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In the tread compound tests showed that with the reduced amount of softener, tread rubber hardness increase in the formula for the 7:00 performance tables are in line with national standards tread compound, in the formula Add a renewable 10 ordinary plastic tensile strength, elongation at break are not GB request, and add 10 high-performance renewable plastic, also reached the performance tread compound GB requirements, and easy Compound and the time is short, and other process performance is also very good, adding 10 HPRR than not joining the compound reduced costs 0.73 yuan / Kg.


I $500 million Renewable Energy Fund which will develop, commercialise, and deploy renewable energy in Australia


Germany in the development of renewable energy is a world leader, the German city of Freiburg, has now become a model for renewable energy use.


Looking into the basic causes of the dissustainablity of the non-renewable energy resources, the writer in the paper points out that people have made a drawback of the value of the non-renewable energy resources, and an inadequateness of the value compensation of it.


This paper described a experiment study of remote sensing systematic analysis on natural resource and environment Change monitoring. Main methods concern changed factor extraction through the brightness statistics, ratio and texture analysis; matching multi-temporal remote sensing data, normalized difference comparison,"brightness" and "greenness" difference analysis of principal components method by using image processing system; updating renewable natural resources changed map through overlaying or partly revising multi-temporal maps by using geographical information system; establishing mathematic model, such as: variable correlation regional regression and tendency surface analysis etc., for researching renewable natural resource change law.


With the rapid consumption of non-renewable resources and approach of energy crisis, the utilization of renewable resources, instead of non-renewable ones, is attracting more and more attention wordwide.


Drawbench plastic production process, because of plastic material contained in the composition of drawing complex, such as PP + renewable PP; PP + inorganic filler; renewable PP + renewable PE and so on; these materials more or less entrainment of water and impurities will directly affect the silk-smooth surface film formation and the tensile toughness of noodle degrees, resulting in mechanical properties of products and sensory quality by a greater impact, broken wires, the membrane surface uneven, dull and so on.


It showed that, the total emergy input and output of planting were 7.97×1022sej and 3.24×1022sej respectively. Of the total emergy input, unrenewable industrial emergy was 52.9%, and renewable emergy was 47.1% which including 20.9% of renewable environment resource and 26.1% of renewable organic emergy.

结果表明:总能值投入为7.97×1022sej,作物能值总产出为3.24×1022sej;不可更新工业辅助能占总能值投入的 52.9%,可更新能值投入占总能值投入的比例为47.1%(可更新环境资源占20.9 %、可更新有机能占26.1%),系统能值货币比率为1.98×1011sej。

This paper endogens carbon tax and subsidy two variables, discussing how to decide the optimal level of carbon tax and subsidy. The results of the research are obtained as the following:(1) price and capital subsidy which one is priority depend on the productivity of renewable energy capital, if productivity is high enough, then should adopt capital subsidy policy;(2) price and capital subsidy indeed exist trade-off and non-independent relationship;(3) renewable energy regulation ratio has negative effect on carbon tax, however has positive effect on price subsidy;(4) green certificate price increase will result in decrease carbon tax and price subsidy, but increase capital subsidy;(5) if the authority loose the environmental target, then should impose high carbon tax which maintains the environmental quality, but have ambiguous effect on subsidy policy;(6) increasing stability of renewable energy, then increase price subsidy, however, under budget constraint should decrease capital subsidy;(7) analyzing Taiwan's three wind power energy with different price subsidy, which can improve the technology of wind power energy. In another word, it can raise the capacity of wind power energy and reach the goal of renewable energy.


A feed-in tariff (FiT, feed-in law, advanced renewable tariff[1] or renewable energy payments[2]) is a policy mechanism designed to encourage the adoption of renewable energy sources and to help accelerate the move toward grid parity.


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Although the goodwill is difficult to notarize, we can use fuzzy integration judge method and Delphi methodtogether to get the goodwill extent.


Year-old children after the performance for a tooth late, and some part-time 1-year-old children have not yet out of teeth, the former delayed fontanel closure, often in the 1-year-old and a half years later is still not closed.


Study hard as a dog and playlike a gentalman.