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I've Been Down


歌词相关歌手:MAC DRE

English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

Real niggas 真正的黑鬼

(Let's make this official, baby) (让我们把这个官方的,宝贝)

Real before rappin 说唱之前,真正的

Respect before success 成功之前就


[Harm] [危害]

I've been down 我一直在下降

For oh so long 对哦,这么长时间

Starin at these prison walls 盯着这些监狱的高墙


I want you to... 我要你...

Step in my 150s for a minute 步骤在我的150S一分钟

Step in my shoes 在我的鞋步骤

Walk in my shoes 走在我的鞋

Yeah 是啊

Just want you to see things like how I see em 只是想让你看到的东西像我怎么看新兴市场

You know 你知道

This's for all my niggas out there 这是我所有的黑鬼在那里

Check it out 看看这个


Bottom bunk, sleepin in a 2 man cell 下铺,睡在2人细胞

C.O. at my do', and I'm mad as hell C.O.在我做 ,我忍无可忍

Punk police cowboy from Texas 来自得克萨斯州警方朋克牛仔

Talkin some shit bout servin breakfast 说话有些事情回合塞尔早餐

It's 5:15, he must be psycho 它是5:15 ,他一定是心理

Or just plain stupid for thinkin I might go 或只是简单的傻想着我可能会去

I cussed him out, he gave me distance í讨论过他,他给我的距离

And pressed his body alarm for quick assistance 而按他的身体报警的快速援助

Now these muthafuckas wanna do it the rough way 现在,这些muthafuckas想做到这一点粗糙的方式

Five C.O.'s is what it takes to cuff Dre 五C.O.的是如何才能到袖口德瑞

Straight to the hole, but it ain't no thang 直于孔,但它不是没有胜

My celly got dank, so I'm Kool & The Gang 我的小区j有潮湿,所以我库尔和四人帮

See the lt. for the disposition 请参阅LT 。为处置

28 days commissary restriction 28天小卖部限制

2 days later back on the main line 两天后回到主线

Dopefiend's dose, so I go claim mine Dopefiend的剂量,所以我去索赔矿

25 cartons, now I'm straight 25箱,现在我直

Keep 17, and the homeboys 8 保持17和8的homeboys

Cop some hop, start back boomin 警匪有些跳,开始回到繁荣的背后

Got em sendin money on the Western Union 拿到EM寄来的钱在西部联盟

2 fat gramms of that china white 那中国白2发gramms

Gon' have these dopefiends tryin to fight 坤有这些dopefiends试着打

Grabbed 3 cartons to coop some dank 抓住了3箱到鸡舍有些潮湿

And 5 whole packs for some hoops to drink 5全包了一些篮球喝

Now I'm chillin in my cell lookin out the window 现在,我在寒冷的我的手机看着窗外

Drinkin pruno, smokin indo 喝pruno ,戒掉印度

Grabbed my shank, but when I'm finsta bounce 抓住我的小腿,但是当我finsta反弹

They lock a nigga down for resistance counts 他们锁定了一个黑人下来性计数

Look at Jack Brooks while I'm waitin 看看杰克·布鲁克斯,而我等待着

Might even do a little masturbatin 甚至可以做一个小masturbatin

Trippin off that bitch Dominique 支吾了那个婊子多米尼克

I bust one quick while my celly sleep 我胸围一个快速而我的小区j的睡眠

Doors rack open, now it's time for movement 门架开,现在是时候进行运动

Goddamn pruno got a nigga too bent 该死的pruno了一个黑人太弯

Bounce to the movies with my homies 弹跳与我的家人看电影

The title sound good, but the shit was phoney 标题听起来不错,但狗屎是虚假的

Damn cigarettes won't let me breathe 该死的香烟不会让我呼吸

Niggas gettin restless, wantin to leave 黑鬼刚开动, wantin离开

The lights flash on, quick as fuck 灯光闪烁,快如他妈的

Somebody in the bathroom just got stuck 有人在浴室里只是卡住了

If he makes it, he'll be lucky 如果他做了,他会很幸运

Six inch blade stuck straight in gutry 六英寸的刀片gutry直卡住

25 cops rush the spot 25警察赶去现场

Now I got one-time on my jock 现在,我得到了一次在我的约克

Stash my shank underneath the seat 我藏在柄座位下

And make sure no blood is on my feet 并确保没有血是我的脚

Punk police wanna take me down 朋克警察想带我下来

They put me on the wall and they shake me down 他们把我挂在墙上,他们动摇我失望

Now it's back to the block strapless 现在,回到了块露肩

But I got two mo' in my matress 但我在床垫有两个莫

One mo' time I peep the cops 一个摩的时候,我偷看了警察

Fuckin with them boys from Great Street, Watts 从伟大的街,瓦他妈的与他们的男孩

I said, "Punk muthafucka, won't you leave em the hell alone" 我说,“朋克muthafucka ,你会不会独自离开他们的地狱”

Down to the 3rd and got on the telephone 下到第3和上了电话

Called my bitch, but she showed me no love 叫我小白脸,但她给我看了没有爱

Got on the phone, shot me a cold dove 拿起电话,向我开枪感冒鸽子

She said she can't talk, she got a sore throat 她说,她无法说话,她嗓子疼

But she probably gettin fucked by a sport coat 但她可能开始报性交运动外套

I'm goin through it 我通过它布莱恩


Yeah 是啊

Y'all real niggas know 你们都真正知道黑鬼


Yeah muthafucka 是啊muthafucka

I done been there and back boy 我做在那里,后面的男孩

I could tell you the story from rags to riches 我可以告诉你的故事,从白手起家

How I did time with fags and snitches 我怎么没时间的fags和告密者

That's real 这是真正的

It's really real 这是真实的

It's no drama 这是没有戏

It's really real 这是真实的

Yeah 是啊

Y'all niggas better go to school 你们都黑鬼更好地去上学

Tryina fuck with this nigga here, man Tryina他妈的这个黑人在这里,人

It's the real 这是真正的

Yeah 是啊

Dick Down 迪克向下

Freaky D 辣妈ð

Baby Rah 婴儿拉赫

T-Endo T-远藤

My niggas 我的黑鬼

Ty-Ty TY-泰

Doin that federal shit 乐队联邦狗屎


Freak 怪胎

Freak, don't worry about nothin, man 怪胎,不用担心没什么,人


I've been down 我一直在下降

For oh so long 对哦,这么长时间

Starin at these prison walls 盯着这些监狱的高墙

Same old song 老调重弹

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