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Calling all dogs, calling all dogs 呼吁所有的狗,要求所有的狗

Be on the look out for a big homo nigga with dimples 是在寻找一个大的同质黑人与酒窝

And I'ma let y'all know somethin', it ain't just start here 而我是让你们都知道事端,它不只是从这里开始

We've been preyin' on that ass since 'Jack the Ripper' 我们一直在以来的屁股“开膛手杰克” preyin

And now its time to rip it to the jacker 而现在是时候将它撕裂的jacker


(ahhhhhhhhhhh .....) ( ahhhhhhhhhhh ..... )


[Verse 1:] [诗歌1 : ]

No rapper could rap quite like I can 没有说唱说唱会很喜欢,我可以

You know who the fuck I am, I'm the canibus man 你知道谁是他妈的我,我是canibus人

I had to rock to a beat like this to show you 我只好到摇滚到拍这样告诉你

That I'm iller then the future, the present, and the old you 我是Iller河畔那么未来,现在,和你的老

I told you, wish you could take it all back don't you 我告诉过你,希望你可以把它全部回来你不

Tried to smoke some canibus but canibus smoked you 试着吸了一些canibus但canibus抽你

Calling yourself the greatest is something you don't do 要求自己最大的东西,你不这样做

Cause after I humiliate you what will the G.O.A.T. do 因为在我羞辱你会是怎样的山羊做

You can't rap or act my main man 你不能说唱或行事我的主要人

You goin' end up as an intern working for Def Jam 你要去最终成为实习工作Def Jam公司

See you was never bad enough to battle with Canibus 看你是永远不够坏出战Canibus

You out of luck, I crushed you the minute I got tatted up 你的运气了,我压死你我得到了梭织分钟

And every lie you told just added up cause you wasn't man enough 每一次你告诉刚加了,因为你没有足够的人撒谎

To be fair, but I'm mad a fuck and I've had enough 说句公道话,但我是疯子一个他妈的,我已经受够了

Jack the ripper or I'ma rip the jacker 开膛手杰克和我是懵的jacker

Rape a rapper with a classic from his own masters 强奸一名说唱歌手与自己的主人的经典

You're dead 你死定了


[Verse 2:] [诗2: ]

There's a rumor going around that I got dropped 有谣言流传着,我得到了下降

200,000 albums sold at 10 dollars a pop 10块钱一个弹出销量达到20万张专辑

300,000 albums were shipped, you do the math 300000相册被运,你自己算算

Thats 3 million in 3 months so kiss my ass 那300万3个月内让吻我的屁股

All these magazines tried to steamroll me to death 所有这些杂志试图steamroll我死刑

Guess what, the G.O.A.T. ain't platinum and neither is 'Clef 你猜怎么着,该G.O.A.T.是不是铂金既不是“谱号

And I'm still here, inspite of all that shit them niggaz said 而我仍然在这里,所有的狗屎他们的兄弟们的inspite说

The skinny kid, the music industry's guinea pig 瘦的孩子,音乐产业的豚鼠

Tighter then ever, world's chief mic recka 紧缩越看越,世界首席麦克风recka

Tougher then reverend run's muthafuckin' leatha 那么强硬牧师运行的的muthafuckin leatha

I'm hardcore, cum shot right in your wife's face 我性交,射精就在你妻子的脸

You soft porn, you held hands on the first date 你软色情,你在第一次约会手牵着手

See when you was making records like I need love 看到当你在做记录,正如我需要爱

Your homie Cornell was givin' it to you up the butt 你的亲密康奈尔是得到安宁给您对接

Plus I heard Simone was the high school slut 另外,我听说西蒙娜是高中的荡妇


And she learned how to fuck before she knew how to cuss 她学会了如何他妈的之前,她知道如何坏话

Nigga you're dead 兄弟你就死定了


[Verse 3:] [诗歌3 : ]

You married a slut and had kids with her to cover up your hustle 你娶了一个荡妇,并与她的孩子们来掩盖你的喧嚣

You and your man Russell made a better couple 你和你的男人拉塞尔取得了较好的夫妻

Your probably mad as fuck, wondering where I got the information from 你大概疯了作为他妈的,不知道在那里我得到了从信息

Your being watched even when you take a dump 你当你把转储被监视,甚至

Its impossible to front, you can't hide 它不可能面前,你无法掩饰

The chairs at your label got ears and the walls got eyes 在您的标签椅子拿到耳朵和墙壁有眼

Your living one big lie the world just don't know 你住一个大谎言的世界只是不知道

You take a polygraph test that shit would probably explode 你采取测谎的那些事可能会发生爆炸

The truth is mr. smith you got a fucked up attitude 事实是,先生。史密斯你有性交的态度

God knows that I pitty your fans for backing you 上帝知道,我皮蒂你的球迷的支持你

Yo, this be the realest shit I ever wrote 哟,这是最真实的狗屎我曾经写过

You should change your muthafuckin' name from G.O.A.T. to G.L.O.A.T. 你应该山羊改变你的muthafuckin的名字以G.L.O.A.T.

The Greatest Liar Of All Time that cannot rhyme 最伟大的骗子所有的时间,可以不押韵

That cannot shine as long as I'm alive 不能照,只要我还活着

Your prime ended 8 months before '99 你的首要8个月99前结束

And that microphone on your arm will always be mine 和你的手臂麦克风将永远是我的

Nigga you're dead 兄弟你就死定了


[Verse 4:] [第4节: ]

I told you to leave it alone, but you was too stubborn 我叫你不要管它,但是你太固执

Now your in a world where the hunter becomes the hunted 现在你在一个世界里的猎人变成猎物

Your wife is scared cause she don't want to lose a husband 你的妻子吓坏了,因为她不想失去一个丈夫

And somebody keeps paging you putting 4321 in 而有人一直分页您将在4321

You can't sleep at night thinking about the drama 你不能在晚上睡觉想着剧

Shit stains all up in your phat farm pijamas 妈的污渍都在你的柏农场pijamas

Even f.u.b.u. gear looks hot until it touches you 即使f.u.b.u.齿轮看起来热,直到它触及你

Probably because your father undoubtedly butt-fucked you 可能是因为你的父亲无疑是对接性交你

Mama said knock who out? I'll punch that bitch in the mouth 妈妈说敲谁了呢?我冲那个贱人在嘴里

Cause she don't know what she talking about 因为她不知道她说什么

Ay yo, do me a favor when you see your ghostwriters 哎哟,当你看到你代笔帮我一个忙

Tell them the rhymes they wrote for you should have been a lot tighter 告诉他们,他们写的儿歌你应该已经有很多更紧

You could have asked me, I'll write you some lines 你可以问我,我给你一些线

I'll do anything for the greatest loser of all time 我会做任何事情的有史以来最伟大的失败者

You still drippin' with wack juice 'cause you wack nigga 您还drippin “与怪人汁,因为你怪人黑鬼

If you want the last word you can have it, I'm still iller 如果你想的最后一个字,你可以拥有它,我还是Iller河畔

You're dead 你死定了

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