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Alright Moe-T, let's have a little fun with this one 好吧萌-T ,让我们有一点点的乐趣与这一个

Turn my shits up, turn my shits up! 把我妈了,把我妈了!


I.......... í ..........

A-a-act like that A-A-法一样,

This that bounce, clap like that 这是反弹,拍这样的

Girl how you not in the front with a back like that? 女孩你怎么没有在前面加上这样的回来吗?

Back in the booth like boo-ya who-ya 早在像嘘,谁雅,雅展台

Gonna call when I rip like this 会当我撕裂这样的呼吁

Thug down (pop pop) when I get like this 暴徒下来(噗) ,当我得到这样

'Cuz ain't no tellin' what I'm gonna hit 曲子是不是没有在告诉我该怎么打

Gunnin' for the top 绝杀为顶

But I'm killin' everybody under me for the fun of it 不过,我杀人大家在我的乐趣

Wake up, my wait up 醒来后,我等待了

Nobody I came up with touchin' me 没有人,我想出了touchin “我

So I drop 2-o-13 with the whole rap game 所以,我把2 -O - 13与整个说唱游戏

See if they want some of me 看看他们想要一些我

Fourth quarter, Kobe 'n shit 第四节,科比N狗屎

Jedi, I'm like Kenobi 'n shit 绝地,我很喜欢克诺比N狗屎

I know we the shit, been over this shit 我知道我们的狗屎,已经超过这个狗屎

I'mma take the game and bend over this shit 我就要参加比赛,弯腰这个狗屎

Took my time, mine for the taking 把我的时间,矿录取

They broken records, I'm record breaking 他们打破纪录,我打破纪录

You married the game, you took the bribe 您结婚的游戏,你拿了贿赂

I crashed the wedding, I took the bride 我撞了婚礼,我把新娘

And the cake too, no stopping me 和蛋糕也没有阻止我

Only time I break is when I break through 我唯一一次突破是,当我突破

And I'd stun these dudes 而且我打晕这些帅哥

But lately I don't got shit for them boys to relate to 但最近我不拉屎了他们男生就涉及到

I'm from that murder mit 我是从谋杀MIT我

That dirty glove, that cap city 那个肮脏的手套,那城封顶

No one was at my shows unless I brought them cats with me 没有人在我的节目,除非我给他们带来了猫与我

First show split twenty bucks with Moe-T, Q, Daggs, and me 第一场演出分为二十块钱与教育部- T,Q , Daggs ,和我

Last show I big boy, when I left I had three stacks with me 最后节目我长这么大,我离开的时候我有三个栈与我

Now who grinding like me? 现磨像我是谁?

Tell me who working like us? 告诉我是谁的工作和我们一样?

When this show arrive in your city 当这个节目在你的城市到货

Tell me who get off of that bus 告诉我是谁下车即到公交车


For the jumpoff, jumpoff, jumpoff 对于jumpoff , jumpoff , jumpoff

Who ready for the jumpoff, jumpoff, jumpoff, jumpoff?! 谁的jumpoff , jumpoff , jumpoff , jumpoff准备好了吗?


To the races, back to the basics 到了比赛,回到基础

Back to this rap shit, back to the basement 回到这首rap ,回到地下室

Back back way back, I'm 'bout to park with it 背背回来的路上,我回合公园吧

Back to the future, hop out the car with it 回到未来,跳了车与它

Back in the spotlight, parallel park with it 早在聚光灯下,与它平行的乐园

I'm-I'm out here, what's crackin'? 我 - 我在这里,什么crackin ?

