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与 supplier 相关的网络例句 [注:此内容来源于网络,仅供参考]

1 Unless otherwise notified by the Company to the contrary, the Supplier shall be entitled to invoice the Company on or at any time after delivery of the Goods, or performance of the Services, as the case may be,(subject always to an unqualified Acceptance Acknowledgement of Order having been received by the Company) and each invoice shall quote the number of the Order, the invoice number, the packing or despatch note number, the quantity and description of the Goods and/or Services, the date of delivery and/or performance, the Supplier's name, address, telephone number and the Supplier's VAT registration number.

6.1 除非被对方另外告知,供应方将有权在交付货物或履行服务时或其后开具发票,(即便交易对象不符合合同的接收认可条件但已被接收方接受)。发票要包括的内容有:合同编号、发票编号、包装配送编号、物品或服务项目的数量及描述,交付日期,供应方的名称、地址、电话号码以及供应方的增值税注册号。

3 The acknowledgement of receipt of a Purchase Order by the Supplier entails, by operation of law:- full acceptance of the Purchase Order by the Supplier; and - establishment of a sale contract between TED and the Supplier, constituted by the Purchase Order; and - express waiver by the Supplier of its own general conditions of sales even in case Supplier's acknowledgement of receipt, or Supplier's offer, which may be mentioned in the Purchase Order, refer to such general conditions of sales; and - waiver by the Supplier of any retention of title clause.


Its gross profit is led by last year 88.4% of the corresponding period, drop to 86.5%, main reason is Alibaba rolls out brand-new introductory class to serve product Gold Supplier to export an edition, upgrade original China supplier make employee cost, bandwidth and depreciation expenses are occupied than rising somewhat.

其毛利率由去年同期的88.4%,下降至86.5%,主要原因是阿里巴巴推出全新的入门级服务产品Gold Supplier 出口通版、升级原有中国供应商等使员工成本、带宽及折旧开支占比有所上升。

But, in our province, the suppliers have many problems, such as the big bullwhack effect, the information symmetry of internal members, the bad delivery reliability , the low market responsiveness , the poor flexibility, the high cost of supplier chain and the low efficiency of property management in supplier chains and so on, these questions caused the supplier chain enterprises market in our province have low comprehensive competitive power and it was hard to competent with the international steep competition .

帖主对此回复很满意,所以奖励 5 积分给 sindy999但是,我省现在的许多供应链存在着牛鞭效应大、内部成员信息不对称、交货的可靠性差、市场响应度低、柔性差、供应链的成本交易高和供应链的资产管理效率低等方面的问题,这些问题导致了我省供应链企业市场综合竞争力低下,难以胜任国际化的激烈竞争。

The business model of this system is: The purchasing agent who operates the authority log-in www.gdmec.net, beginning direct purchase, this system offers two to purchase the entry , which are establish inquiry sheet manually and establish inquiry sheet in Synchronism, after entering procedure of purchasing , choosing the products from supplier's catalogue of purchasing, confirming inquiry sheet that is salesman of supplier that send , then filling in the basic information of the inquiry sheet, then sending the inquiry sheet; Then fill in the basic information of the inquiry sheet , then send the inquiry sheet; The supplier's salesman receives after the inquiry sheet, and then the products that will buy are offered to purchasing, purchase and then get quotation sheet can carry on counter-offer and carry on the rate of exchange to different quotation of supplier to receive, supplier offer and purchase square course of counter-offer not to can circulate, satisfied with quotation of supplier until purchase, the purchasing agent chooses to offer a satisfactory supplier and carry on the fixed price , turn into the order, the supplier receives after the order wanting to provide and respond, after accepting the order, should purchase the procedure and end .


Effectively coordinate Lunch supplier, Expressage supplier, Plant supplier.


In the next five years our target is that we will become the biggest ship's chandler in Shanghai; in 2019, the biggest ship supplier or marine service supplier in China. In the future, we aimed to be Chinese best marine supplier and get reputation in international ship's chandler community.


HK2008 year money newspaper, in come from international to trade 1.907 billion yuan of the market in, basically serve the addition of the sale as a result of Gold Supplier membership and appreciation, 23.2 million yuan included to stop the other income of the earning before edition of foreign trade of the software in the A of the sale from November 2008 in afore-mentioned income (2007: 11.5 million yuan of).

HK2008年的财报,在来自国际交易市场的19.07亿元中,主要由于Gold Supplier会员数目及增值服务销售的增加,上述收入中包括了从2008年11月停止销售的阿里软件外贸版前所得的其它收入2320万元(2007年:1150万元)。

When the supplier is a risk averter and the manufacturer is a risk neutral, after contrasting both supplier and manufacturer will make more effort, the income of supplier and the whole supply chain will increase and the effort of supplier realizes the Pareto improvement.


It mainly includes: 1 Background of Anteing Johnson Controls; 2 Theory and Practice on supplier development; 3 Supplier Development in Anteing Johnson Controls; 4 Supplier selecting; 5 Supplier performance rating; 6 Supplier capability improvement; 7 Risk analysis and management.

分别讨论了七部分内容:1 延锋江森背景介绍;2 相关供应商开发的理论和实践;3 延锋江森的供应商开发工作;4 供应商选择;5 供应商业绩评估;6 供应商能力提升;7 风险分析和管理等。

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The design method and conclusion presented in this paper may contribute to the depolarization design for the pump laser of Raman amplifiers.


I knew from my own experience that he could lose money at bridge with a good grace.


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