace 现在我已经不完全被接受的大众

Set sail upon the seven deadly seas of the anonymous 在匿名的七个致命的海洋启航

I'm gone, and I best believe I'm leavin' 我走了,我最相信“我要走了

Pack up my belongings then it's off into the evening 收拾我的东西,然后它关到晚上

An' I'm diggin' a tunnel to where the sun'l never shine 一个我陷“一条隧道,其中sunl永远闪耀

I've got my book I got my dream I've got myself an' I'll be fine 我有我的书,我得到了我的梦想我有我自己的我会没事的

(My time) is the day before the day the earth stood still (我的时间)是天大地依然站在前一天

(My time) is the day before the soldiers fired at will (我的时间)是士兵开枪将前一天

(My time) is the day before the hunter made his kill (我的时间)之前,猎人做了他的杀一天

My time to find a mile before the valley meets the hill 我的时间找到一英里的山谷符合前山

I'm an archer 我是一个弓箭手

Partnered with a farmer's board of appetites [?] 合作与欲望的农民董事会[?]

Sweetalkin' a rasping down to a mere flashing of badges Sweetalkin “有锉下来徽章只有闪烁

Prototypic landscape staged every step of my well-oiled collective workhorse with prose and attention festive. 原型景观上演我的散文和重视的节日运转良好的集体主力的每一步。

Wait. 等待。

What about the captivator? 怎么样captivator ?

I am the product of skeleton dancers voice crooked scattered amidst blue fields of firey bliss tricks [?] 我的骨架舞者语音产品的歪散落一片的firey幸福花样的蓝色领域[?]

Where disease applicant activist rattlers, fascinate brave child 凡病申请人活动家响尾蛇,吸引勇敢的孩子

Where expectant slave smiles at the stick in the painted living 凡孕妇从站棍子微笑的画生活

God, if I could offer maintenance to fantasies I would 天啊,如果我能提供维修幻想我会

I'd place the button in the city square for everyone to push 我把按钮,在城市广场为大家推

You see my mission's responsibilities range across the board 你看我的使命职责范围全线

And so I'd rather be a pen than a sword 所以我宁愿笔比刀剑

I swim a cold lake, make no mistake, I was not ready 任我游冷湖,别搞错了,我还没有准备好

All edgy and outta shape, made the company look messy [?] 所有的前卫和失控的形状,使公司显得凌乱[?]

(Sorry, well sorry) Honestly take it or leave it (对不起,好后悔)老实说要么接受,要么离开它

Just let me know so I ain't beggin' forgiveness throughout the evening. 只是让我知道,所以我是不是开始宽恕整个晚上。

Basic locomotive with a whistle and caboose 机车基本用口哨和守车

Tryin'a pull my cargo 'cross the map without a boost Tryina拉我的货“穿越地图没有提振

Brasher than more ways in ten years sturdy bird construction [?] 布拉舍比十年坚固的小鸟建造更多的途径[?]

Help the smokestacks puff until the morn, dream torn 帮助烟囱吞云吐雾,直到清晨,梦撕

[Chorus:] [合唱: ]

I'm gone, and I best believe I'm leavin' 我走了,我最相信“我要走了

Packed up my belongings then it's off into the evening 收拾我的东西,然后它关到晚上

I've knocked upon every little door that comes about 在每一个小门自带约我敲

I'll sweep ya porch if you can spare a couple of breadcrumbs and a couch. 我会扫雅门廊,如果你能抽出几个面包和一个沙发。

I'm gone, and I best believe I'm leavin' 我走了,我最相信“我要走了

Pack up my belongings then it's off into the evening 收拾我的东西,然后它关到晚上

This turning in my sleep is getting old and older still 这个转折点在我睡觉也是会变老的老年人仍

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can, 我想我可以,我想我可以,我想我可以,

I think I will. 我想我会的。

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