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Same Team, No Games



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[NYG'z] [ NYGz ]

Yo, do the knowledge to the master build the blow and the spliff 哟,你的知识,以主建的打击和spliff

The new millennium, hide them a beef 新千年,隐藏他们的牛肉

Gotta watch what I say to you niggaz so I calm my patience 得看我说什么,以你的兄弟们让我平静我的耐心

'Cause the shit ain't really pass the statue of limitations “原因狗屎是不是真的通过限制雕像

The streets still holler about how strong I am 街道还在叫喊我是如何强大的是

Niggaz I hurt still holler about how wrong I am 兄弟们我伤害仍然叫喊如何我错了我

As a little nigger broke, thinking soda and coke 作为一个小黑人分手,以为苏打水和焦炭

Had me amazed how my steady hand kept in the flow 让我惊奇地发现我的稳步手不停在流

Let it sit, cool and heart lit, hit the set cool and heartless 让它坐,冷静和心脏亮起,打一套酷无情

In front of the store projects, as long as I made a profit 在店项目的前面,只要我赚了

I see you eyeing me, you fire escape diary 我看你盯上我了,你火灾逃生的日记

Filled with pages of episodes and shying me 充满情节的页面和shying我

Nonbeliever I hammer for hire Nonbeliever ì锤租用

Hit yo ass so hard that your coke will catch fire 打到你的屁股这么辛苦,你将焦炭着火

Dog the stakes are dyer, I'm no liar 狗的赌注是戴尔,我不是骗子

Hold the court and the street beef cause I got pride 持法院和街道牛肉,因为我有自尊心


[H. Staxx] [ H。 Staxx ]

Same team no games, these chicks I blow brains 同一支球队没有比赛,这些小鸡我吹的大脑

Rap-a-lot soul train the corners rocking cocaine 说唱一批量灵魂列车摇摆可卡因角落

Got no shame 有没有羞耻

Trying to blow these figures 企图炸毁这些数字

Headquarters gone he ain't left he still with us 去总部,他没有离开,他仍然和我们在一起

Not in the physical through us he live 不通过我们的身体,他活

I can seen him with Big L, Pun, Pac and BIG 我可以看到他与大L ,双关语,精灵,大

Watching over the kid like dear shed the waist over 看在孩子就像亲爱的棚腰部以上

And yelling “Ether”, “Blowout” and “Takeover” 并大声喊道: “以太” , “井喷”和“收购”

I'm the truth; give you proof and your video shoot 我是真理;给你证明,你的视频拍摄

Pull them candors on you while them cameras on you 拉他们candors你,而这些相机上你

How you love that 你怎么爱

Don't want to blow with Staxx 不想吹了Staxx

So go ahead dumb up, make me car crumb up 所以,尽管哑了,让我的车屑起来

“It's the Militia” “这是民兵”

Yall niggaz don't know about I 亚勒的兄弟们不知道有关I

Got me heated, frustrated about to blow my high 让我加热,沮丧吹我高

Me and Benz blazing, Rave got the gauge raising 我和奔驰炽烈,狂欢得到了提高计

Sick of talking about it, niggaz ain't on my weight lift 患病说起吧,兄弟们是不是对我的体重升降


[NYG'z] [ NYGz ]

Whenever we stand together, down for whatever 每当我们站在一起,倒了什么

Divided we get at you from more angles 分裂,我们从更多的角度让你

Gangstarr forbid, NYG's same team no games Gangstarr禁止, NYG的同一支球队没有比赛

Love is love fame one in the same 爱就是爱功名在同一个

Corny style, niggers act strange going against the grain 科尼的风格,黑奴行为怪异逆着纹

Don't want to see us on top of our thing, we adapt to change 不希望看到我们对我们的事情上面,我们适应变化

Fame, fortune and material game, flow natural unrestrained 名利和物质的游戏,流量自然奔放

Let me explain, niggers don't get it until you set it to flame 让我解释一下,黑奴没有得到它,直到你将其设置为火焰

Subject them to pain, make them respect 他们受痛苦,使他们尊重

The name, the set you rep, connects you get 的名称,叫你们代表,连你

Stay ready to bang 留准备一鼓作气

Steps ahead of competitors that'll test your aim 领先于竞争对手的将测试你的目标步

H. Staxx shoot back splat dang your brain H. Staxx拍背图示宕你的大脑

My foundation bust gats spread there's your brain 我的基金会胸围GATS传播有你的大脑

Fuck with mine, spat not take the blame 他妈的我的,口角不承担责任

Play it for keeps, we came to win 发挥它的保存,我们来到赢


[Guru] [大师]

YO, I'm the Jerry Rice to this, much too nice to quit YO ,我是杰里赖斯此,太漂亮退出

And just so you know, we never liked you kid 而只是让你知道,我们从来没有喜欢过你小子

Since you ain't wanna let niggers eat 既然你是不想让黑奴吃

I'm gonna convene with my team before 我会和我的团队之前召开

We gotta let the trigger speak 我们得让触发说话

'Cause nowadays yall rappers are carbon “导致现今亚勒说唱歌手是碳

Copies paws are sloppy, still its hard to stop me 副本爪子马虎,它仍然很难阻止我

Especially when I connect with my man, rep for my fam 尤其是当我与我的男人,代表连我的票价调整机制

We taking back the rest of our land 我们收回我们的土地,其余

And we don't really care if they say you are the shit 我们真的不关心,如果他们说你是狗屎

They playing your hits 他们打你的命中

We about to make our way in this biz 我们将做我们的方式在这个BIZ

And let's see if the gimmick last until the next season 让我们看看噱头持续到下赛季

In a flash, take your stupid ass out, give me the next reason 一转眼,把你的笨驴了,给我下原因

Flip for my peoples here, spit for my peoples here 这里翻转为我的人民,在这里吐为我的人民

Yeah... time to get rich with my peoples here 是啊...时间去丰富我的人民在这里

Cut of a snake's head, then we break bread 砍蛇的头部,那么我们擘饼

Same team, no games 同一支球队,没有游戏

You underground trying to fake dead 你的地下试图伪造死亡


[scratching by DJ Premier repeats] [由DJ总理反复搔抓]

Let, let, let the games begin 让,让,让游戏开始

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