歌词 "Just Doggin'" 的中英对照歌词与中文翻译

Just Doggin'

只是Doggin “


English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

It's just another day in the hood for Kurupt, yeah, that's me 这只是另一天在引擎盖的Kurupt ,是啊,这就是我

Got schooled by Snoop in a black Cherokee 得到黑色切诺基受了史努比

Daz in the back, Warren G. in the front 哈根达斯在后面,沃伦· G.在前面

Nice sack of chronic with some gin in a cup 长期与一杯杜松子酒一些不错的麻袋

Back up I stack up the weed 回来后我叠起的杂草

Tha Pound and the Row is my only friends THA英镑和行是我唯一的朋友

If you talk shit, I hit you hard as I can 如果你说,妈的,我打你狠,我可以

You talk shit once but never again 你跟狗屎一次,但不会再


Well, I'm back with the bubonic chronic sack for that ass 嗯,我回来了腺慢性袋的屁股

So all my doggs pack the back, laced his ass 所以我所有的doggs包后面,夹杂了他的屁股

To the fullest feeling I'm feelin you never could feel 发挥到淋漓尽致的感觉我感觉你永远能感觉到

While your mind is comin where your body is chill 当你的心是科曼在您的身体的寒意

As I mob with tha pound and my nigga Nate Dogg 当我与暴徒THA英镑和我的兄弟们奈特狗狗

Not flaggin, not saggin, but havin a ball 不flaggin ,不saggin ,但就吃一球

Yo, saw y'all motherfuckers wanna see like doggs 哟,你们都看见了怎么就希望看到像doggs

Wanna be like doggs, but can't compare to doggs 想成为像doggs ,但不能比较doggs


It's like one to the two, two to the three 这就像一到两个,两到三个

K to the U-R-U-P-T K可在U -R -U -P -T

In fact, I steps with a tech in the back 事实上,我的步骤在后面一个技术

In the hood, ain't got no love, so I packs a strap 在引擎盖,没有妈妈的爱,所以我配备了一个带


And I once knew a nigga named Dr. Dre 我曾经认识一个叫德瑞博士的兄弟们

He was a baller from the motherfucking CPT (a baller from the CPT) 他是从他妈的彩管控球(从彩管控球)

He hooked up with the niggas from the LBC 他迷上了在LBC的黑鬼

And now they fuckin up the whole rap industry 而现在,他们他妈的了整个说唱界


Well, check it out, and peep game on the one they call Dat Nigga Daz 好了,检查出来,并在一个游戏中偷看他们所谓的DAT黑鬼哈根达斯

An OG straight puttin it down for the Eastside (right) 一个乌龙直puttin下来的东区(右)

But this is just a dove sack of dope 但是,这是涂料只是一个麻袋鸽子

So till yo ass dopes this mo 所以,直到屁股哟原液这个月

Now, you can't see my mothafuckin homies from the CPT 现在,你看不到我的该死的兄弟们从中华映管

And you can't see my mothafuckin doggs from the LBC 而你看不到的LBC我该死doggs


Check this flow, Hoover ain't the word to describe me, nigga 勾选此流程,胡佛是不是这个词来形容我,黑鬼

Remember, I'm murderin niggas as a hobby 请记住,我murderin黑鬼作为一种业余爱好

Bodies get battered for fuckin with the best dogg dump 机构获得受虐与最好的狗狗转储他妈的

With the tech-n-terror to fuckin chest start 随着科技正以恐怖他妈的胸部开始

Do I give a fuck (hell no) I'm a locc nigga 难道我给他妈的(该死的)我是一个LOCC黑鬼

Who you tryin to provoke (nigga) step up, get smoked nigga 你试着谁招惹(黑鬼)加强,让熏黑鬼

Get the strap in the back I'm rollin and a bumpin 获取在后面我罗林和bumpin表带

Niggas talk shit I won't write and start dumpin 黑鬼说话狗屎我不会写,并开始dumpin

Uh, who play the role like the G's 呃,谁发挥像G公司中的作用

Punk ass middle fuckin mark niggas, please 朋克屁股中间他妈的黑鬼标记,请

Murder in the first degree 在谋杀案第一度

I step with a tech, burst and flee 我踩了高科技,爆而逃

You'll find none worst than me 你会发现没有一个最坏的比我

See, motherfuckers murdered and mangled, strangled 你看,怎么就谋杀和错位,勒死

Our bitches like a bangled 我们的母狗像bangled

Take ya from a whole different angle 以雅从一个完全不同的角度

Bitches, I'm never sympin, You'll see me pimpin 母狗,我从来没有sympin ,你会看到我潘潘

I step the clip in, bust a cap 我一步剪辑,胸围帽

Watch them fall flat on they back 看着他们跌倒平放在他们回来

Like this and like that from an automatic strap 像这样和那样的自动表带

So for tryin the techno 因此,对于难以释怀的TECHNO

Respect I gets wrecked with a glock 方面,我得到破坏了格洛克

And it just don't stop 它只是不停止

I check every nigga known that's tryin to check me 我检查每一个黑鬼知道,就是试着查我

I wreck microphones verbally, respect me í沉船麦克风骂了一顿,尊重我

I'm off to the sto(re) to get me a fo(ur) 我要到申通快递(再)给我拿个FO ( UR )

Oh, so I'm headed out the door 呵呵,所以我领导出了门


Now as I roll with Kurupt and my cousin Eastwood 现在,当我摇了Kurupt和我的表弟伊斯特伍德

On a mission up to no good 在使命没有好

We don't love you bitch 我们不爱你婊子

After we finish diggin 当我们完成陷

Tha Pound's about that dollar and takin no shit 塔庞德的有关美元和羚牛没有屎

From the busta ass niggas, Bell it out shit 从布斯塔屁股黑鬼,贝尔出来的屎

Trick, recognize game when it slaps your face 伎俩,认识到比赛的时候就掴你的脸

See I ain't no fzzzake, I take you to the next stzzzage 看我是不是没有fzzzake ,我带你到下一个stzzzage

One time can't trzzzace, now why you punk twice 一时间不能trzzzace ,现在你为什么朋克两次


Now, you've been sleeping on the desk for a long time 现在,你已经睡在办公桌上很长一段时间

Waitin for the nigga to come bust a dogg rhyme 等待着的黑人来胸围狗狗韵

So motherfuckers throw your hands in the air 所以,怎么就扔你的手在空中

And get your proper groove on like you don't care ,让您的正确的凹槽就像你不在乎


See I don't love them hoes 见我不爱他们的锄头

I like a butta nose 我喜欢butta鼻子

Keep my mind on my money, that's just how my money flows 使我从心里对我的钱,那只是我有多么资金流向

And so 所以

How, I thought you knew, but now you know 怎么样,我以为你知道的,但现在你知道


Dogg Pound's in tha house, now in the coupe, Just Doggin 狗狗庞德在临屋区的房子,现在在轿跑车,只是Doggin

Dogg Pound's in tha house, now in the coupe, Just Doggin 狗狗庞德在临屋区的房子,现在在轿跑车,只是Doggin

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