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Coming Around The Corner



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Hook:] [钩: ]

When I'm coming, round that corner 当我来了,圆圆的那个角落

All you haters, better get up out of my range 所有你的仇敌,更好地起身走出我的范围

Run up on me, if you wanna 跑起来我,如果你想

I ain't gon play no games, at all when I'm taking my aim 我是不是坤玩任何游戏,在所有的时候,我把我的目标

Cause you gonna be, a goner 因为你会是一个完了

You thinking of taking mine, late night when the 84's swang 你想坐我的,深夜的时候84的动了

I know you niggz in the game, gotta feel the same 我知道你在游戏中niggz ,总得有同样的感觉

Make a jacker feel the pain, and he can charge it to the game 做一个jacker感到痛苦,他可以把它充到游戏


[Jim Jones:] [吉姆·琼斯: ]

I'm doing a buck on the loop, in the Porsche clean 我做的环降压,保时捷干净

I'm trying to cut in the coupe, with this tall thing 我想在轿跑车削减,这个高大的东西

But fuck a bitch, trying to get a buck all means 但是他妈的婊子,试图让降压一切手段

I'm on my shit, get a whiff of New York scene 我对我妈的,得到了纽约现场味儿

If I meet the right mexican, get it for fourteen 如果我遇到合适的墨,得到它的14

And he got them bricks, I could get it across clean 他得到了他们的砖,我能得到它横跨干净

And for the city, and fix 'em like morphine 而对于城市,并修复时间像吗啡

Cop 'em when we rock the dice, and we get it like broad steam 红脸时间,当我们晃动骰子,我们得到它像广汽

They know, I'm willing to risk it 他们知道,我愿意去冒这个险

On trial for possessions, still concealing the biscuit 试行财产,仍隐瞒饼干

Shouts to Trae, and my Dub's Southwest 喊来TRAE ,我配音的西南

And my far Eastside, and all my Blood's out West 而我远东区,我血液中的所有列西

But my shorties down South, ain't got forty for a house 但我矮仔去南方,是不是得了40一所房子

But they ride old schools, and put forty in they mouth 但他们乘坐的老学校,并把40在他们的嘴

Mix Sprite with a deuce, sip the all from the cup 雪碧混合使用平手,从杯子抿了所有

All night we gon cruise, with big toys in the trucks 整个晚上我们会去巡航,用在卡车大玩具

And we got our music Screwed, like we crawling in a truck 我们得到了我们的音乐完蛋了,像我们爬在一辆卡车

Strip clubs make it rain, thunderstorm over bucks 脱衣舞俱乐部让它下雨,雷雨多块钱


[talking:] [谈: ]

You know, it's your boy Jones 你知道,这是你的孩子琼斯

For my nigga Trae, (Capo) 对于我的兄弟们TRAE ,课


[Hook] [钩]


[Trae:] [ TRAE : ]

I stay strapped with the automatic, living the best of my situation 我留绑在自动,住最好的我的情况

I come around the corner busting, and empty the clip with no hesitation 我来在即破坏,并清空毫不犹豫剪辑

The shit that I be on, is what us niggaz be living 我是对的,妈的,是我们的兄弟们住

Ain't nobody finna take up off mine, I give a fuck what these haters feeling 不是没有人FINNA占用了我,我给他妈的这是什么感觉仇敌

Out the Southwest, my reputation known to exceed itself 走出西南,我的名声称为超越自己

And 84's commits to turn, amongst the blocks that I bleed to death 和84的承诺转,其中包括我流血而死的块

They watching me, but my nature gotta be taking it's time 他们注视着我,但我的本性得服用它的时间

Cause I got a set of hands, similar to Roy Jones in his prime 因为我在他的全盛时期有一组手中,类似罗伊·琼斯

And if needed, I got the Crips and Bloods and BD's 如果需要,我得到了瘸子和先世BD公司

That'll click on pussy niggaz, like I'm forced to click on c.d.'s 这会点击猫的兄弟们一样,我被迫点击光盘

Don't think if it's a problem, bitch ass nigga you can see these 不要以为,如果这是一个问题,这群蠢货,你可以看到这些

It's A.B.N., and if I rush the game it's gon be TD's 这是荷兰的,如果我急于游戏它的坤是TD的

So be easy homie, I don't think you really wanna see me call that play out 所以很容易亲密,我不认为你真的要看我打电话说打出来

Cause if I do, somebody ass get layed out 因为如果我这样做,别人的屁股得到奠定了

And either way I'ma ride for mine and lie for mine, fuck it I'll die for mine 而无论哪种方式,我是骑我的,骗人的矿山,它他妈的我会死矿

I keep it gangsta to the end, it ain't getting by with mine 我把它匪帮到最后,这是没有得到通过与矿


[Hook] [钩]


[talking:] [谈: ]

Shouts to the Dub-Southwest, ha 呼喊的配音西南,哈哈

Shouts to the bloody 5th, R.I.P. my nigga D-Ray 喊去血水5日, R.I.P.我的兄弟们D线

E.T. I see you mo'fucker, ha-ha E.T.我看你mofucker ,呵呵

You know, this some straight G'd up shit nigga 要知道,这一些直Gd了狗屎黑鬼

I'm in my second home, Houston nigga 我在我的第二故乡,休斯顿黑鬼

It's hot here and we don't play fair, you know the rule 它的热在这里,我们不玩公平的,你知道的规则

Come in peace or leave in pieces, fall back or fall back 为和平而来条或片离开,退回或回落

We about that nigga, New York's rider man 我们约了兄弟们,纽约的骑手男人

One Eye Willie, Capo Status, Goonies 一只眼睛威利,投诉警察课的现状,七宝奇谋

All over the world nigga, fifty state rebel 世界各地的黑人, 50州的反叛

Ride with me and die with me, ghetto stand up 骑我和我一起死,贫民窟站起来

Rap version Shake and Verel, but I'm realer than that 说唱版摇和Verel ,但我比这更真实

Get your ass capped, peeled back 让你的屁股封顶,剥开

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