歌词 "Give Up The Goods (Just Step)" 的中英对照歌词与中文翻译

Give Up The Goods (Just Step)


歌词相关歌手:MOBB DEEP

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Hey yo Queen's get the Money long time no cash 嘿哟皇后出去的钱很长一段时间没有现金

I'm caught up in the hustle when the guns go blast 我陷入了喧嚣,当枪去爆

the fool retaliated so I had to think fast 傻瓜报复,所以我不得不想快

pull out my heat first, he pull out his heat last 先拔出我的热,他拿出了他最后的热量

Now who the fuck you think is livin' to this day? 现在谁你觉得他妈的是活着的这一天?

I'm tryin' to tell these young niggas crime don't pay 我试着告诉这些年轻的黑鬼犯罪不支付

they looked at me and said "Queen's niggas don't play. Do your thing 他们看着我,说:“皇后黑鬼不玩了。做你的事

I'll do mine kid stay outta my way". 我会尽我的孩子留离开我的方式。“

It's type hard tryna survive in New York state 它的Type在纽约州硬tryna生存

can't stop till I'm eatin' off a platinum plate 不能停止,直到我eatin “关闭铂板

po po comes around and tries to relocate me 婆恶有恶报,并试图重新定位我

lock me up for ever but they can't deflate me 'cause 别把我关起来,直到永远,但他们不能放气我,因为

havin' cash is highly addictive 就吃的现金是很容易上瘾

especially when you're used to havin' money to live with 尤其是当你已经习惯了就吃钱生活

I thought step back look at my life as a whole 我想退一步看看我的生命作为一个整体

Ain't no love it seems the devil done stole my soul 是不是不爱似乎做魔鬼偷走了我的灵魂

I'm out for delfia, selfia, P's not helpin' ya 我出了DELFIA , selfia ,P不是助人为乐雅

I'm tryna get this Lexus up, and plus a cellular 我tryna得到这个雷克萨斯起来,再加上蜂窝

yo Big Noyd! (What up cuzin'?) I can't cope 溜溜的大Noyd ! (上什么cuzin “ ?)我应付不了

With all these crab niggas tryna shorten my rope. 所有这些螃蟹黑鬼tryna缩短我的绳子。


Yo it's the r - a double p 哟这是第r - 双p

e - r, n - o - y - d ê - R,N - O - Ÿ - D

Niggas can't fuck with me 黑鬼不能与我他妈的

comin' straight outta QB 科曼直失控QB

pushin' an Infiniti 推着英菲尼迪

you ask can I rip it constantly? Mentally? 你问我撕不断?弱智?

Definitely, to the death of me 肯定地说,我的死亡

come and test me 来考验我

trust me, nigga couldn't touch me if he snuff me 相信我,兄弟们不能碰我,如果他扼杀了我

so bust me, you're gonna have to, 'cause I'ma blast you 所以胸围我,你得给, “因为我是你爆

my lyrical like a miracle, ill spiritual 我的抒情就像一个奇迹,精神虐待

I'm born wit' it 天生我材必有智慧这

I'm gettin' on wit' it 我刚开了对智慧这

an' I'ma have it 'til I'm fuckin' dead and gone wit' it 一个我是有它,直到我他妈的死了智慧这

'cause I'm a what? Composer of hardcore “因为我是个什么样?骨灰级的作曲家

a lyrical destructor 一首抒情的析构函数

don't make me buck ya, cause I'm a wild muthafucka 不要让我振作你,因为我是一个狂野muthafucka

you know my flow, you know my stilo 你知道我的流量,你知道我的STILO

even pack my gat when I go to see my PO 即使收拾我的水道,当我去看看我的订单

Jump out my hooptie 跳出我hooptie

pass my gat and my lucci to my shorty 通过我的水道和我卢奇我的矮子

in case my PO try to troop me to the island 如果我的订单尽量队伍我到岛上

and if I start wildin' 如果我开始wildin “

flippin' on niggas walkin' around wit' da nice gold medallions “黑鬼上四处游荡的智慧哒漂亮的黄金纪念章弗利