Rappers got that ammo clackin' 说唱歌手得到的弹药clackin “

I just keep my camo saggin' 我只是让我的迷彩saggin “

Dodgin' all the bee-bees Dodgin “所有的蜜蜂,蜜蜂

You were catching Zee-zee's 你被抓ZEE - ZEE的

I was serving you like BNB 我服你喜欢泡泡堂

You a mix of two wack rappers 你们两个怪人说唱组合

I'm a mix of me and me, shoot at me like C.O.D. or TMZ 我是我,我的组合,拍我喜欢货到付款或TMZ

But either way I'm blowing up like TNT 但无论哪种方式,我吹起来像TNT炸药

Stop that shit, it's my time, it's my time 停止那些废话,这是我的时间,这是我的时间

I'm hungry and I'm eating all the emcee's like wontons 我饿了,我吃了所有的司仪的像馄饨

Spit 'em out on the sidelines 吐时间了场边

Give 'em pom-poms for they whole team 给他们聚甲醛, POMS因为他们整个团队

Get 'em all yellin' MVP 让他们所有喊 MVP

I'm like Bron Bron for the home team 我很喜欢布龙布龙对主队

Messed around got a triple-double 搞砸各地得到了三双

Timeout, we in the huddle 超时,我们在乱堆

"Coach give me the biscuit, I'll give you the basket “教练给我的饼干,我给你的篮子

Double team? Triple team? I ain't gonna pass it" 包夹?三人包夹?我不会把它传递“

I'm an assassin, beatin' defenders then I beat the clock 我是一个刺客, beatin 维护者话,我的时钟节拍

Pick up your jock, pick up your jaw 拿起你的股癣,拿起你的下巴

Before I pick up your lady, make her my [?], make her my queen 在我拿起你的女人,让她我[?] ,使她我的女王

You a pawn, I'm a king, I'm a beast of an emcee 你的棋子,我是国王,我是一个主持人的野兽

I break even, I beat odds, don't bet against me 我打破,甚至,我打的赔率,不赌对我

I could take a dead crowd, step to the mic and bless it 我可以拿一个死人群,加强对麦克风和保佑吧


Then we jumpoff, jumpoff, jumpoff 然后我们jumpoff , jumpoff , jumpoff

Who ready for the jumpoff, jumpoff, jumpoff, jumpoff?! 谁的jumpoff , jumpoff , jumpoff , jumpoff准备好了吗?


My rocker, off to the doctor, I got the fever back 我的摇杆,关医生,我得了热病回

Kings of the old school think they got the game locked up 老派的国王认为他们得到了本场比赛锁定

I got the key for that 我得到了关键的

No more guest house (we kickin' in the door) 没有更多的招待所(我们在唱歌门)

I'm calling all my people, tell 'em (what it's hittin' for) 我打电话给我的所有的人,告诉他们(什么它是地球上的)

No more taking 'no' for an answer 没有更多的考虑“不”的答案

We bossin' up, as if 'Familiar With Floss' wasn't floss enough 我们bossin 了,好像熟悉肉松“没有足够的牙线

They make promises and they give you a lot of probs 他们做出承诺,他们给你很多probs的

But they want ten percent of me and that is not wassup 但他们要我的百分之十,这是不是日wassup

I've been workin', (workin'), workin' (workin'), workin' way too much 我一直在日夜不停的, (干活的) ,日夜不停的(干活的) ,日夜不停的方式太多

And this money that I'm making, this is mine, you can't touch 这钱是我在做,这是我的,你不能碰

I'm so wavy, I'm so wavy, I'm amazing, I'm so crazy 我很波动,我很波动,我惊叹,我是如此疯狂

I'll be grinding 'till I turn my Chevy Prism to a 'Cedes 我会磨 ,直到我把我的雪佛兰棱镜到“割让

I'm saying though, lately I've been laying low 我是说,虽然,最近我一直在铺设低

But lowkey, I'm living the life I've been praying for 但低调,我的生活的生活中,我一直在祈祷

High lights, high beams, highways, high life, high stakes 高灯,远光灯,高速公路,高寿命,高风险

You up in your girl's purse, she all up in my place 你在你的女孩的钱包,她都在我的地方

You told her she can't see me, she just call those blind dates 你告诉她,她看不到我,她只是把那些相亲

Who you really mad at? Why you up in my face? 谁你真的疯了?为什么你在我的脸上?


Jumpoff, jumpoff, jumpoff Jumpoff , jumpoff , jumpoff

Man you better jumpoff, jumpoff, jumpoff, jumpoff 男人你更好的jumpoff , jumpoff , jumpoff , jumpoff

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