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I'm Gone



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Hook] [钩]

There’s a lot of people talking to me, I don’t hear nothin’ 有很多人跟我说话,我没有听到没什么

Pop a pill now I’m rollin’, all I hear is the percussion 现在我罗林弹出一个药丸,我听到的是打击乐

I’m gone [x5] 我走了[ X5 ]

Driftin’ to another world, losing touch with gravity Driftin “到另一个世界,失去了重力触摸

Losing touch with everything, even my own reality 失去联系的一切,甚至我自己的现实

I’m gone [x7] 我走了[ X7 ]


[Verse 1] [诗歌1 ]

Got my unusual pharmaceuticals, everyone is edible 得到了我的不寻常的药物,每个人都可以食用

Barely sensible, but I’m feeling fuckin’ incredible 刚刚懂事,但我感觉他妈的不可思议

Like Bruce Banner changin’ the standard of being lifted 像布鲁斯·班纳了变化“被解除的标准

Got another duchie twisted the size of a fuckin’ midget 得到了另一个duchie扭曲他妈的大小“侏儒

I rhyme and they fuckin wit’ it í韵和他们他妈的机智吧

So why would I fuckin’ quit it 那么,为什么我会他妈的戒烟吧

So I’ll tap my blunt ashes on these liars and fuckin’ critics 所以,我会挖掘我对这些骗子生硬的骨灰和他娘的批评

Designed to just be a menace 设计,仅仅是一个威胁

Let me pop a pill and witness me defy the laws of physics 让我弹出一个药丸,见证了我无视物理定律

Tell Newton I really did it 牛顿告诉我真的做到了

No losing so let me get it 没有失败,所以让我得到它

Maneuvering with the quickness 与敏捷的操纵

I’m the reason that my local pharmacy is still in business 我认为我的本地药店仍在营业的原因

I’m the illest like I stepped out the clinic with bad news 我是illest就像我走出了坏消息诊所

Now they see me as more than just a gimmick with tattoos 现在,他们看到我的不仅仅是一个纹身噱头

They hatin’ then fuck you, and fuck it yo where’s my medicine? 他们hatin ,那么你他妈的,他妈的这哪里哟我的药吗?

I think I got another doctor’s appointment to pencil in 我认为我在有另一位医生的预约铅笔

Almost out of Adderall, pop another Ambien 几乎出药物Adderall的,另一种流行安眠药

Buckled in on whatever shuttle they try to land me in 在任何班车,他们试图降落在我的扣


[Hook] [钩]


[Verse 2] [诗歌2]

I’ll be poppin’ G-ladies until I’m at least eighty 我将屁股 G-淑女,直到我至少80

Unable to see straightly wherever the E takes me 看不到的地方笔直电子需要我

I’m there, poppin’ stars until I’m rollin’ insane 我在那里,流行的星星,直到我罗林疯狂

Even if the doctor says I’ll get a hole in my brain 即使医生说我会得到一个洞,我的大脑

I got that mental novacaine, palms sweaty, it’s aight though 我得到的精神novacaine ,手心出汗,这是aight虽然

Molly and some acid tabs, yep! That is the right dose 莫莉和一些酸片,是的!这是一个正确的剂量

I’m bad news, you want different? Then go to Geico 我是一个坏消息,你想有什么不同?然后去Geico的

A drug induced animal posted up with the lights low 一种药物引起的动物贴上去的小灯

Brim to my eyebrows, higher than the sky’s clouds 帽檐到我的眉毛,比天空的云层较高

I’m Mike Vick, and bitches refusing to lie down 我是迈克·维克和母狗拒绝躺下

Greater than Alexander, searching for my crown 比亚历山大大,寻找我的王冠

Ounces don’t do it no more, I gotta buy pounds 盎司不要做不动了,我得买英镑

Break it down - then I roll it up quick and I light that shit 打破它 - 然后,我把它卷起来很快,我点燃那些事

Ain’t nobody messin’ with the flow now, betta slow down, you ain’t rippin’ mics like this 不是没有人messin 随大流了,斗鱼慢下来,你是不是rippin 这样的中等收入国家

You don’t live a life like this, so go and shut your lips 你不住这样的生活,所以去闭上你的嘴

And pass the fuckin’ joint man, I need another hit 并通过他妈的联合的人,我需要另一个打击


[Hook] [钩]


[Outro] [尾奏]

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