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School Mam



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A fine day for the classroom and the pupils are here 这是一个晴天的教室和学生在这里


Timmy's got a headache but the others don't care 蒂米的头疼,但其他人不关心

Sarah's got to stay behind and help with the drill 莎拉的得留下,并用电钻帮助

Teacher's got his eye on her moves in for the kill 教师得到了他的眼睛,她的动作下杀手

Nobody can see or hear the things that they do 没有人能看到或听到的事情,他们做的


All the books are closed there must be something they do 所有被关闭那里的书一定是他们做的事


Only teacher knows about the subjects they span span 只有老师知道,他们跨越跨度科目


Education's secondary - being a school mam 教育的中学 - 是一所学校MAM

Oooey... teacher's doing fine as far as I can see Oooey ......老师做得很好,据我所见


Being a school mam 作为一所学校MAM

Long holidays in the summer 长假期在夏天

Being a school mam 作为一所学校MAM

Free milk in your coffee breaks 牛奶在你的咖啡时间

Being a school mam 作为一所学校MAM

Government paid monthly salary cheques 政府按月支付薪水支票

Being a school mam 作为一所学校MAM


Noise is heard the principal investigates 听到噪音的主要处调查

She turns on all the cameras and it's too late 她打开所有的摄像机和为时已晚

Catches both their pants down in a passion warm 捕获这两个他们的裤子向下的热情温暖

Hasn't seen it happen since the day she was born 还没有看到这一点,因为这一天她出生

Reaches down for glasses that just can't be found 到达下来只是找不到眼镜


By the time she finds them - why they're down on the ground 当她发现他们 - 他们为什么倒在地上


Tossing and a'turning they've got feverish hands 辗转反侧aturning他们已经得到了狂热的手


Life can be so fluid when you're being a school mam 生活可以如此液,当你是一个学校的MAM


Oooey... teacher's doing fine as far as I can see Oooey ......老师做得很好,据我所见


Being a school mam 作为一所学校MAM

Controlling promiscuity after hours 小时后,控制乱

Being a school mam 作为一所学校MAM

Giving out detentions by the dozen 发放拘留了十几

Being a school mam 作为一所学校MAM

Give her fifty lines (of speed) 给(速度)她50线

Being a school mam 作为一所学校MAM


Sucking on her fingernails can't believe what she's seen 吸吮她的指甲不能相信她所见过

She seems so engrossed at what appears on the screen 她似乎全神贯注在什么出现在屏幕上

Locks her door with trembling hands 锁定她家门口用颤抖的手

Her heart's beating fast she pretends she's down there 她的心脏的跳动快,她假装她是那里

On the floor in the class 在类地板

Gives herself to teacher although he doesn't know 给她自己的老师,虽然他不知道

Works herself into a frenzied state and it shows 她的作品进入了疯狂的状态,这表明

Sarah's almost at the top but try as she can 莎拉几乎是在顶部,但任凭她能

She can't reach her helter skelter down with the school mam 她不能与学校MAM到达她手忙脚乱下来

Just watch her go and help her try if you can 只是看她去帮助她尝试,如果你能

Use your twentieth century imagination if you've got any 用你的二十世纪的想象力,如果你有任何

Oooey... now she's at the top and teacher sets her free Oooey ......现在她在顶部和老师套娃免费


Being a school mam 作为一所学校MAM

Disgusting behaviour 恶心的行为

Being a school mam 作为一所学校MAM

All over the parquet flooring 遍镶木地板

Being a school mam 作为一所学校MAM

Let the flood gates open wide 让闸门敞开

Being a school mam 作为一所学校MAM


Now the principal collapses dead on the floor with 现在主要坍塌死亡与地板

Contentment on her wrinkled old face ever more 知足的她满脸皱纹的老脸上越来越

She went out the very best way that an old woman can 她出门的最好方式,一个老女人可以

She was where the action was down there with the school mam 她是那里的行动是那里的学校MAM

Oooey... teacher never will discover who could see Oooey ......老师也绝不会发现谁可以看到


Being a school mam 作为一所学校MAM

One and one make two if you are very lucky 一,一提出两点,如果你是非常幸运的

Being a school mam 作为一所学校MAM

Two twos make four if I remember correctly 两个三三两两提出四点,如果我没记错的话

Being a school mam 作为一所学校MAM

Four fours make sixteen and sixteen's over age 四四肢着地使16和16的岁以上

Sixteen and sixteen make thirty-two, that's approaching middle age 十六大和十六届使32 ,这是近中年

Thirty-two and thirty-two make sixty-four, that's OAP land 三十二和32做64 ,这是OAP土地

Sixty-four and sixty-four make one-hundred-and-twenty-eight 六十四和64做一百和 - 28

One-hundred-and-twenty-eight divided by three 一百和 - 28除以3

Let me pause for reflection for a second 让我停下来思考的第二个

But teacher 但老师

Three does not go into one-hundred-and-twentyeight exactly; 三不进入一百和 - 二八到底;

but it goes forty-two and a bit; 但进入42和位;

43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 49. 1, 49.2, 49.3, 49.4, 49.5, 49.6, 49.7, 43 , 44 , 45 , 46 , 47 , 48 , 49 , 49 1 , 49.2 , 49.3 , 49.4 , 49.5 , 49.6 , 49.7 ,

49.8, 49.9 [X9] 49.8 , 49.9 [ X9 ]


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