歌词 "Born Again" 的中英对照歌词与中文翻译

Born Again


歌词相关歌手:SUGA FREE

English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Verse 1] [诗歌1 ]

Okay which way you wanna go nigga 好吧,你想要去的兄弟们哪条路

Left, right, up, down, come on man 左,右,上,下,来对人

Just find it on yourself, man come on now 只要找到它自己,现在的男人都上

Pimp's probably a bit too much 皮条客的可能有点过分

Pimps went dead with this year's shit here 皮条客这里就死了今年的狗屎

Man pimp pimp pimp pimp, you got chewed up 男人拉皮条的皮条客皮条客皮条客,你有嚼起来

Lisa had a problem 丽莎有一个问题

She never realized that all the dick she was suckin 她从来没有意识到,所有的家伙,她来吸

In the hood, she could have made herself mountains 在发动机罩,她可以做出自己群山

But it's my fault cause she a ho and didn't listen to a pimp 但它是我的错,因为她豪并没有听皮条客

So she writin you in the pen over and over again 于是,她一遍又一遍以创作你的笔

See I believe in servin a nigga his papers when I knock his ho 见我相信,在塞尔黑鬼他的论文时,我敲他的豪

Like a pimp did me on Beach Blvd, know 像皮条客帮了我在海滩大道,知道

I got knocked, gon get knocked, de-knocked, re-knocked 我被撞倒,坤被击倒,去敲门,再敲

But I'ma knick-knock my motherfuckin self, I'm Suga Free, ha 但我是个装饰品,敲我娘的自己,我是菅免费,哈哈

I, P-I, oh my, M-P, oh I, for life I,P , I,哦,我的M-磷,哦,我,生命

Knock knock for winter (ha ha), me too 敲敲冬季(哈哈) ,我也一样

Like a R-2 twin magnetic pimp response 像R- 2双磁皮条客回应

Plus yo ass sweatin me like a cheap suit 加上溜溜的屁股sweatin我像一个便宜的西装


[Chorus] [合唱]

Just when you thought the pimpin was in you 正当你以为潘潘是你

Ah ah, it's just on you (I can't warn you) 啊,它只是对你(我不能警告你)

What's wrong? Kitty cat get her nosebleed? 怎么了?吉蒂猫让她流鼻血?

It's red ribbon week? It's just on you (you can't win) 这是红丝带星期?这只是你(你赢不了)

Fire engines, and [?] 消防车,和[?]

It's just on you (you can't win) 这只是你(你赢不了)

And just when you thought that $500 was for another abortion 而当你认为这是500元的另一个堕胎

Gotcha, it's just on you (I can't warn you) 疑难杂症,它只是对你(我不能警告你)


[Verse 2] [诗歌2]

Now I, can't, believe, how, y'all, niggaz 现在,我不能相信,怎么样,你们的兄弟们

Still, don't, know, how, a ho, go 不过,不这样做,知道怎么样,豪,去

They make more, pay more 他们赚更多,付出更多

A doctor or a nurse or a vet 医生或护士或兽医

They say a pimp walked on water, and he never got wet 他们说,一个皮条客在水上行走,他从来没有湿

See sometime it feel like the pimpin be dead 见有时感觉像潘潘死

But that's a temporary condition too 但是,这是一个临时的条件太

A quota peep that he could be a ho 配额窥视,他可能是一个豪

But he called back (cool) 但是他叫回来(凉)

And I can't believe how some of y'all niggaz 我怎么也不敢相信你们的一些兄弟们

Let the glory pass you by 让荣耀擦肩而过,

But steady wanna pick my brain about the game and ask why 但稳定的想挑我的大脑对游戏和问为什么

And if it wasn't for tony 如果不是因为托尼

Y'all motherfuckers'd still be ridin around Pomona Gospel 你们都motherfuckersd仍然围绕波莫纳福音坐车

Spittin like bitches to my homies 吐口水像母狗给我的家人


[Chorus] [合唱]

