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缠绕 的英文翻译、例句


基本解释 (translations)
enlace  ·  foul  ·  intertwine  ·  intertwined  ·  intertwist  ·  twine  ·  twist  ·  twisted  ·  wind  ·  windings  ·  wrap  ·  writhe  ·  circumvolute  ·  convolve  ·  enwind  ·  enwound  ·  fouler  ·  inwind  ·  writhed  ·  writhing  ·  convolved  ·  convolves  ·  convolving  ·  enlaced  ·  enlaces  ·  enlacing  ·  enwinding  ·  enwinds  ·  fouled  ·  intertwines  ·  intertwisted  ·  intertwisting  ·  intertwists  ·  twines  ·  twists  ·  winds  ·  wraps  ·  writhes  ·  inlace

更多网络例句与缠绕相关的网络例句 [注:此内容来源于网络,仅供参考]

For the single way filament winding of a cone structure , the corresponding mathematics model and winding pattern for four axes winding machine were derived by using space analytic geometry.


To satisfy the requirements of fast producing,low cost manufacture and large thickness preforming in the field of non-resin winding cylinder composite,the equation of retracing cosine curve was deduced based on the section principle.


This is a study which is about the design of mechanism. Through researching fine properties and manufacturing process in any fields of carton fiber, we define the functions of the cricoid winding machine that: winding carton the cupreous line spreading the sheets along the axes of the core.


The company main products: 1. Stretch film: This product produced by three layer common extruding machine,can be surely up to both national and international level in terms of appearance and quality. A variety of specifications of the products are available according to clients' specific needs. The thickness range is 0.01-O.05mm, width range is 5cm-150cm, while length range can be less than 6000m. 2. Stretch film handle: The product, used in manually wrapping film,is produced by a proportional mixing of various materials on the basis of injection mould, which greatly simplifies the use. The products can be used repeatedly. 3.Green Electrical wire Film:Obtained SGSreport with six test,accord with RoHS standards.4.PVC,PET dedicated composite protective film:Singgle side has mucosity,adapt to film stamping,make boxes, offset printing.5.Agent 3M Series products,desiccant,etc.


Tai, Its main products are PE rope, PP rope, mixed rope, fibre rope, multifilament rope, splitfilm rope, braided rope, rope with lead, steel rope, hawser and functional rope, monofilament twine, multifilament twine and splitfilm twine, net, filament and belt etc..

大,其主要产品是聚乙烯绳,聚丙烯绳,混合绳,纤维绳,复绳索, splitfilm绳,编织绳,绳索与铅,钢丝绳, hawser和功能绳,单丝缠绕,复缠绕和splitfilm缠绕,网,长丝带等。

Cylinder radial twisting enlacing machine is an upgrading generation of packaging machine with the function of simple operation, high automatic degree and the layer number of twisting is adjustable so as to reduce the wastage of the products.

产品说明: TW-9型圆筒径向缠绕捆扎机:圆筒径向缠绕捆扎机是包装升级换代的机型,操作方便、自动化程度高,缠绕层数可调,并大大降低产品的损耗。

In this paper,the entwining structures of and monads, comonad s,entwined modules and the relations with those of algebras and coalgebras in categories are in- vestigated.


Some Properties of Monad and Comonad;2. The definitions of entwining structures of monads and comonad s and entwining modules are given and the paper studied their relations with entwining structures of algebras and coalgebras in categories,then we build an adjoint functors pair between the two categories of entwining modules.


In general, the major results are:(1) Established the geometrical model for the enwinding of the wire rope in the roller, such as the inclination of the wire rope and the climbing equation of roller in the commutation process;(2) Established the tensile force kinetic model for the enwinding wire rope used the Lagrange kinetic equation and the continual kinetic theory in the start up and retard moment. Solved the equations by the method of modal analysis and separation of variables(3) Based on the analysis on the enwinding mechanism of the wire rope, we did the research on the mechanics behavior of the wire ropes enwinding process.(4) According to the research above, we made the computer program to solve the mechanics models. And after parametric analysis, we made the suggestion for the improving of the current wire rope enwinding system.


The power cord winding structure includes power cord reel assembly for winding the power cord into several turns maintained inside the main body; and power cord hooks extending from the back of the main body for winding the residual part of the power cord onto outside of the main body.


更多网络解释与缠绕相关的网络解释 [注:此内容来源于网络,仅供参考]

Biaxial winding:双角缠绕, 双轴缠绕

Bearing assembly|轴承组合件 | Biaxial winding|双角缠绕, 双轴缠绕 | Binder fiber|粘合纤维


intertwine /缠绕/ | intertwist /搓合/缠绕/ | intertype /整行排铸机/自动排印机/


比如说,产品的长度和机械性能是有限的,同时,抗压强度也比较小. 但是这些缺点现在都可以通过一种很独特的加工方法来进行改善. 这种独特的HEW-KABEL缠绕(taping)技术可以直接生产缠绕状的电缆,而且产品表面很光滑,从而


线的外罩主要分两种:缠绕(twisted)外罩和编结(braided)外罩. 最常见的是缠绕外罩,尤其在直径较小的线上. 对核心的弹性影响最小,但是表面比较平滑,线的抓球力不理想,特别是直径较大的线. 编结外罩对核心的保护作用更大,

voluble herb:缠绕草本

回旋植物 volubil plant | 缠绕草本 voluble herb | 缠绕植物 voluble plant;twining plant


缠绕藤本 voluble shrub | 缠绕的 voluble;twining | 容积;容量 volume

voluble shrub:缠绕藤本

缠绕植物 voluble plant;twining plant | 缠绕藤本 voluble shrub | 缠绕的 voluble;twining

wrapping machine:缠绕机

缠绕机(Wrapping Machine)也称缠绕包装机,缠绕机的原理是指通过膜架机构,将缠绕薄膜按照预先设定好的阻拉伸或预拉伸后,裹绕到托盘货物之上. 因此也有人称为薄膜缠绕机或拉伸膜缠绕机. 该缠绕包装机的优点式能够提高物流效率、减少运输过程中的损耗.

Synchron Saucer B:飞轮缠绕

Ogre Rod: Agnea 连锁闪电 | Synchron Saucer B 飞轮缠绕 | Goat Head: Argent B 冰刃缠绕

spiralled water hose:缠绕输水管

spiral-wound fission counter 螺旋缠绕裂变计数器 | spiralled water hose 缠绕输水管 | spirallocer 麻花钻