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Rockin' Wit Da Best



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Kool Moe Dee] [库尔萌迪]

(Yeah) One two, one two (是)一,二,一二

Party people in the place to be! 党的人在的地方是!


[Redman] [雷德曼]

Yeah, ha ha 是啊,哈哈

Let me clear my throat! [2X] 让我清楚我的喉咙! [ 2倍]

Gilla House niggaz baby Gilla家宝宝的兄弟们


[Kool Moe Dee] [库尔萌迪]

We gon' get a lil' somethin straight here in the place to be 我们会去得到一个可爱的小事端直接在这里待的地方


[Redman (Kool Moe Dee)] [雷德曼(库尔萌迪)

Geah... yo Geah哟...

You now rockin with the best, I'm blessed 你现在最好的摇滚,我很幸运

I deliver well, that's why I'm up in the S 我发表嗯,这就是为什么我在标

UPS, through rain sleet or snow UPS电源,通过雨雨夹雪或雪

I never break down, my skin made of Goretex 我从来没有打破,我的皮肤制成的Goretex的

Heard Reggie went left, cause when I do right 听过雷吉离开去了,因为当我做对

punk niggaz out of spite only give me a few mics 朋克的兄弟们了,尽管只给我几个话筒

Three best emcees, time for new light 三个最好的司仪,时间为新的光

Let the streets decide on how nice! (Let's rock the house) 让街道决定有多好! (让我们摇滚的房子)

You see to be an emcee is not money in the bank, or 你看,是一个主持人的不是钱存入银行,或

blowin niggaz off like "Homey we are late!" 兄弟们吹响了像“好当家,我们迟到了! ”

A million dollar boss dictatin what I think, shit 一百万美元的老板dictatin我的想法,狗屎

His shooter's gettin real nervous in the paint 他射手的刚开的油漆真正紧张

Five star when I rank, like Le Armitage 当我的排名,像乐阿米蒂奇五星

Girls lookin like Nicki Minaj, Reggie 女孩看着像的Nicki Minaj的,雷吉 -

Hip-Hop I rock steady, just check my clout HIP-HOP我摇滚稳定,只是检查我的影响力

When Jersey in the building, I (rock the house!) 当新泽西州的建设,我(摇滚的房子! )


[Chorus: Redman (Kool Moe Dee)] [合唱:雷德曼(库尔萌迪)

Yo, you now rockin with the best, one of the best 哟,你现在摇滚最好的,最好的一个

Best believe boy I look so FRESSSH! 相信最好的男孩,我看这样FRESSSH !

Just tellin you how I feel 只是在告诉你我的感觉

(We gon' get a lil' somethin straight here in the place to be) (我们坤得到一个可爱的小事端直接在这里待的地方)


[Redman (Kool Moe Dee)] [雷德曼(库尔萌迪)

Heheh, hey, they asked me how I maintain Heheh ,嘿嘿,他们问我怎么维护

The rap game and the streets I can picture in the same frame 说唱比赛,街头,我可以在同一帧画面

You ain't raw? You don't ball 你是不是生?你不知道球

So lose yourself, tryin to keep UP when I change lanes 因此迷失了自己,试着跟上,当我变道

My weed game green, clientele is swell 我草绿色游戏,客户是胀大

It's Cool like LL 这是酷像LL

DeBarge look alike brother, time will reveal DeBarge看起来很像哥哥,时间会显示

that I'm doin it, and doin it well! (Let's rock the house) 那我上来了,并上来得好! (让我们摇滚的房子)

Even if you read braille you can feel my swag 即使你读盲文,你能感觉到我的赃物

I'm your seein eye dog with the pen and the pad 我是你的seein盲犬的笔和垫

Blue collar, when I talk, you can touch 蓝领,当我说话,你可以触摸

so FUCK how much money you can fit in the bag! 所以你他妈的能多少钱适合囊中!

My gift is the gab, the street's the truth 我的礼物是瞎扯,华尔街的真相

They got a lil' lost when down South came through 他们得到了一个可爱的小的时候去南方,是透过丢失

I stayed in the booth and began to trip 我住在展台,开始跳

cause (can't nobody rock like me, hah, remember this!) 原因(没有人能像摇滚我,哈,记得这个! )


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Redman (Kool Moe Dee)] [雷德曼(库尔萌迪)

Yo, what you consider the best, what you invest 哟,你认为是最好的,你投资什么

a half a mill' around your neck? Let me guess 半磨“挂在脖子上?让我猜猜

Punchlines after punchline for a check 笑点进行了检查后, Punchlines

I did that, when GangStarr had to "Get a Rep" 我这样做,当GangStarr不得不“找代理商”

My city in debt, that's why I sound hongry 我在城市的债务,这就是为什么我听起来hongry

My flow dumb as fuck like Al Bun-dy 我哑流作为他妈的像阿尔滨-DY

Ask Treach, I do it for my lonely 问Treach ,我做我的寂寞

All y'all come and get it if you want me (let's rock the house) 所有的你们都来得到它,如果你要我(让我们摇滚的房子)

Man, I'm a funny ass nigga 伙计,我是一个有趣的蠢货

And haters gon' say "He a funny ass nigga!" 与仇敌坤说“他一个有趣的蠢货! ”

But I'm a asset, good barbershop talk 但我是一个资产,良好的理发店谈

The game without me is Wu-Tang without RZA 没有我的比赛是武当无RZA

Pour out a little liquor how I murder it 倒出来一点点白酒我怎么杀了它

Beef; my boys Fatburger it 牛肉;我的孩子们Fatburger公司就

Gilla - never heard of it? Shut your mouth Gilla - 从来没有听说过吗?闭上你的嘴

When Jersey in the building, I (rock the house!) 当新泽西州的建设,我(摇滚的房子! )


[Chorus] [合唱]

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