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5 Minute Freshen Up



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Intro] [简介]

Aw man 胡的男人

She hit you with that 5 minutes? 她打你有5分钟呢?

You know what that mean, right? 你知道那是什么意思了吧?

That mean you wasn’t fresh enough 这意味着你没有足够的新鲜

Let me show you how to get on my level 让我告诉你如何让我的水平

Follow me 跟我来


[Hook] [钩]

She want that 5 minute freshen up 她希望该5分钟梳洗

You tried to holla, homie, but you wasn’t fresh enough 您试图呼啦,亲密的,但你是不是够新鲜

That’s how I know I’m a professional 这就是我知道我是一个专业的

Six 0′s on the left side of a decimal 六0的一个小数点左边

[2x] [ 2倍]


[Verse 1] [诗歌1 ]

Now look at me 现在看我

I’m in that gold lamborghini drop 我在黄金兰博基尼降

I’m rollin’ these haters’ll never see me stop 我罗林这些hatersll永远也看不到我停下来

I’m dealin’ in Euros – I call that “kiwi guap” 我欧元是戏份“ - 我称之为的”猕猴桃guap “

Exotic bills for my exotic wheels 异国账单给我奇异的车轮

Exotic meals – I call that opulence 异国餐点 - 我认为这种富裕

I’m talkin’ Wall Street money you just an occupant 我说的华尔街的钱,你只是一个乘客

I’m in that 1 percent 我在那1 %的

Over a hundred grand? 百余盛大?

I don’t trust a bank either – it’s in a rubber band 我不相信银行或者 - 这是一个橡皮筋

F-D-I-C F- D- I-C

Somebody bring the rosé to the V-I-P 有人把上升到V-I -P

Somebody tell the DJ play some B-I-G 有人告诉DJ玩一些B- I-G

Cuz that’s what I’m feelin’ like 的Cuz这就是我感觉像

We gon’ act the fool tonight 我们会去行动的傻瓜今晚

We gon’ mess around and end up dipping’ in the pool tonight 我们会去勾搭,最终浸泡“在今晚的游泳池

So who go stop us? 那么,谁去阻止我们?

The A-Team, B.A. Baracus 特攻队,学士学位Baracus

She tweetin’ a picture to put on Lockerz 她tweetin “图片穿上Lockerz

So turn around and shake it just like a pair of maracas 于是转身摇晃,就像一对沙球的


[Hook] [钩]


[Verse 2] [诗歌2]

Oh you a baller, homie – where your 0′s at? 哦,你控球,亲密 - 在您0的在哪里?

Where your hoes at, where your designer clothes at? 你在哪里,在锄头,你的名牌服装?

(Show me where they at!) (告诉我,他们的! )

Where your foreign cars? 在您的外国车?

You say your time is money, homie – where’s your Audemars? 你说你的时间就是金钱,亲密的 - 哪里是你的爱?

30 grand for a show – that keep me independent 30盛大的演出 - 这让我独立

She into money, she ain’t into you, she into spendin’ 她为钱,她不喜欢你,她到赵本山“

That mean she rollin’ wit whoever winnin’ 这意味着她罗林机智谁WINNIN “

On vacation in winter we rockin’ summer linen 度假在冬天我们摇滚夏天亚麻

In that perfect weather, I’m talking 83 在完美的天气,我说83

Why they treat me like a boss is ’cause I paid to be 为什么他们把我当成老板,因为我拿工资是为了

And I made the beat, I’m talkin’ A to Z 而我所做的节拍,我说的A到Z

The fresh prince of New York, she my Jada P 纽约的新鲜王子,她我杰达P

And when we movin’ they snapping’ pictures like Jay & B 而当我们往前,他们抢购“的照片像周杰伦&B

We on the internet hoppin’ up out that AMG 我们在互联网上的霍“出了那AMG

And it feel good – that’s how I know I made it 而且感觉很好 - 这就是我知道我做到了

Overpaid at the same time as I’m underrated 同时买贵了因为我低估


[Hook] [钩]


[Verse 3] [诗歌3 ]

I’m livin’ good (good, good, good) 我活着好(好,好,好)

But don’t get it confused 但不要把它混为一谈

As a titan, I had to get used to bein’ sued 作为一个巨人,我不得不习惯于拜因“起诉

Don’t believe everything you read in the fuckin’ news 不要相信你他妈的看什么新闻

‘Cause these haters’ll really prefer to see you lose “导致这些hatersll真的喜欢看你输

They cheerin’ but really prefer to see you boo’d 他们cheerin ,但真的喜欢看你bood

That’s why I don’t give no comment in these interviews 这就是为什么我不给这些访谈无可奉告

I’m good – I just handle my business 我很好 - 我只处理我的生意

Credit score is amazin’, homie, God as my witness 信用评分是amazin ,哥们,上帝为我作证

Yeah – thou shall not test 是的 - 你不可试探

You a make-believe monster, homie, you Loch Ness 你一个虚构的怪物,哥们,你尼斯湖水怪

And you missed the damn train, man, you got left 而你错过了那该死的火车,男人,你就剩

You ain’t even in the game screamin’ you got next 你是不是即使在你旁边了游戏尖叫

PLEASE – you got lawyers, homie? 求你了 - 你有律师,哥们?

I got lawyers too 我有太多的律师

I’m on a yacht – I let my lawyers do what lawyers do 我在游艇上 - 我让我的律师做律师做

And on top of my lawyers, I got a loyal crew 和我的律师外,我得到了一个忠实的船员

Who roll with hammers and cameras that be recordin’ you! 谁用锤子和摄像头这是recordin “你滚!


[Hook] [钩]


A one and six 0′s says I’m a pro 一个一六0的说,我是一个亲

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