歌词 "Good Company" 的中文对照歌词与中文翻译

Good Company



Yoruba lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[volume rises] [成交量上升


[Intro:] [简介: ]

{DAMN! } Yeah! {Whoooooooooooooooooo Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid!} {该死的!是啊! { Whoooooooooooooooooo Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid !

Check my mic up! {CAN'T FORGET... NELSON!} 检查访问麦克风了! { CAN基本忘记......尼尔森!

Yeeah! {G-UNIT!} Yeeah ! { G-有限公司!

Shit is right! (ugh!) 狗屁律师协会! (唉! )


[Verse:] [诗: ]

On the run baby - conceived thru a criminal, (why?) 和宝宝 - 怀通刑事, (为什么我们)

A General! - So I don't operate the way the women do. A一般! - 连接,运行爱的方式的女性。

And that one's subliminal. - It don't apply let it ride (ride...) 和饱和原单的潜意识。 - 指导基本适用于YilanAliceintaiwan指导骑(骑...)

I know ya kind, get disrespected and let it slide! (G-Unit!) 我知道临屋区,拿不尊重和YilanAliceintaiwan指导幻灯片! ( G-有限公司! )

Naaah! - That ain't the cloth that I was ripped from (uh!) Naaah ! - 饱和巴爱布饱和一班级从撕开(嗯! )

You talk a lot of shit son. - You betta have a big gun! (uh!) 您HOO狗屎的真理。 - 你斗鱼有很长的大! (嗯! )

Just add em up and pick one. - You think they got they shit from? (huh?) 只需添加停止了,并挑选原单。 - 你认为他们得到了他们的狗屎? (咦? )

You think I got my bitch from? (huh?) - She even gave the click some. (YEAH!) 你以为我得到了进入母狗的? (咦? ) - 指数甚至还给点击一些。 (是的! )

She came from the tropics, like the Chronic in my pocket 指数来自热带地区,在一个月前的慢性访问口袋

Cop it! Crush it! Roll it! Spark it! And mix it in with' the chocolate! 满意警察!满意度粉碎!满意度入选!满意度星火!满意度与巧克力混合它!

I'm a prophet! (yeeah!) - I can see it 'fore it happen (uh!) 我是先知! ( Yeeah ! ) - 我是比较满意“不祥的情况下发生的(嗯! )

Make you see it thru my rappin'. (uh!) - I'm just rappin' what I see (see!) 请邀请的照顾直通访问说唱“ 。 (嗯! ) - 我只是在说唱什么是不可能的(可能! )

See me laughin', to the V! (whooo!) - How can thee - fuck with' me? ! 见我嘲笑 ,在V ! (呼! ) - 哪有你 - 他妈的歌伴“吗? !

I'm a G! - Sucker free! - Takin' me? - I wear the tool make ya pee! 我是A G ! - 吸盘免费的! - 羚牛我吗? - 我穿的工具,让网页!

You fucked up! - Wakin' me, now that I'm woke, you can't breathe 你个了! - 周华健“我,观看饱和我看你能呼吸爱

Loch ness in a vest, you gotta headshot me! Ya see? [blast] 尼斯湖的背心,邀请渠爆头!可能吗? [爆炸]

My money new as the news, and you're confused 我的钱新解释的消息, invitere困惑

So off with' ya 22, for talkin' down on ya crew. (ugh!) 日产22 ,对于说话下来的船员。 (唉! )

I'm walkin' round with a tool! - Chinchillas and gator feet (ugh!) 我走着形状的工具! - 龙猫和鳄鱼英尺(唉! )

Leather seats, I don't fear nothin' bring on whatever beef. (whatever!) 真皮座椅,我爱怕什么也没带来什么牛肉。 (随便你! )

I'm on a level you will never reach! (reach!) 我是在一个水平你将永远不会达到! (REACH ! )

Every 16, my leverage peaks - I go to bed with' heats! 男16例,获得杠杆峰 - I在床上,用“热!

Sleep with' dough; teach a hoe the game, but I keep her bro 睡觉时“面团;教锄头游戏,彻底我把希罗底的兄弟

Give her X and reefer smoke, now let's get this money! 给希罗底X和冷藏烟,收视YilanAliceintaiwan的车间生产能力钱!

Funny how the tables turn on ya! - Ya homeboys wanna murder ya! 有趣的是表上面! - 采取的homeboys WANNA杀人哦!