but she didn't violate me, so I escaped see 但她并没有违反我,所以我逃看

back to Queen's pumpin' the fiends makin' more Cream 回到皇后给水站“煞星金更多霜

know what I mean? I'm a natural born hustler 明白我的意思吗?我是一个天生的骗子

won't try to cut ya, pull out my 4 4 and bust ya. 不会试图削减雅,拉了我4 4和胸围雅。


Yo babe no time for fakin' jacks 哟贝贝没有时间假装千斤顶

Cuz niggas who fake jacks get laid on their backs 黑鬼的Cuz谁假插口得到奠定在他们的后面

the streets is real can't roll without steel 街道是真实的不能推出无钢

I feel how I feel 'cause I was born to kill 我觉得我的感觉,因为我是天生的杀人

do what I gotta, to eat a decent meal 做什么我得,吃一顿像样的饭

brothers is starvin', don't try to find a job son 兄弟是starvin ,不要试图找工作的儿子

it's all about robbin' 它是所有关于罗宾

so don't be alarmed 所以不要惊慌

when we come through, 'cause we supposed to 当我们来通过,因为我们应该

if you opposed to 如果你反对

get your face blown dude, off the map 让你的脸吹纨绔子弟,离线地图

cause I react, attack 因为我反应过来,攻击

a brother wasn't blessed with wealth so I act like that 一哥并没有得天独厚的财富,所以我像那

drug dealin' 药物的戏份“

I'm frontin on the world once I start 4-wheelin' 我在世界龙廷,一旦我开始4 wheelin “

Cause back on the 41st side we do a ride 造成背部的第41方面,我们做了骑

Sippin E & J, gettin' bent all night 啜饮着ê &J ,刚开了弯曲整夜

Yo, who dat? I never seen him in my whole life 哟,谁DAT ?我从来没有见过他在我的一生

Step to his business 'cause it's only right 加强对他的生意因为这是唯一正确

po po ain't around so I grab my pound 婆婆不在身边,所以我抢我一斤

Money retaliated so I hit the ground 钱报复所以我打在地上

my life is on the line gotta hold my projects down 我的生活就行得抱我下来的项目

can't see myself gettin' bodied by a clown-ass nigga 看不到我自己刚开了一个小丑屁股黑鬼浓郁

That ain't even from my town 这甚至不是来自我的家乡

hit him up in the chest and now he's layin' me down dead 击中了他在胸口,现在他开始裁员我失望死了

and up from under the benches I started hearin' sirens 而从下长凳,我开始赫林警报器

I stop firin' 我停下firin “

He cut ass like a diamond 他砍的屁股像钻石

Jetted to the cribpiece, what a relief 喷射到cribpiece ,有什么救济

stashed the heat then proceeded to peep out the window 藏热继而窥视窗外

call my son, "yo son we got beef 叫我的儿子,“哟,我们的儿子得了牛肉

but no question 但毫无疑问

Money had a problem so I solved him". 钱有一个问题让我解决了他。“


I got my mind on the stick-up now it's time to get paid 我得到了我心中对棒了,现在是时候得到报酬

thinkin' of ways to take loot already made 在想办法把赃物已取得“

there's crime in the air, ain't no time to be afraid 有犯罪在空气中,是不是没有时间害怕

gimme yours and get laid 给我你并获得规定

give up the goods and get sprayed. 放弃货物并获得喷洒。

I got lots of love, for my crew that is 我得到了很多的爱,对我的工作人员是

no love for them other crews and rival kids 对于他们的其他队员和对手的孩子没有爱

all them out-a-town niggas know what time it is 他们都出A-小镇黑鬼知道这是什么时候

and if they don't they need to buy a watch 如果他们不这样做,他们需要买一块手表

word up 字了

caught up in the cross-fire get theyself hurt 陷入交叉火力得到theyself伤

while I be sippin' gin straight in a plastic cup 虽然我是啜饮着杜松子酒直在一个塑料杯

on a park bench on 12th st., my whole crew's famous 在公园的长椅上12TH ST 。 ,我的整个剧组的著名

you tried to bust your gat and keep it real but you nameless 你想你的胸围水道,并保持了真格,但你无名

first of all slow down, you on the wrong route 首先在错误的路线减慢,则

let me put you on your feet and show you what's it all about 让我把对你的脚,告诉你什么是一回事

the street life ain't nuttin' to play with 街头生活不尼坦玩

no jokes no games kid 没有笑话没有游戏的孩子

for years I been doin' the same shit 多年来,我一直上来的一样狗屎

just drinkin' liquor, doin' bids 刚喝了白酒,上来的出价

extortin' crack heads extortin “裂头

and stickin' up the stick-up kids 和朵朵了棍子向上的孩子

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