A strong wind 40 days and 40 nights 一阵强风40天40夜

Suckers, it's just on you (you can't win) 吸盘,它只是对你(你赢不了)

When she disrespect you in front of your homeboys 当她不尊重你在你的homeboys前

You are the weakest link, cause it's just on you (you can't win) 你是最薄弱的环节,因为它只是你(你赢不了)

Man I mean she gon be either a stand-up ho 男人,我的意思是,她坤无论是站立浩

or a fall-down bitch, man it's just on you (you can't win) 或落下母狗,男人这只是你(你赢不了)

Now you know you're with a square when Red Cross won't give her coffee 现在你知道你用的时候红十字不会给她咖啡广场


[Verse 3] [诗歌3 ]

God said he wasn't gon put no more meat that I could stand 上帝说,他不是坤把没有更多的肉,我可以忍受

Ho it mean after you leave me I cop and blow 何意思你离开我,我和警察的打击后,

And be the chain of a man (Amen) 和一个人的链(阿门)

Here's a story about a pimp that they ain't took out yet 这里有一个关于一个皮条客,他们不拿出尚未故事

But died 8 or 9 times and ain't found him yet 但是死亡8或9次,没有找到他呢

I tell your man I just be sittin back lookin (lookin) 我告诉你的人,我只是呆坐着回来看着(看着)

Listenin (listenin), learnin (learnin) Listenin ( listenin ) ,模拟电路设计学习(模拟电路设计学习)

Pimpin (pimpin), and I don't see no difference 潘潘(潘潘) ,我看不出任何区别

Peep, wolf disguised as sheep 窥视,狼伪装成羊

That's how I stalk my prey 这就是我如何秆我的猎物

Every single day, I don't know no other way 每一天,我不知道有没有别的办法

Born again! Pimp different, hear different, feel different 重生!皮条客不同,听到不同,感受不同

Look different, Walk different, talk different 看起来不同,走不同的,不同的说话

And the tricks you fuckin never try to keep up with him 而你他妈的从来没有招数试图跟上他

That's what they do 这就是他们做什么

Don't even think you fuckin her better than him 甚至不认为你比他强他妈的她

I mean the joint bout-it man will knock you straight on your back 我的意思是联合回合,这名男子将直接敲你在你的背上

Just like you got the Holy Ghost, feelin good, go like that 就像你得到了圣灵,感觉不错,走这样的

And to inquirin minds that wanna know 并inquirin头脑中想知道

I got on Stains, fucked it up 我上的污渍,性交起来

Popped the pen, I left with my ho 弹出的笔,我离开了我的豪


[Chorus] [合唱]

And outta all the pimpin goin on around you 而失控的所有潘潘布莱恩在你身边

It's just on you 这只是你

I mean that a goddamn drop touched on you 我的意思是一个该死的下降感动你

See, it's just on you 你看,它只是你

Mean to tell me you mad at the pimpin cause 意思是告诉我你生气的原因潘潘

you don't see no difference? (it's just on you) 你不看没有区别? (这只是你)

Just when you got a taste for steak in your mouth 只是当你在你的嘴里得到了牛排的味道

She gave you bologna cause it's just on you 她给了你博洛尼亚的原因,它只是你

When she said all she did was kiss him 当她说她这么做都是被他吻

And you said okay that's when she knew it's just on you 你说没关系,这时候她才知道这只是你

Just when you thought that givin her all that dick 正当你以为她得到安宁所有的家伙

Was the shit nigga I couldn't warn you 是狗屎黑鬼我无法向您发出警告

Better get yo ass way from around here 更会让你的屁股的方式,从在这里

I ain't playin (good morning) 我是不是在玩(早上好)

Be good or be good at it 是好还是不错吧

goddamnit, it's just on you 他奶奶的,这只是你

I'ma go in a worm but I'ma come out a butterfly motherfucker 我是走在一条虫,但我是出来一个蝴蝶娘

It's just on you 这只是你

Relax all your muscles (it's just on you) 放松你的肌肉(这只是你)

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