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Sittin' On Top Of The World


歌词相关歌手:DA BRAT

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You wanna know what the fuck I heard, bitch? 你想知道什么他妈的我听了,泼妇?


I heard you wanna carbon copy me, 我听说你要抄送我,

Not possible to succeed. 不可能成功。

Bustin nigga's kneecaps, cuz greed is fuckin wit weed 巴斯廷黑人的膝盖辩论,因为贪婪是他妈的机智杂草

Gimme more cheddar than Ellie, 给我比艾莉更多的切达干酪,

No Hillbilly from Beverly 从富康无乡巴佬

Heavely sedated, still hated and Rated R Heavely镇静,还是恨和R级

You the next victim, and if you flinch you fall 你的下一个受害者,如果你退缩你跌倒

I got that sure shot method Guaranteed to make a nigga pause. 我得到了肯定拍法保证让一个黑人暂停。

Peep the Cars I'm in. 窥视的汽车我加入。

Uncountable amount of Benjamin's, Benzes for all my friends 本杰明的,那条价值为我所有的朋友无数量

If it don't make dollars, you ain't makin no fucking sense 如果不作块钱,你是不是这回事没有他妈的感

Get relentless when it comes to stacking chips and shit 获取无情的,当涉及到堆叠芯片和狗屎

Try to take mine to thy nine be the glory 试着用我来你9是荣耀

Unloaded at the end of the story, 卸在故事的结尾,

I'm on top of the world, nigga... 我在世界之巅,兄弟们...


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Sittin on top of the world 就好好坐着世界之巅

Sittin on top of the world 就好好坐着世界之巅

With 50 grand in my hand 随着50大的我的手

Steady puffin on a blunt 在一个稳定的钝海雀

Sippin hennessy and coke, 啜饮着轩尼诗,焦炭,

Gimme what you won't. 给我你会什么不是。


Sittin on top of the world 就好好坐着世界之巅

Sittin on top of the world 就好好坐着世界之巅

With my legs swingin, jewelry jingling baby 用我的腿荡秋千,叮当作响的珠宝宝贝

Go head baby. 去头宝宝。

Lemme hit you with some real PUMP PUMP 还是让我打你一些真正的充电泵


It's the number one contender 这是头号竞争者

So So Def memeber known as Brat 那么如此Def memeber称为顽童

Girlfriend offender cuz they man's think I'm all that 女友的罪犯,他们的Cuz人的认为我所有的

Krystal in my lap, chronic chokin me 克里斯塔尔在我的腿上,慢性chokin我

Nigga's hopin we fall off 黑人的河滨大家脱落

But we won't, we don't. 但我们不会,我们不知道。

All we do is keep fuckin it up. 我们所要做的就是继续他妈的起来。

While all you do is keep lookin at us. 而你要做的就是继续看着我们。

Known evidence is that I dispense hits 已知的证据是,我免除命中

And make more house quakes than Prince leavin mother fuckers dense 并让更多的房子比地震王子要走不要脸密集

One of the baddest bitches on the planet. 一个在这个星球上最不好的母狗。

Act like you know it's the funk bandit dammit, and you can't stand it. 像你知道这是芬克匪该死的,你就受不了了。

You can run, but you can't hide 你可以跑,但你不能隐藏

From this bad mannered individu-AL Gal from the West Side 从这个坏规矩individu -AL加从西城

Hit em up. 打举起手来。

I can't quick stick like the bottom of an ostrich 我不能快粘鸵鸟的底部

Hung in your pants 挂在你的裤子

Hotness from your bull-shit 从牛市狗屎辣味

And it's written all over your face 它是写在你的脸上

You want my space but ain't got what it takes to take my place... 你想要我的空间,但不是有什么需要把我的地方...


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Now best believe I got more Trix up my sleeve 现在最好相信我得到了更多的Trix我的袖子

Then that silly rabbit 然后那个傻兔子

All day dream about G's and how I gots to have it 关于G公司以及整天梦里我全球有机纺织品标准有它

Gotta weed habit, but I'm still on point, 总得杂草的习惯,但我还是点上,

one of the most wanted to rock off somebody's joint. 一个最想摇滚送机的接头。

It be the B-R-A-T, the mind blower, 这是B-R - A-T ,头脑风机,

The rough rhyme thrower, mother fuckers can't see 粗韵运动员,不要脸看不到

Riding drop top roadsters, fuck all that gold stuff 骑跌幅居前的跑车,全他妈的,黄金的东西

Only Triangles dangle when I bust. 只有三角形吊着当我胸围。

You see, niggas round town called this and that, 你看,黑鬼轮小镇叫这做那,

Said I sound like the pound and my shit was wack. 说我听起来像英镑和我的屎是怪人。

Dropped the album Funkdafied and they thought it was bold, 下跌专辑Funkdafied ,他们认为这是大胆的,

30 days later, the LP went gold, and I'm... 30天,在LP去了金,我...


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