Disturbia! It don't matter the size, there's an urn for ya. 窥凶杀!这爱情关系的用户,有瓮出租。

My coalition dirtier! - Down to do the dirty work 我的联盟肮脏! - 向下的Naal工作

Rape ya baby mama 'til she violent, find her in the dirt. (dirt!) {Whooooooooooooooooooooooo} 油菜宝贝妈妈“虽然指数剧烈,买希罗底的污垢。 (越野! ) { Whooooooooooooooooooooooo

Nigga cryin', don't work! - It just make ya tired! {Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid!} 兄弟们哭泣,基本的工作! - 它只是让累! { Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid !

Try it! - You ain't about that, be quiet! (uh!) 试用满意! - 你震撼爱讲饱和,那么安静! (嗯! )

These brick artists are wired - so what's the conversation for? ! 这些砖艺人总裁连线 - 什么是谈话的内容? !

I taste money and chase some more - you want me to break the law? ! (damn!) 我品尝金钱和追逐一些罢工 - 你想让我犯法了吗? ! (该死的! )

Life's a bitch, an ungrateful whore! (whore!) 生命是一个婊子,忘恩负义的婊子! (妓女! )

She'll let you see it make you pay for more, the American way I'm sure! Indexll在YilanAliceintaiwan邀请的照顾让这个邀请最简单的罢工,美国的方式我很幸运!

I'm pure! - See my papa was so raw like a 我很纯洁! - 参见访问当然班前调查

Ki to a quarter, a O so ulcer to cold sore! (YEAH!) 比如,我们告诉朋友溃疡冷战! (是的! )

They been hatin' as long as a world tour 他们被hatin 生气发怒龙一世界巡回演唱会

And if my label gave me the push! - I woulda sold more! (more!) 并会访问标签给我推! - I的woulda卖更多! (更多! )

It's just me against the planet in this cold cold war 这只是对我的服从能力冷战冷战

Out the store 4-4 nigga, how bout yours? ! (yours? !) 出了店门4-4黑鬼,如何回合你的吗? ! (您的? )

You are now in the company of greatness, (uh!) 你现在在公司的伟大, (嗯! )

And I only like green faces - I'm a racist, let's take it back to the basics! 我和WIFI的前脸青 - 我是一个种族主义者,让我们小心回到基础!

Before I got my bracelet. (uh-huh!) 标本我得到了进入手镯。 (嗯! )

My mansion or my spaceships. - And answer all ya hatred! (YEAH!) [blast] 我的豪宅或访问飞船。 - 无缝答卷​​仇恨! (是的! ) [爆炸]

Louis Vuitton or naked it's the same ol' G! 路易威登或过滤的领导,同样的屁股“G !

"MYB! " - Mind Ya Bidness - or ya finished! It's nothin' more than a scrimmage “ MYB ! ” - 心灵以Bidness - 或采取成品!这没什么不只是一个混战

My style wake the spirits (yeah!) 我的风格唤醒精神(是的! )

Which I'm - heavenly mirrored this time - they gon' hear it! 我敢 - 天上的镜像容量的弹匣 - 他们错过了满意度听!

Sometime - more than a lyricist, lyrics are just the half (half!) 有时 - 超过作词,悲伤的歌词只是半(半! )

Miss it! - My heart so cold you'll catch a draft! (yeah!) 满意度魔门! - 我的冷会永远草稿! (是的! )

Ask the opposition 'bout him, they doubt him, the crowds crowd him (uh-huh!) 要求反对派“回合赎回,他们怀疑赎回,众人围观赎回(嗯! )

And my mixtapes are magic, patched together like an album! (yeah!) 和魔术的接入混音带总裁,拼凑以前的专辑! (是的! )

I've been labeled since a child and I'm black, I'm wild and I'm violent 我已经被贴上了,因为一个孩子,我是黑色的,我很狂野,我很暴力

Won't crack a smile and I'm silent - while the stacks keep piling. (piliing!) 会喜欢笑不出来,我很无语 - 而堆栈保持打桩。 ( Piliing ! )

And as the world keep spinnin' I keep stylin' 并解释世界不断在旋转“我一直斯蒂林”

On a far deep island, from a concrete ground and - I'm DROWNIN'! [gunshot] {DAMN!} [beat stops] 他affliation深刻的岛,从具体的地面 - 我DROWNIN ! [枪击] {该死! } [打停]

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