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Get Your Paper


歌词相关歌手:MASTER P

English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Master P:] Ughhh! Ha ha! [大师P : ] Ughhh !哈哈!

[E-40:] Oooo! Huh? P what's up boy? [E - 40 : ]呜!咦? P怎么了孩子?

[MP:] What's up 40 boy? [ MP : ]这是怎么回事40男孩?

[E-40:] Talk to me weepilation. [E - 40 : ]跟我说话weepilation 。

[MP:] Dey don't know we been doin' dis. [ MP : ]戴伊不知道我们已经上来的存款保险计划。

[E-40:] Last Deezy, Last Don. [E - 40 : ]最后Deezy ,最后唐。

[MP:] Bay Area playa nigga. [ MP : ]湾区海滩黑人。

[E-40:] This E-Feezy Fonzareezy, your weepilation up out the Yea Area all day [E - 40 : ]这个E- Feezy Fonzareezy ,你weepilation起来了啊地区一整天

Er'ytime. Like dis here. Element of Erytime 。像DIS这里。元素

Surprise. Da Last Don, Charlie Hustle. Check it out. 惊喜。大尾唐,查理喧嚣。一探究竟。


[E-40:] [E - 40 : ]

Let it be writ and said, done and published 让它令,并说,做出版

That on the sixth month of June 1998 这对第六个月1998年6月

E-40 Fonzarellie AKA Charlie Hustleezy E- 40 Fonzarellie又名查理Hustleezy

And my Third Ward weepilation 我的第三区weepilation

From the No Limit Records Headquarters and congregation 从没有极限纪录总部和众

Plugged up and did a rumble together without no hesitation and erased 堵塞,做了隆隆在一起,没有任何犹豫和擦除

Any Old School classic memories of Northern California 任何旧学校经典回忆北加州

Godzilla ballin' and Bay stranglin' and hustlin' 哥斯拉劈腿和湾stranglin “和hustlin

Morning, night, day in N'Orleans 早晨,晚上,一天NOrleans

And dang near fallin' asleep on the freeway 而当近掉到睡着了在高速公路上

Bobbin' and weavin' and ditchin' and dodgin' po-po, penelope force 梭“和weavin ”和ditchin “和dodgin ” PO -PO ,佩内洛普力

Tryin' to convince 'em that me and the dope game wasn't gettin along any how 试着去说服时间是我和涂料的比赛没有任何一起怎么刚开

We had been went our separate ways 我们已经分道扬镳

Shit, we been had a divorce 妈的,我们一直有离婚

In and out of court, betta yet 而在庭外,还斗鱼

Neva was married any how and engaged 涅瓦河结婚的任何方式和经营

Pushed in the game at a young age, trapped in a ghetto cage 年纪轻轻推入游戏中,被困在笼子里的贫民窟

Went from hardly any to, uh, plenty of cash 就从几乎没有到,呃,大量现金

To, uh, high speed chases to, uh, makin' a dash ,嗯,高速追逐,嗯,金破折号

"Uh, excuse me sir can I have your autograph “呃,对不起,先生,我可以有你的亲笔签名

And, uh, when your new album droppin' fool 而且,嗯,当你的新专辑丢下傻瓜

That other shit was cool" 其他狗屎是很酷“


[Chorus] [合唱]

[E-40:] [E - 40 : ]

Get your money man, get your paper 得到你的钱的人,让你的文件

Get your paper man, get your money 让你的文章的人,你的钱

Get your fettie or your scratch, get your skrill 让你的fettie或划伤,让你的Skrill

Get your revvies man, get paid 让你的revvies的人,得到报酬

Get your mail man, get your marbles 让你的邮件的人,让你的弹珠

Get your marbles man, get your mail 让你的弹珠人,让你的邮件

Get your grits, get your chettah, get your chips 让您糁,让您的chettah ,让你的筹码

Get your snaps man, get paid 让您捕捉的人,得到报酬


[Mater P:] [母校病人: ]

Ughhh! Ball wit da real, hang wit da G's Ughhh !球机智达实,挂机智大G公司

Started from Richmond, California to New Orleans 里士满,美国加州开始新奥尔良

Game won't change, these niggas can't fade me 游戏不会改变,这些黑鬼不能退色我

Mama still pray for baby 妈妈还在祈祷宝宝

Ghetto got me sick, dope fiends and crack heads 贫民窟让我恶心,涂料恶魔和裂纹头

Niggas on da front porch wit' tech nines and "lemon heads" 在大前廊的智慧科技九黑鬼与“柠檬头”

And all I want be is a soldier 和所有我要成为一个战士

Cause I'm tired of runnin' from da rollas 因为我已经厌倦了飞奔的“从大rollas

Jumped in da rap game and now dey can't hold us 跳大说唱游戏,现在人家也挡不住我们

Ghetto millionaires and still blowin' doja 贫民窟的百万富翁仍然飘荡DOJA

Keep my composure when times hectic 保持镇静,当忙碌的时候

Now I own a house in California, Orlando, and Texas 现在,我自己的房子在加州,奥兰多,和得克萨斯州

And still run wit' the thug niggas 仍然运行机智的暴徒黑鬼

And made tapes for bitches and drug dealas 并磁带母狗和药物dealas

And push 600 wit' a bulletproof 并推动600智慧防弹

The ghetto Bill Gates 贫民窟比尔·盖茨

The only president wit' a gold tooth 唯一的总统智慧一颗金牙


[Chorus] [合唱]


[E-40:] [E - 40 : ]

Uh, n-neva let your guards down 嗯,正后悔让你的侍卫下来

Always play defense neva offense 总是打防守进攻涅瓦河

Cause suckas a try to make your kindness for weakness 原因suckas一试,让您的恩情的弱点

And damn sho' try to shake your hand up unda falsified pretenses 该死翔尝试撼动你的手UNDA虚假借口

Sequence this 这个顺序

Paint a portrait of these next events 画这些事件旁边的画像

See if you can predict what I was about to say 看看你能不能预测一下我刚想说

Within the next couple of sentences 在接下来的几个句子

Technically impossible 技术上不可能

To hard to call 要拼命打电话

See right when he thought I was gone throw a slider 见右图,当他以为我是扔了一个滑块

I threw him a knuckle ball 我把他一个指节球

Back against the wall, knockin' niggas out (knockin' niggas out) 背靠着墙,敲入黑鬼出来(敲入黑鬼出来)

Hemmed up in da corner nigga thats what I'm about 包围在大的角落黑鬼那是什么,我对


[Master P:] [大师P : ]

Feel my pain, sometimes I feel trapped 感觉到我的痛苦,有时觉得困

Nigga tired of hangin' in the ghetto takin' food stamps 兄弟们累了犹豫不决的“在贫民区羚牛粮票

Cause this street life got me crazy 导致这条街上的生活让我疯狂

But I hustle cause I gotta feed a baby 但我喧嚣,因为我要喂宝宝

And only God can take me 而只有上帝才能带我

And ain't no nigga in this hood gone play me 而不是在这个罩去发挥我没有黑人

So when I ball I'm a ball 'til I fizall 所以,当我的球我一球,直到我fizall

And when I'm gone put my name on the wizall 当我走了把我的名字写在wizall


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Ad-libs until end] [即兴表演,直到结束]

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