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We livin in the last days 我们在最后的日子活着

Yeah we saw what's over 是的,我们看到了什么是过


[Hook:] [钩: ]

40 on me break you off proper 40对我打破你了正确的

And even got the cocka just boomshakalaka 甚至得到了cocka只是boomshakalaka

Yeah I'm a young cold mother fucker 是的,我是一个年轻的寒冷母亲笨蛋

Put the hammer out and rock it like boomshakalaka 把锤明和岩石像boomshakalaka

My niggas hit licks like shotas load up the forty glockas 我的黑鬼打到像shotas舔装载了40 glockas

Like Boomshakalaka boom 像Boomshakalaka热潮

And my bitch gone blast and she got that ass 和我的母狗走了爆炸,她得到的屁股

Like boomshakalaka nigga 像boomshakalaka黑鬼

People say we runnin out of time 人们说我们飞奔出来的时候

And they gonna drop anotha rhyme like boomshakalaka 他们会anotha落韵如boomshakalaka

I'm a lose my fuckin mind and I'm a 我是一个失去我他妈的主意,我是一个

Blast this tech nine like boomshakalaka bitch 该高炉技术9类boomshakalaka婊子

People say we runnin out of time 人们说我们飞奔出来的时候

And they gonna drop anotha rhyme like boomshakalaka 他们会anotha落韵如boomshakalaka

A nigga run upon me and try to take mine 那个黑鬼运行在我身上,并试图用我的

I'm a pop this tech nine like boomshakalaka bitch 我是一个流行这种技术9类boomshakalaka婊子


I'm ballin forty in my hand 我劈腿40在我手中

Bet this mother fucker won't NBA Jam 赌这个母亲笨蛋不会NBA嘉年华

Up the springfield, don't' think my aim off 截至斯普林菲尔德,不要“想我的目的了

My Louie Jacket cost more then ya chain cost 我的路易夹克花费更多的则雅链成本

I'm finna act up, not sober 我FINNA行动起来,不清醒

Now show punks just how I'm strapped up 现在证明是多么的我绑起来的小混混

Glock on me, (fuck you up) 格洛克我, (你他妈的起来)

Hot damn, son of a bitch 热该死的,王八蛋

Tell your daddy hush don't be a son of a snitch 告诉你爸爸嘘不要打小报告的儿子

Turn tha t.v. on, they tellin' stories 转塔T.V. ,他们在告诉的故事

Turn your bitches on, she extra horny 把你的母狗,她额外的角质

And you know what I'm on, with your fine ass 而且你知道我的,你的精屁股

She got red lipstick on the wine glass 她有红色的唇膏上的酒杯

I know you niggas mad 我知道你黑鬼狂

I see you tail wagging 我看你尾巴摇

Act like you got some sense or something bad will happen 像你这样的行为得到了一定意义上还是要出事

She got off work and came straight to the club 她下班,并开门见山俱乐部

Your bitch tryina catch a date with some rich thug 你的母狗tryina赶上一个日期与一些有钱的暴徒

Oh you mad 哦,你疯了


[Hook] [钩]


Trill OG Bun B all ready 颤音OG海滨乙都准备好了

Trigger finger on the trigger and it's all steady 扳机指对扳机,这一切都平稳

No problem is too big or too small 没问题,过大或过小

Got the third eye to see around corners and through walls 拿到了第三只眼,以见微知著和穿墙

No matter who calls we answer first ring 不管是谁要求我们回答第一环

Mind on the money baby that's the first thing 心灵上的钱宝宝这是第一件事情

Got your baby mama buy her purse dreams 有你的宝宝的妈妈买了她的钱包的梦想

Losing her to me wouldn't be the worst thing 失去她对我来说不会是最糟糕的事情

This that mob music, strictly for made men 这是暴民的音乐,严格的制作人

Run up like you want it you can catch up fate then 像你想它,你可以赶上的命运,然后跑起来

I ain't playin I'll pop you and then I'm not stayin 我是不是在玩我就弹出你,然后我不留驻

They gone find you right there in the same spot you layin 他们去找到你正确的,在你开始裁员的相同点

I'm not the one and I'm not the two bro 我不是一个,我不是两兄弟

I'm the cat who gone make it do what it do bro 我是谁走猫让它做什么它做兄弟

And you know so act right 你知道这样做对

'Cause I'm gonna keep the mack tight make it go boomshakalaka 因为我要保持麦克紧让它去boomshakalaka


[Hook] [钩]


I'm what you call a living legend (sha-plow) 我是你叫一个活着的传奇( SHA-犁)

This what you call a mack eleven (sha-plow) 这就是你所谓的麦克11 ( SHA-犁)

Here's two on the way down plow plow 下面是两个在一路下跌犁犁

Here's four more plow plow plow plow 这里有四个犁犁犁犁

I got a plan to take over your land 我有一个计划,以接管你的土地

If you keep it a hundred I keep it a hundred grand 如果你把它一百年我把它百大

I'm not a star you know my name now my story 我不知道现在我的名字我的故事的明星

You simple you represent fame I rep glory 你简单,你代表的名声我代表处的荣耀

Damn now these nigga's talkin down 妈的,现在这些黑人的说话倒

But they don't say nothin when I'm around 但他们不说没什么,当我身边

They don't fuck with y'all no doubt you get a pound 他们不与你们都他妈的毫无疑问,你会得到一英镑

No matter of fact fuck that you get around 其实他妈的的不管你避开

I don't' hang with industry niggas I hang with killers 我不同业黑鬼挂我挂了杀手

I don't fuck with these rap niggas they ain't my niggas 我不与这些说唱黑鬼,他们不是我的他妈的黑鬼

My whole outfit from Paris 我从巴黎全装备

Show up to your house party like Robert Harris 显示到你家的聚会就像罗伯特·哈里斯


[Hook] [钩]

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