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Call Me Francois



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"Today, my mother killed me" “今天,我的母亲杀了我。”


If I'm alive by the time you find this, it's a miracle 如果我活着,你觉得这封信的时候,这是一个奇迹

What else can be said, a vision quest with infrared 还有什么可以说,一个愿景的追求与红外

I'm at a dead end, I bled slow 我在一个死胡同,我流血慢

From my chest, held my breath and did my mess and never let go 从我的胸口,屏住了呼吸,做我的烂摊子,绝不放过

I lived a good life, I never had half-compromise a thing 我住在一个良好的生活,我从未有过的半妥协的事情

And if I couldn't write, I'd think of other ways to optimize my living 如果我不能写,我会想其他办法来优化我的生活

No wife, no kids, no anchors 没有妻子,没有孩子,没有锚

Hand over fist to withhold this info from the bankers 移交拳头,不给银行家此信息

Don't know my neighbors, didn't take a village to raise me 不知道是我的邻居,没有采取一个村庄,把我

Small-town mentality types thinkin I'm crazy 小城镇的思维类型想着我疯了

I ain't as weird as they paint me 我是不是怪异,因为他们把我描述

Off color, I'm more gutter, punk, and ritzy 色差,我更水沟,朋克和润泽

More glitz and glamour than others 更多的浮华和魅力比别人

Motherfuckers left me lonely in this designated corner 怎么就离开了我在这个指定的角落孤独的

Had a couple walls that build upon, they made me a performer 有一对夫妇的墙壁是建立在,他们让我表演

Now shade me from the warmer weather 现在,我的树荫下,从温暖的天气

Save me from the slaughterhouse 救救我从屠宰场

That creeps between the pages where I try to hide my awful mouth 在那里我试图隐藏我的可怕的嘴页面之间的小兵

Speak discretely to the sheets that seem to be hollow 谨慎发言,似乎是中空的纸

Punched a ladder full of holes, just for my swollen feet to follow 打了个阶梯千疮百孔,只是我的脚肿跟随

Support me all you want, don't let me drop a field of land 支持我的所有你想要的,不要让我落了地场

I'm not going to stop until God is my ceilin fan 我不会停止,直到上帝是我的ceilin风扇

Spare the lamb, save me from my former-self 饶羊肉,救我脱离我以前的自

That creeps between the pages as the line across and locks my self 页面之间的小兵作为跨线并锁定我自己

Now this is my box, these are my walls 现在,这是我的箱子,这是我的墙

This is when time stops and I'm all that there ever was 这是当时间停止,我所有的曾经有

And I'm all there ever is and I'm all that there ever will be 而我所有曾经有过的,我所有的有过会

A freeze frame pine box soliloquy… Call me FRANCOIS 定格的松树中的独白......叫我FRANCOIS


[Hook:] [钩: ]

Call Me Francois (call call call me francois) 打电话给我弗朗索瓦(认购认购打电话给我弗朗索瓦)

(Call call call me francois) (认购认购打电话给我弗朗索瓦)


Take what you can; leave what you must 采取什么样即可;离开你必须

Because y'all comin with us, (motherfucker you comin with us) 因为你们科曼与我们合作, (娘你带着你和我们一起)


Fill your bags with the rags that you wear and their necessities 与你穿的破破烂烂,他们的需要填写您的行李

Along with the dog-tags and family recipes 随着狗标签和家庭食谱

Rest in peace, if you arrest the pace, movin haste 安息吧,如果你被逮捕的步伐,往前急速

God-speed you black empress, get dressed, we're late 神的速度,你的黑皇后,穿好衣服,我们迟到了

She painted my head orange, carved my face with her tongue 她画的我的头橙,刻我的脸与她的舌头

Emptied out my insides and lit the candle behind my eyes 掏空了我的内心,点燃之后我的眼睛蜡烛

Had the strike of twelve to midnight, winter queen 有十二至午夜罢工,冬天的皇后

Left with my life rival in a white limousine 离开了我的生活竞争对手的白色豪华轿车

When he made her dress twirl, it looked like a mushroom cloud 当他做了她的衣服扳手,它看起来像蘑菇云

Everybody ducked down except for me, that's my destiny 每个人都躲开了下来,除了对我来说,这就是我的命运

He used a broken condom as a corsage 他用一个破碎的安全套作为胸花

I watched him push the rusty pin through her prom dress into her heart 我看着他推生锈的针在她的晚礼服到她的心脏

Kill me already; fill me with confetti 杀了我了;我充满五彩纸屑

Crush me up and sprinkle me over their wedding and her pregnant belly 暗恋我,我洒在他们的婚礼,她怀孕的肚子

I wasn't ready to suppress these memories, undress the mam', O' Reese 我还没有准备要抑制这些回忆,脱衣服的MAM O里斯

Forget the family, streamline the enemy, design the penalty 忘记了家人,精简掉了,设计的刑罚

Cruel and unusual, commit the felony, unfit for prison duty 残忍和不寻常,犯下了重罪,不适合监狱的职责

No man's an Island, except for Island man; he's a ROCK STAR! 没有人是一座孤岛,除了岛的人;他是一个摇滚明星!

No man's an Island, except for Island man; he's a ROCK! 没有人是一座孤岛,除了岛的人;他是一个摇滚!


[Hook] [钩]

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