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No Game Around Here



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Intro: Hell Razah] [简介:地狱Razah ]

Uh, chea, bang 'em up, Bang Bang 嗯,谢,砰举起手来,棒棒

Hell Razah, touch these niggas' heart, Bang 地狱Razah ,触摸这些黑鬼心脏,中邦


[Suga Bang Bang:] [菅棒棒: ]

I don't think you really wanna come around here 我不认为你真的要来这儿

None of my homies play that game around here 没有我的家人都在这里玩这种游戏

Eyeing before the day break out 虎视眈眈的前一天爆发

Quick to take it to the streets, and get it on 快带它上街,并得到它

Anywhere, I don't care, you know my barrier 在任何地方,我不在乎,你知道我的屏障

This is how we do things, shoot 'em up, bang bang 这就是我们如何做事,射击举起手来,砰的一声

Young desperado, know it be Apollo 年轻的亡命之徒,知道这是阿波罗

Tell your boys get low, pimping ain't easy 告诉你的孩子们拿到低,拉皮条是不容易的

Ya'll get up off me, mmm-hmm 你们大家起床了我,嗯,嗯


[Hell Razah:] [地狱Razah : ]

We getting rich like a spaceship, we love AK clips 我们发财像太空船,我们爱的AK剪辑

Give ease to the Playboy chicks 提供方便的花花公子小鸡

You can't blow when you hate on men, sit back, wait on men 当你恨你不能吹的人,坐下来,等待男人

With fork tongue snaking they friends 叉舌蜿蜒他们的朋友

In the hood, it's against all odds, you spit 16 bars 在发动机罩,它的克服一切困难,你吐16条

Fast money and them luxury cars 快钱和他们的豪华轿车

I was formed in the image of God, not material 我是形成神的形象,而不是物质

Still stay strapped with the scratched off serial 仍停留绑在刮除序列

Black Sinatra, with a pocket full of miracle 黑色西纳特拉,尽显奇迹口袋

Yeah I got ears, and I still ain't feeling you 是的,我有耳朵,我还是没有感觉你

Back with the hood on smash, rock a gold Ghetto Government mask 返回上红极一时的引擎盖,摇滚金贫民窟政府面膜

And a Dead President to match 和死总统匹配


[Killah Priest:] [ Killah的牧师: ]

The Devil's diary, I left fingerprints on the prince 恶魔的日记,我离开了指纹王子

The Joker, laughing Two-Faces and walk with a limp 小丑,笑两个面孔,行走跛行

My holster, under my armpit, millenium garments 我的皮套,在我的腋下,千年服装

Arabic fabrics, while smoking up the bones of Mohammed 阿拉伯语的面料,而吸食了穆罕默德的骨头

Blowing out the smoke of opression, holding my weapon 吹出来opression的烟,拿着我的武器

Hairs came from the robe of a peasant, touch my heart 毛发来自农民的袍子,抚摸我的心脏

Priest see white bodies in the dark, soon as my ink touch my King Tut 牧师看到白色的身体,在黑暗中,只要我的墨水摸我的图坦卡蒙

Between us is the pen, I write gems, the viking, see my white wings 我们之间是笔,我写的宝石,维京,看到我白色的翅膀

My sword of blind justice, I love my nine brothers 我瞎子正义的剑,我爱我的九个兄弟


[Tash Mahogany:] [塔什花心: ]

Third rail, cut the power, we got a problem 三是铁路,切断电源,我们得到了一个问题

Is this chick Mahogany, a little livewire? 这小妞桃花心木,有点创业奇兵?

I tend the wildfire, I cause a jaw wired 我倾向于野火,我会造成颚有线

On any MC who staying up and act tired 在任何MC谁熬夜和疲惫行动

I got alotta G's in my mob, I got alotta cheese and a job 我得到了alotta G公司在我的暴徒,我得到了alotta奶酪和工作

Niggas think they leave and I slob, til they see me leave in a Saab 黑鬼们认为,他们离开我邋遢,直到他们看到我在萨博离开

Zoom 22's out the drive, Grand Theft Auto kinda live 放大22的从驱动器,侠盗猎车手还挺活

You oughta move aside, hit me on my Motorola Sky 你现在应该走到一边,打我的摩托罗拉天空

My, jeepers, creepers, I bang out the speakers 我,车友,攀缘植物,我一鼓作气出音箱

I glide through the mic like the late season sneakers 我是通过像已故赛季球鞋麦克风下滑

Then run that back like lampers and sneakers 然后运行回去就好lampers和运动鞋

I shut down MC's from the court to the bleachers 我关闭三菱商事从法院到看台

With more butter, I got some more butter bangers 随着越来越多的黄油,我得到了一些更多的奶油香肠

I have the game chipped like mommy dearest with some hangers 我有比赛打制像妈妈最亲爱的一些衣架

Y'all Crank Yankers, you didn't know that I was dangerous 你们都杀青Yankers ,你不知道我是危险的

MC's don't be discouraged, come again, don't be a stranger 三菱商事不要气馁,下次再来,不要陌生人

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