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Just Chillin'



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

Been chillin er with fcukin 2 Hats this week fcukin knows it 一直待在急诊室与fcukin 2帽子本周fcukin知道它

I likes to chill take it easy watchin and listenin to Peter Alliss he's fcukin great ì喜欢放松别紧张凝视着和listenin彼得Alliss他fcukin大



Relaxation is important my community welfare officer suggested I relax more because of the violent outbursts. I'm a lot better now you know so much serious 放松是很重要的我的社会福利工作人员建议我,因为剧烈的爆发更放松。我现在好多了,你知道这么多严重


Serious man I loves to fcukin just sit there have a spliff and relax 严肃的人,我喜欢fcukin只是坐在那里有一个spliff放松

most of all I likes watchin the fcukin Antiques Roadshow just in case they values any of them old cock mags I bought down fcukin town centre 我最喜欢飞着fcukin古董路演以防万一,他们珍视其中的任何旧的公鸡弹匣我买下来fcukin市中心


I works hard all day selling the draw í努力工作了一整天卖抽奖

Drinking the beer and being chased by the law 喝啤酒和被追的法律

I gets in from town and I kicks back large í得到从城里,我踢回大

With a Radox bubble bath and a body massage 随着RADOX泡泡浴和全身按摩


I wears a ball bearing all day in my shoe í戴着滚珠轴承整天在我的鞋

So I got a bad boy limp when I hangs with my crew 所以,我有一个坏男孩一瘸一拐时,我挂了我的船员

You knows this much and this much is true 你知道这么多,这多少是真的

I watches Weakest Link on BBC2 í手表最薄弱的环节在BBC2


I chills with the birds from the council estates í畏寒从议会屋鸟

I goes down there joyriding with my mates 小孩经常在那儿与我的队友兜风

I picks one up with greasy hair scraped back í选出一个与油腻的头发刮背

And starts to get it on to Roberta Flack 并开始把它上罗伯塔·弗莱克


Take it easy in my council pad 别紧张,我局垫

Smokin the draw I don't get mad 斯莫平局,我不生气

I likes to watch darts on BBC 2 ì喜欢在BBC 2看飞镖

Takin it easy slurpin a brew 羚牛很容易slurpin酿造


When I gets home from work I gotta relax 当我下班回家我得放松

I get paid cash in hand and I don't pay no tax 我得到支付的现金在手,我不交任何税

I slips on the pavement without stepping on cracks í滑倒在人行道上没有踩到裂缝

I combs my hair with some gel or some wax í梳理我的头发有些凝胶或一些蜡


I'm into leisure clothing got sandals and slacks 我把休闲服了凉鞋和休闲裤

And I got a big spliff that's like a Tampax 我有一个大的spliff这就像一个Tampax

When I'm chillin at home I drinks Pepsi max 当我待在在家里我的饮料百事可乐最大

But if you fcuk with me I'll cut you up with an Axe 但是,如果你FCUK我,我就砍了你与一个斧


Going on a day trip up to Big Pit 去一日游到大矿井

Some of my mates says the Gift shop is shit 我的一些队友说,礼品店是狗屎

But I'd really like to know how they survive 但我真的很想知道他们是如何生存

No draw fags and rizla or GLC vibe 没有平局的fags和瑞兹拉或GLC氛围


I loves to chill up Pontypool ì喜欢放松了庞蒂浦

With the sixth form girls from the local School 随着中六女生从当地学校

I gotta scam going on where they pay me the money 我要骗局怎么回事,他们付给我的钱

They dress up and then they show me the cunny 他们打扮起来,然后他们告诉我cunny


Gotta skinhead and I likes the minge 得光头,我喜欢明阿

[ ] and a tidy fringe []和整齐刘海

I wears tracksuits that would make you cringe í穿运动服,这将使你畏缩

When I goes out on a mad drinks binge 当我出去的疯狂饮料狂饮


Couple of punters on a Tuesday night 投注者在周二晚的情侣

Sniffing some poppers I think I might 嗅探一些樽我想我可能

Bit of speed and I'm high as a kite 速位,我得像风筝一样高

Followed by spliffs and I'm out like a light 其次是spliffs ,我象一个光


I puts on the news its got Osama Bin Laden í把这个消息得到了本·拉登

So I flicks the channel to see a show set in a garden 所以,我的笔触频道看到一个节目中的花园中

After seven minutes I puts on ITV 经过七分钟,我把在ITV

And sees three minutes of romantic comedy 并认为3分钟浪漫喜剧


Shot in a studio before an audience that's live 观众在现场的前射中一个工作室

I think fcukin hell there's sex on Channel 5 我觉得fcukin地狱有5频道性爱

A good erotic thriller that makes me undo my flies 一个良好的情色惊悚片,这让我取消我的苍蝇

In under 20 seconds my cock starts to rise 在20秒下我的公鸡开始上升


Just been er working hard cleaning out the furniture of a dead person's house 刚刚ER努力清理出了死者家的家具

fcukin you've gotta relax man you've gotta take it way easy man fcukin你得放松一下的人,你的宝贝,把它的方式很容易的男人

Goes home I sits in my lazy boy reading special instructional pamphlets 云家里,我坐在我的懒孩子读书特殊的教学小册子

On fcukin relaxing I has a spliff 在fcukin放松I具有spliff


If your circle stays unbroken then you're a lucky man 如果你的圈子保持不间断的,那么你是一个幸运的人

Cos it never, never, never, has for me 因为这一切永远,永远,永远,对我

In the palace of the virgin lies the chalice of the soul 在处女的宫殿坐落灵魂的圣杯

And it's likely that you might find the answer there innit 而且很可能,你可能会找到答案是吗


Knows it for real fcukin 200 + 2 知道它真正的fcukin 200 + 2

It's the GLC crew 这是GLC船员


fcukin can't stop the fcukin beatings fcukin不能阻止fcukin殴打

fcukin Mr Love Eggs fcukin先生爱蛋

Fire of death 死亡之火

Ray Balaclava 雷巴拉克拉瓦

fcukin Power of Ten 十大fcukin电源

One Step Down 一个降压

fcukin Billy Webb fcukin比利·韦伯

The fcukin Walsh 该fcukin沃尔什

Knows you're fcukin safe 知道你fcukin安全

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