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[Aesop Rock] [伊索岩]

Count that for me...thanks 算上这对我来说...谢谢

[Robotic voice 4x] [机器人的声音4倍]

One, two, one, two, three, four 一个,两个,一个,两个,三个,四个

[Aesop Rock] [伊索岩]

Well any asshole with a book of matches can light a fire fresh 以及用火柴任何混蛋能生火新鲜

Make that sucker burn for days, I'll be impressed 作出这样的傻逼烧了好几天,我会留下深刻的印象

Circlin past the culture's bigot, procreation baked in advanceable Circlin过去文化的偏执狂,生育烤垫支

Then ball and scurry up the grass to roll his marbles off the anthill 然后球乱窜了草地滚他的弹珠掉垤

I know gerth and nature but recognize absentee ballot 我知道格斯(Gerth)和性质,但承认缺席选票

And sappy ballads couldn't fill the void 和汁液的民谣无法填补这一空白

This game's in the giant Tugboat Complex and HE'S ANNOYED! 本场比赛在巨大的拖轮复杂,他是恼火!

(No one's asking you to feel the narc, brother!) (没有人问你感受到NARC ,兄弟! )

Hmm, it's fashion 嗯,这是时尚

I'll find my own bullies to shake a finger wrapped in 我会找到我自己的恶霸摇手指裹着

Realigned mine knives in divine justice 在神的公义重新划定矿区刀

Plus this uncontrollable laugh with those ample waves of brain finally crash 再加上这无法控制的笑声与大脑的充足波终于崩溃

Brimstone clone with legs and dim poems 与腿和朦胧的诗硫磺克隆

Ten little Zen crafts 十个小禅工艺品

Things cooperate like paper dog participants litigans 东西合作的像纸一样的狗参加litigans

Picket well or ride or burner style clinic 桩井或骑或燃烧器风格诊所

Acid with the basics 酸与基础知识

P-H imbalance to burn the malice martyrs spaceless PH值不平衡烧恶意烈士spaceless

Then fabricate daytrips 然后编造一日游

I want to be the halo that jumps off the brain 我想是因为跳下大脑晕

Of the genius who decided some pictures deserved frames 谁决定了天才的一些照片实至名归架

(God and I are on a first name basis) (上帝和我的名字来)

Yeah I call him God, he calls me Jesus 是的,我打电话问他,他打电话给我,耶稣

When I lost my religion, he fell to pieces 当我失去了我的宗教,他摔了个粉碎

Blade, dragon, up hell's creek 刀片,龙,同比增长地狱溪

Interrupting a devil pagent 中断魔鬼pagent

Starfighter settling to madness 战机沉降疯狂

I keep my ghoul spirit concealed 我把我的食尸鬼精神隐蔽

Until the warriors return to the Coney Isle Wonder Wheel 直到战士返回到康尼岛神奇罗盘

[Chorus 4x] [合唱4倍]

My momma told me there'd be days like this 我的妈妈告诉我,还会有这样的日子

Days like this, days like this, days like this (yes she did) 日子就是这样,像这样的日子,这样的日子(是的,她做到了)

[Robotic voice 4x] [机器人的声音4倍]

One, two, one, two, three, four 一个,两个,一个,两个,三个,四个

[Aesop Rock] [伊索岩]

Okay, tell me who you chill with and I'll tell you who you are 好吧,告诉我你寒心谁,我就告诉你你是谁

I walk a mile with a leash attached to your freak seminar 我走一英里附加到你的怪胎研讨会皮带

It's a modern sensation on the boulevard of maintenance 这是在维护大道现代的感觉

To sweep your broken hopes under the rugs then hug the playpen 扫下的地毯你破碎的希望再抱抱婴儿围栏

This revolution pushing through the loose pins and a strait jacket 这场革命通过宽松的引脚和紧身衣推

A maverick classed in a bunk category 归类在一个双层的A类特立独行

They had him parallel with a tattered glory division 他们让他并联一个破烂的辉煌事业部

(I could devil drink dreams out of thermos) (我可以喝魔梦了热水瓶)

Yeah, with a whiskey afterburn 是啊,用威士忌加力

It's like, nine o'clock wake (I'm up) spit obscentities 这就像,九点钟醒来(我了)吐obscentities

My girl ties on my cape, smoke a bone then work my dental tree 在我的斗篷我的女孩联系,烟骨再工作,我的牙齿树

The clear day's laced with a classic mother nature thunderchaser set 晴天的股价与经典的大自然thunderchaser集

That got my papergrain's wings wet 这引起了我的papergrain的翅膀湿

Voyeurist amendments lack expansive coverage in the syllabus Voyeurist修订缺乏广阔的覆盖范围,在考试大纲

I dance with shuckles while you man the keyhole grilling code 我舞与shuckles ,而你男人锁孔烧烤码

I've done my chores according to God's schedule 我照着神的时间表完成了我的家务事

With coffee holding the wheel and nicotine working the pedals 咖啡抱着方向盘和尼古丁工作踏板

Metal edge kings that tends to rapel the pebble 趋于rapel卵石金属边的国王

Kettle screaching out the operetta 水壶screaching出轻歌剧

I live to autograph the iron curtain with doveback feather pens 我住亲笔签名的铁幕与doveback羽毛钢笔

Spurting magma, cursing television urns to burn until my Cleopatra 喷血的岩浆,骂电视台瓮烧,直到我的埃及艳后

Minor (Major) dispersed slap on the wrist 未成年人(主要)分散在手腕上的巴掌

For the tennants lacking the arms to harbor the rarity of thick friendship 对于tennants缺乏武器怀有友好厚的稀有性

Stuck with a "Yes sir" 坚持用“是的,先生”

Change of fatigue to ankle 更改疲劳到脚踝

Each beneath the angle 每个角度下

I'ma call home until the rock meets the angels 我是给家里打电话,直到符合摇滚天使

[Chorus 4x] [合唱4倍]

[Robotic voice - repeat to fade] [机器人的声音 - 重复褪色]

One, two, one, two, three, four 一个,两个,一个,两个,三个,四个

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