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No Limit


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[Chorus: Magic] [合唱:魔术]


Bitch i'm a soldier (until the day that i die) 母狗我是一个兵(直到我死去的那天)

A No limit soldier (yes i am, yes i am) A无极限战士(是的,我,是我)

I thought that I told ya (and nothing or no one could ever change that) 我想,我告诉过你(并没有什么,或没人能够改变这种状况)

Ain't no need to ask me why I'm a soldier til i die. 是不是没有必要问我为什么我是一个战士,直到我死。


[Magic] [魔术]

I'm a soldier see the tank on my neck? 我是一个战士看到我脖子上的坦克?

Mr. Magic is my name y'all better give me respect 魔术先生是我的名字你们最好给我尊重

You might remember me from seein' me postin' up on the block 你可能还记得我从看见的“Daddy我postin 了块

With a .45 Glock 随着0.45格洛克

and a mouth full of rocks 和全岩的嘴

Hustlin' like I didn't even care Hustlin 像我什至不关心

Wakin' up my neighbors poppin' pistols in the air 周华健了我的邻居屁股手枪在空中

Tryin' make a million pullin' all night flights I'm praying cuz I'm 试着做一百万普林的所有夜航我祈祷因为我是

knowin that my life ain't right 深深地知道,我的生命是不正确的

Forgive cuz I'm wrong but I'm begging or forgiveness 请原谅因为我是错了,但我求或宽恕

And now I'm hustlin' in a whole other business 现在我hustlin 在整个其他业务

Tryin' to do right for the people that I hurt 试着做对了,我伤害的人

in the process of growin up 在长大的过程中

I've change my ways i guess thats why I'm blowin up 我已经改变我的方式我想这就是为什么我吹了

I'm comin' back for all my peeps 我马上就要回去了我所有的一瞥

Just try to stay alive and keep your ass off the streets 刚刚尝试,为了生存,并保持你的屁股离开街头

For the ones that gotta hustle just to eat 对于那些得喧嚣随便吃

Lord, I say a prayer for you before i fall asleep 主啊,我说为你祷告我睡着之前,


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Magic] [魔术]

How man heard Sky's the Limit? 怎样的男人听到天空的极限?

Shit i ain't finished this is only the beginning 狗屎我还没有完成这仅仅是个开始

I'm with no limit 我没有限制

Just think I'm in my prime 试想想,我在我的首要

If I'm not the best just give me some time and I'll change your mind 如果我不是最好的只给我一些时间,我会改变你的想法

Niggas like me hard to find 黑鬼们像我一样难找

Genuine I'm the only of my kind young black and full of pride 真正的我是唯一我这种年轻的黑人豪情满怀

With a mind to teach the whole world 用一记教全世界

If you just listen to my words 如果你只是听我的话

Y'all can feel my pain 你们都可以感受到我的痛苦

A lot of years wasted, buku friends died a lot of wet faces 很多年浪费,布裤的朋友死了很多湿脸

The other half caught a bunch of fuckin' cases 另一半陷入他妈的案件一堆

So still a lot of tender spaces 所以还是有很多投标空间

Wish I could erase the hate 希望我能抹去仇恨

Who said money makes you happy? 谁说过的钱让你快乐?

It can never bring back my daddy 它不可能带回我的爸爸

So fuck the Navi and Caddie 所以他妈的导航和球童

I'm hopin' y'all could hear me 我河滨你们能听到我

Cuz I'm speakin' this from the heart 因为我是从心脏speakin 这

Me and my fans never torn apart 我和我的球迷从来没有四分五裂


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Magic] [魔术]

And to the haters that be hatin' on my click 而到了仇敌的被hatin的我点击

Find a spot in line or suck a nigga's dick 查找符合一个点或吸吮一个黑人的家伙

I'm gettin a lot of call now 我刚开了很多电话现在

Bunch of fake bustas I couldn't ever trust ya, 假bustas我不能再相信雅一堆,

fuckin blood suckers 他妈的吸血鬼

Want me for the gift that you never thought I had 要我说,你从来没有想过我有礼物

I saw your other side, but fuck it I'm mad 我看到你的另一面,但他妈的我疯了

You say a lot of shit but you never ponit the finger 你说了很多狗屎,但你永远不ponit手指

I'm guessin' that Mr. Magic gon' remember 我guessin “的魔术先生会去记

Surprisin' a lot of so called superstars Surprisin “很多所谓的超级巨星

Passive comments but really don't want go to war 被动式的评论,但真的不想去打仗

Not with me my reputation stands for itself 不跟我我的名誉代表自己

Just pull the disc out can't keep it on the shelf go and get it like 刚拉出来的光盘无法保持它在货架上去弄它像

it's the last one left 这是最后一个离开

I work the piss out the people who press 'em 我工作的小便是谁按下时间的人

I thank the lord for such a wonderful blessin' 我感谢主,这么精彩的blessin

Every word that I speak is a lesson 我讲的每一句话都是一个教训

hard to believe that this nigga is from the projects 很难相信,这个黑人是从项目


[Chorus] [合唱]

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